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¡ʇı ǝʞıן noʎ ɟı ǝןıɟoɹd ɹnoʎ uı sıɥʇ ʇsod¡ɹoʇıuoɯ ɹnoʎ ɟo ʇuoɹɟ ǝɥʇ uı pǝpɹɐʇǝɹ ʞooן noʎ uǝɥʇ 'sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ oʇ ǝןqɐ ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟı I love Armor Games. It is my home page. |||| |||||||||| | | | | | | | | | | | | \\\ \ / /// \\\\\\\\\\ V ////////// \ \ ____^____ / / \ \ | | / \ | ARMOR |/ l GAMES l \ / \ / \ / / /\ / \ \ / / \ / \ \ l / \/ \ l RAZE 2 IS THE GREATEST GAME EVER!!! My way to get easy credits in the game: 1: Unlock the shredder. 2: Set up a quick match with the following settings: map=judgement, match type=deathmatch, kills to win=100, # of players=12/free for all 3: Find a shredder and go to the top of the map. 4: Start shooting downward uncontrollably! This method earned me more than 2000 credits in 10 minutes. My stats: Longest kill streak: 85 kills Current campaign level: Alien-12 Favorite Weapon: Holy Grail Favorite map: Judgement Character: Albino alien Kill streaks unlocked: All but two Achievements unlocked: 6/10 Walkthrough for each Raze 2 secret achievement: Oh Hi Kitty: You get LOL cat mode by going into the map frostbite and you jump on the highest platform in the center. You go to the center of the platform and jump! Love is blind: to get 4x Health mode, go into the first level in the human campaign. After the bomb explodes, jump back to the beginning of the level so you may "dance with the jolly heart." I hate nature: Go into the map facility with very easy settings. I suggest using a machine gun in the map. Drop to the bottom of the map where there are trees. Start shooting the leaves on the top of the trees. It takes quite a while to get the achievement, but trust me, you will eventually get the achievement. Reach for the sky: In a quick match, set the map to headquarters and weapons to long range. Start shooting upward all over the place. Like "I Hate Nature," this achievement takes a while to get. I hope my guide helped! ; ) I know many people are stuck on level 11 of the alien campaign. Here is my strategy to beating it: The best strategy I have found is to equip invisibility. Then, keep restarting the level until you get the lower base. I suggest finding a good weapon before doing the next step. You walk over to the far right into the jump booster. Activate your invisibility, then jump. get into a good position you can attack from and kill any defenders and take the flag. Walk all the way over to the left of the map where you can jump in the water. Fall to the very bottom left of the map, then return the flag. Repeat the loop. Hope this is helpful! Chuck Norris. Nuff said. P.S. Any newcomers to Armor Games that have questions (and don't want to use the newcomers forum. I will probably reply faster anyway) can post them in my comments and I will answer the question on your page as soon as possible.

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