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Hi how are you? Hola como esta? Bonjour comment vais-tu?

I am a very friendly user when it comes down to playing games, but when it comes down to the concepts of Colony I will fight and argue over it (DON'T MESS -.-). I have been playing the game since it came out way back what almost four years ago now... WOW I'm OLD.

But anyways, I have studied the game for endless hours and began to make my own Guidebook to the game. Currently it is not in production anymore but I will gladly continue making it if 3 more people would say that they would find the guide helpful to them.

Happy Day to all that visit.

Check out my Youtube page for Colony videos:

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|     3rd place Colony 1vs1 tournament     |                              |                          By Hank                               |                               
|   One of the best 1vs1 player in Colony  |
|                       August 2010                          |


Join The Fight For AG!: … -13060.swf

Need to find that forum page: … btb4asrns8

Or maybe find that user that you once knew: … wmh5u5rbvi

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