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  • AIM: :( no
  • MSN: :( nope
  • Yahoo: yeah but im not saying!!! lol
  • XBOX Live: no but kinda want one!
  • Wii: i wish!
  • PSN: no but want one a lot!!!!!
  • SteamID: steamy!!!!!!! i like steamy things!!!!!


hey! ok this is domminatortakedown its my new account cause my other one got messed up really bad so if u knew domminatoetakedown or if i was your friend add this account and u can talk to me again!!! lol
and im part of the SHADOWS the best club on the game! lol so if u want to join talk to either jubjub1992 or domminatertakeover they will get u in! lol
(\__/) This is bunny boo. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help him
(")_(") gain world domination!
the best one ive made so far

-18 1i 18 1i 8f 1h,8e 1i 8e 1s,8e 1i bi 1i bs 1i c6 1i cg 1i cq 1i d4 1i de 1i do 1i e2 1i ec 1i em 1i em 18 em u em k em 0 em -a em -k em -u em -18 em -1i em -4m ec 1i,em 18 8e 1i,em u 8o 1i,em k 92 1i,em 0 9m 1i,em -a a0 1i,em -k aa 1i,em -u ak 1i,em -18 au 1i,em -1i b8 1i,em -4c e2 1i,em -42 do 1i,em -3o de 1i,em -3e d4 1i,em -34 cq 1i,em -2q cg 1i,em -2g c6 1i,em -26 bs 1i,em -1s bi 1i,em a 9c 1i,-6i cq -6i d4,-6i cq -6s cq -76 cq -7g cq -7q cq -84 cq -8e cq -8o cq -92 cq -9c cq -9m cq -ie cq,-6i cq -6i cg -9m cq,-6i cg -6i c6 -9c cq,-6i c6 -6i bs -92 cq,-6i bs -6i bi -8o cq,-6i bi -6i b8 -8e cq,-6i b8 -6i au -84 cq,-6i au -6i ak -7q cq,-6i ak -6i aa -7g cq,-6i aa -6i a0 -76 cq,-6i a0 -6i 9m -6s cq,-io cq -io d4,-j2 cq -j2 d4,-jc cq -jc d4,-jm cq -jm d4,-k0 cq -k0 d4,-ka cq -ka d4,-kk cq -kk d4,-ku cq -ku d4,-li cq -li d4,-l8 cq -l8 d4,-ls cq -1fg cq -1i0 cq -1i0 cg -1fg cq -1fg d4,-1i0 cg -1i0 aa -1pg aa -1pq cq -1q4 cq -1qe cq -1s0 cq -2am cg -34a 5a -3qg -84 -4ca -84 -4ck -84 -4cu -84 -4ds -84 -4eq -84 -4g2 -84 -4g2 -92 -4cu -84,-1i0 aa -1hm cq,-1i0 ak -1hc cq,-1i0 au -1h2 cq,-1i0 b8 -1go cq,-1i0 bi -1ge cq,-1i0 bs -1g4 cq,-1i0 c6 -1fq cq,-1pg cq -1pq cq,-1pg cq -1pg aa,-1pg ak -1q4 cq,-1pg au -1qe cq,-1pg b8 -1qo cq,-1pg bi -1r2 cq,-1pg bs -1rc cq,-1pg c6 -1rm cq,-1pg cg -1rm cq,-4ca -84 -4ca -7q,-4g2 -92 -4g2 -a0 -4ds -84,-4g2 -a0 -4g2 -aa -4e6 -84,-4g2 -aa -4g2 -b8 -4f4 -84,-4g2 -b8 -4g2 -bs -4po -bs -4q2 7q -4q7 8f -4qk 9g -4r3 al -4rn bn -4sm cl -4tq dd -4v4 e5 -50b eo -51m f7 -534 fj -54j fu -566 g7 -57p gd -59e gh -5b4 gj -5cr gj -5ej gh -5gc ge -5i5 ga -5jv g7 -5lp g6 -5nk g7 -5pe gc -5r5 gg -5sj gh -5u0 ge -5v6 g9 -609 g6 -61l g2 -633 g2 -64d g4 -65o g9 -671 ge -68c gj -69f gj -6ah gg -6bm gd -6cu gf -6ec gj -6fu gn -6h8 gl -6il gh -6jq gi -6kt gp -6ls h5 -6n1 hu -6o6 in,-4g2 -bs -4fo -84,-4g2 -bi -4fe -84,-4g2 -au -4eq -84,-4g2 -ak -4eg -84,-4g2 -9m -4di -84,-4g2 -9c -4d8 -84,-4g2 -8o -4ck -84,-4g2 -8e -4ca -84,-6o6 in -6p9 ja -6qb jk -6ra jo -6sd jh -6tm j0 -6uv ig -70f i2 -71o hq -733 hi -74d he -75q hb -76u h8 -787 ha -79g he -7ak hf -7bn hf -7cn hf,-7cs hg -7q0 hg,-832 ne -7ig pu -778 q8 -752 q8 -752 o2 -73q o2,-832 ne -84u cg,-778 q8 -778 qi,-752 o2 -75c q8,-752 oc -75m q8,-752 om -760 q8,-752 p0 -76a q8,-752 pa -76k q8,-752 pk -76u q8,-752 pu -778 q8,-752 u0 -74t ur -74v 100 -74n 114 -748 12e -73h 13p -72p 14r -71s 15s -70q 16q -6vl 17l -6ud 18g -6t2 197 -6rk 19t -6q5 1ah -6ok 1b3 -6nc 1bh -6m4 1bt -6l3 1c8 -6k1 1cg -6j4 1cl -6i3 1cm -6gq 1ch -6fh 1c9 -6e7 1c2,-6ei 1c2 -6dp 1c2 -6cr 1c5 -6bl 1ca -6af 1ce -691 1ch -67l 1cj -666 1cl -64p 1ck -63a 1cg -61t 1c9 -60h 1bv -5v7 1bi -5tr 1b2 -5sc 1ac -5r0 19g -5pq 18c -5p3 175 -5op 15s -5oo 14c -5p5 12t -5q0 11i -5r4 10e -5s5 vk -5t8 uv -5ug ue -5vt u2 -61d ts -62s tu -649 ub -65g uq -66j vq -679 111 -67h 12b -679 13l -66h 14n -65e 15g -647 15v -632 162 -61v 15s#if -87 b8 -5n,b5 -5j dg -5g,b8 -5l bk -79,-g8 30dk -g8 30hc,-26 -au -5u 76 -6i 68,-5u 76 -4m 6i#B -672 11o 5k,B -606 uk 8e,B -5pk 13a ad,B -5qs 18u 1d,B -5vs 1be 2c,B -69i 1c2 2q,T -62c 15g,T -7q0 h6,O -li de,O -kk de,O -jm de,O -io de

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this 1 is super cool its made by Stickjesus"

xx |\__\``````\```````|xxxxxxxxxx
----------------0 |---|0
----------------0 \.../ 0
----------*------------------- *
---------*----------*--------- -*
--------*---------*---*------- --*
-------*--------*-------*----- ---*
------*-------*-----------*--- ----*
-----*------*---------------*- -----*
----*-----*------------------- *-----*
---*----*--------------------- --*----*
--*---*----------------------- ----*---*
-*--*------------------------- ------*--*
this awesome one is made by kirkus333



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