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My favourite browsergame of all, called MINE THINGS, please join!
I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
fi yuo cna raed tihs, palce it in yuor porfiel.

I like making maps for Free Rider 2 !!!

for either unicycle or BMX (follow the signs lol, HARD (at least in my opinion)

-18 1i 18 1i 1i 1i 1i 3e 3o 9c 76 c6 3o a0 3o de 92 de do c6 do fk f0 i4 fk fk mq h6 mq io ne fu n4 io no g8 ne io om gi n4 k0 pk gs q8 gi pu gs ne ka qi ka qs hq r6 hq 114 ka 1fg 148 1m2 1a6 1sk 1dk 23q 1f6 28g 1f6 2f2 1ei,0 1i 0 18 1i u,-18 1i -18 3e -18 aa,-84 -2q -84 -5a -8e -5k -84 -5u -7q -5k -84 -5a,-8o -4m -7g -4m,-84 -3o -7g -3e -84 -2q,-68 -1i -92 1i -84 1i,-92 18 -92 1i -92 a,76 -26 76 -2q,77 -2r 7a -33 76 -39,50 -26 5v -27 76 -2q,50 -28 5n -2n 71 -2q,5n -2o 5u -28 5j -32,5j -33 5e -2v 5n -35,5h -34 66 -2s 63 -2e,5h -34 5s -47,5n -3r 74 -3b,5s -48 5n -4k 64 -4o 66 -4d 5t -47,98 -3d 97 -1u,98 -3b 9t -2p 98 -2g 9q -1u 97 -20,a5 -1s ai -2t ao -23 b4 -2p b5 -1q,bk -2j ca -1n,bf -1p bi -1p ce -2j,7u -13 ah 2a al 14,ag 27 9l 27,294 1f6 2f2 1e8,29o 1f6 2f2 1du,2ac 1f6 2f2 1dk,2b0 1f6 2f2 1da,2bk 1f6 2f2 1d0,2c8 1f6 2f2 1cm,2cs 1f6 2f2 1cc,294 1f6 2f2 1f6 2f2 1go 2fm 1go 2g0 1cm 2ga 1go 2gk 1cm 2gu 1go 2h8 1cm 2hi 1ge 2hs 1cm 2i6 1go 2ig 1cm 2iq 1go 2je 1go 2je 1bo 2k2 1go 2jo 1b4 2km 1go 2k2 1ag 2la 1ge 2la 1go 2km 19i 2k2 19s 2km 198 2k2 18u 2km 18u 2kc 18a 2l0 18k 2l0 180 2la 18k 2lu 18a 2lk 18u 2lu 198 2la 198 2lk 19s 2l0 19i 2lk 1go 2n6 1go 2n6 1be 2t4 1go 2t4 1h2 2to 1h2 2to 1go 35i 1ji 3eu 1ji 3lq 1i0 3lq 1js 2lu 1kq 2o4 1pg 2km 1l4,2dg 1f6 2f2 1c2,2e4 1f6 2f2 1bo,2eo 1f6 2f2 1bo,2f2 1f6 2f2 1bo,-9c aa -9c d4 -9c hg -6s io -5a ka -5a ls,-bs aa -e2 aa -e2 hq -h6 hq -li o2 -ls ua -mq 1g4 50 1g4 50 1na,-fa 5a -cg 8o -de 8e,-cg 8o -cq 7g,-bs aa -bs hg -do io -gs io -ku om -kk r6,-9c aa -18 aa,-ku rg -kk so,-8e n4 -cg n4 -5a no,-8e n4 -5a ls,-g8 rq -cg rq -fa s4 -ku rg,-g8 rq -ka r6 -kk r6,-ie 12m -ie 156 -76 156 -6s 156 -kk 19i -bi 1cm -kk 19s -ka 1b4 -bs 1d0 -kk 1be -em 1e8,-7g 10q -5a no,-ec uk -kk so,-ec uk -ie 12m,3u8 1i0 3ki 20c 3ho 20c 3b6 202 3b6 20c 2uc 20c 2sq 1vo 2to 210 2r8 210 2pm 1ve 2oe 20m 2ba 20m,3sc 1mm 3tk 1mm 3sc 1nu 3tu 1nu,3u8 1i0 3vg 1i0 3ui 25m 4c 25m 50 1na,2o4 20m 2nq 20m,2lu 20m 2lu 20c,2e4 20m 2e4 20c,2d6 20c 2mi 20c 2mi 202 2d6 202 2d6 20c,2km 1l4 2h8 1l4 2kc 1pq 2gk 1le 2eo 1le 2ig 1qe 2d6 1lo 26k 1lo u0 1lo,-7g 10q -6i 122 -6i 106 -a t2 ua 198 u0 1lo,-f0 1e8 5u 1e8 c6 1e8 c6 21u ka 21u uk 20m,2bk 20m 1lo 20m,1m2 20m uk 20m##T hg 20c,B b8 c6 1v,S 50 -26,S 76 -26,S -84 -2g

an upgrade on one of my previous tracks, use with either bmx or mountain bike, your preference!! have to think a little outside the box for some of the bits at the beginning maybe, but after a few attempts you should be on your way to the MASSIVE jump i have planned for you have fun, enjoy, and please feedback

-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1i -6s -6i 4c 18 5u 2q 84 6i 6i 1s bs 5a c6 bi d4 5a gi do do hg,gi do aa gi,-18 1i 0 7g 6i 8o 8e 92 9c 9c,0 7g -1s a0 -18 hg bi jm,-1s a0 18 d4 -18 9m 18 c6 -k 9c 3e de -a 8o 4c cq 0 7g,-18 hg -a rq -a 12m -5k 16e -bi 16e -ka 1ag -q8 1g4 -p0 1nu -om 1le -oc 1os -no 1na -ne 1qe -mq 1mc -mq 1r2 -m6 1mm -ls 1s0 -l8 1s0 -l8 1mm -ku 1s0 -kk 1os,-a rq 92 t2,d4 i4 1i fu 18 fk,hq ku do q8 7q pa,do q8 em u0 7g 11e 42 11e,-l8 1s0 -kk 1s0 -kk 1os,-kk 1s0 -k0 1s0 -k0 1na -jm 1s0 -io 1nk,-k0 1s0 -j2 1s0 -io 1nk,-j2 1s0 -bi 1os -hg 1hm,-34 18u -34 19i -1s 1aq -6i 1aq -84 1aq -1i 1e8 3o 1ei b8 1h2 bi 1i0 bi 1es e2 1fq mq 1ik qs 1ik rq 1fq uu 1aq 1q4 1ia 1qo 1n0 1b4 1sa 1ge 202 1ge 20c 1kq 20m 1fg 23g 1ge 26a 1i0 26a 1pg 260 2e4 2bk 2je 2bk 2kc 2ac 2kc 202 2la 1na 374 1nk 3gg 23q 3ro 2cs 42u 25c 42u uu,1b4 1sa 156 1sa,-1i 1hm -hg 1hm,-34 18u 2q 14s,2q 11o 2q 14s,2q 11o 42 11e,-fu 1qo -hq 1mm -fa 1qe -fk 1n0 -fu 1mc,-1i 1hm -1i 1l4 -k 1ia a 1m2 -a 1ia 1i 1le k 1m2 92 1m2 em 1m2 fk 1lo fu 1le fu 1m2 hg 1m2 hg 1le hq 1lo io 1m2 k0 1m2 qi 1m2 se 1lo tm 1le uk 1l4 v8 1kq vi 1kg 1ik 1kg v8 1mm 12m 1r2 uu 1nk uu 1nu uu 1rm 11o 1s0 uk 1sa uu 202 v8 252 10g 21a vi 252,v8 252 1c2 26a 1h2 2b0 1h2 2fc 2ga 2fc 2pc 2f2,-d4 1pg -fu 1mc,2gk 2fc 2pc 2eo,2h8 2fc 2pc 2ee,2hi 2fc 2pc 2e4,2hs 2fc 2pc 2dq,2i6 2fc 2pc 2dg,2ig 2fc 2pc 2d6,2iq 2fc 2pc 2cs,2j4 2fc 2pc 2ci,2je 2fc 2pc 2c8,2jo 2fc 2pc 2bu,2k2 2fc 2pc 2bk,2kc 2fc 2pc 2ba,2km 2fc 2pc 2b0,2l0 2fc 2pc 2am,2la 2fc 2pc 2ac,2lk 2fc 2pc 2a2,2lu 2fc 2pc 29o,2gu 2fc 2pc 2fc 35s 2fc,2pc 2fc 2pc 29o,2qk 2ba 2qk 2bu,2r8 2ba 2r8 2bu,2qa 2c8 2ri 2c8 2ri 2ci 2r8 2cs 2qk 2cs 2qa 2ci 2qa 2c8,2q0 2e4 2qa 2ee 2r8 2dg,1rm 2ig 1uq 2gk 1uq 2ig,1t8 2hi 1uq 2hi,1v4 2ig 20m 2hs 1ve 2hi 21k 2gk,21u 2gk 24o 2gk,236 2gk 210 2i6,1u6 2gk 1rm 2gk 1qo 2i6,1rc 2h8 1s0 2h8,35i 2fc 3ou 2fc 47u 2f2,3p8 2fc 47u 2eo,3q6 2fc 47u 2ee,3qq 2fc 47u 2e4,3re 2fc 47u 2dq,3ro 2fc 47u 2dg,3s2 2fc 47u 2d6,3sc 2fc 47u 2cs,3sm 2fc 47u 2ci,3t0 2fc 47u 2c8,3ta 2fc 47u 2bu,3tk 2fc 47u 2bk,3tu 2fc 47u 2ba,3u8 2fc 47u 2b0,3ui 2fc 47u 2am,3us 2fc 47u 2ac,3v6 2fc 47u 2a2,3vg 2fc 47u 29o,3vq 2fc 47u 29e,404 2fc 47u 294,40e 2fc 47u 28q,40o 2fc 47u 28g,412 2fc 47u 286,41c 2fc 47u 27s,41m 2fc 47u 27i,420 2fc 47u 278,42a 2fc 47u 26u,42k 2fc 47u 26k,42u 2fc 47u 26a,438 2fc 47u 260,43i 2fc 47u 25m,43s 2fc 47u 25c,446 2fc 47u 252,44g 2fc 47u 24o,44q 2fc 47u 24e,454 2fc 47u 244,45e 2fc 47u 23q,45o 2fc 47u 23g,462 2fc 47u 236,46c 2fc 47u 22s,46m 2fc 47u 22i,470 2fc 47u 228,47a 2fc 47u 21u,47k 2fc 47u 21k 4di 2b0 4di 2fc,47u 2fc 3ou 2fc,47u 2fc 47u 21k,48s 2ac 48s 2cs 49q 2dg 4ao 2cs 4ao 2a2,48s 2a2 48s 2am,48s 2a2 4ao 2a2,48i 28g 496 286,4a4 28g 4ae 286 4b2 28g,47u 2fc 4tq 2fc 51i 2fc 57q 2fc,22s 2ig 236 2ig,23q 2ig 244 2ig,24o 2ig 252 2ig,358 2h8 35i 2h8,35s 2h8 366 2h8,36g 2h8 374 2h8,37e 2h8 39k 2g0 3b6 2g0,38m 2gk 39a 2gk,37e 2h8 39a 2h8,3bq 2g0 39u 2h8,3bq 2g0 3co 2gk 3as 2gk 3ce 2hi,4jq 2fc 4di 2b0,4di 2ba 4ko 2fc,4di 2bk 4lm 2fc,4di 2c8 4mu 2fc,4di 2cs 4o6 2fc,4di 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