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I live on the left side of a round globe when its turned the right way and I'm 0.07 plutonian years old, 0.16 uranium years old, and 55.8 Mercurian years old.

I mod halo
FreeRiderRabbit is also my profile =P

fun bmx track:

-18 1i -34 1i 0 1i -34 18,-34 1i -3e 1s a 1s 18 1s 18 18 u 1i 18 1s 18 1i 0 1i,-3e 1s -3e -50,-34 -4m -3e -50,-34 -4m 34 -4m,-34 -18 -2g 1i,-26 1i -34 -u,-1s 1i -34 -k,-1i 1i -34 -a,-18 1i -34 0,-u 1i -34 a,-k 1i -34 k,-a 1i -34 u,-2g -4m -34 -1s -2q -4m,-26 -4m -34 -26,-1s -4m -34 -2g,-1i -4m -34 -2q,-18 -4m -34 -34,-u -4m -34 -3e,-k -4m -34 -3o,-a -4m -34 -42,-34 -4c 0 -4m 34 -4c,34 -42 a -4m,34 -3o k -4m,34 -3e u -4m,34 -34 18 -4m,34 -2q 1i -4m,1s -4m 34 -2g,26 -4m 34 -26,2g -4m 34 -1s,34 -1i 2q -4m,3e -50 -3e -50,3e -50 34 -4m,-34 -4m -34 1i,a 1s 0 1i,0 1s 0 1i,a 1s a 1i k 1s u 1i,18 1i u 1s k 1i a 1s,34 -1i 34 -4m,3e -50 34 -1i,42 cq 0 cq 42 cg,a cq 42 c6,k cq 42 bs,u cq 42 bi,42 b8 18 cq,1i cq 42 au,42 ak 1s cq,42 aa 26 cq,34 cq 3e cq 42 92,42 a0 2g cq,2q cq 42 9m,42 9c 34 cq,42 8o 3o cq,42 cq 42 8o,-d4 cq -l8 cg,-l8 c6 -de cq,-do cq -l8 bs,-l8 bi -e2 cq,-ec cq -l8 b8,-em cq -l8 au,-l8 ak -f0 cq,-l8 aa -fa cq,-fk cq -l8 a0,-l8 9m -fu cq,-g8 cq -l8 9c,-l8 92 -gi cq,-gs cq -l8 8o,-l8 8e -h6 cq,-hg cq -l8 84,-l8 7q -hq cq,-i4 cq -l8 7g,-l8 76 -ie cq,-l8 6s -io cq,-j2 cq -l8 6i,-l8 68 -jc cq,-jm cq -l8 5u,-l8 5k -k0 cq,-ka cq -l8 5a,-l8 50 -kk cq,-ku cq -l8 4m -l8 cq -cq cq,-2q 1i -34 -1s,-cq ie -qs n4 -15q n4 -1e8 n4,-1ei n4 -1j8 mq,-1j8 mg -1es n4,-1f6 n4 -1j8 m6,-1j8 ls -1fg n4,-1fq n4 -1j8 li,-1j8 l8 -1g4 n4,-1ge n4 -1j8 ku,-1j8 kk -1go n4,-1h2 n4 -1j8 ka,-1j8 k0 -1hc n4,-1hm n4 -1j8 jm,-1j8 jc -1i0 n4,-1ia n4 -1j8 j2,-1j8 io -1ik n4,-1iu n4 -1j8 ie,-1j8 i4 -1j8 n4 -1e8 n4,-1j8 i4 -1ji ie -1ji ne -1e8 ne -qi ne -cq io -cq ie,-1ji ne -1j8 n4,-1e8 ne -1ei n4,-1e8 ne -1du n4,-1j8 i4 -1j8 cg -1j8 4c -1iu -8o -1i0 -d4 -1ge -fu -1du -hq -1a6 -j2 -15q -j2 -uk -hq -ne -h6 -io -fk -g8 -cq -fk -9m -fk -8e,-2q ie 9m no tm v8 9m oc -2q io -2q ie,9m no 9m oc,u0 ua up uk vj v6 10g 101 11a 112 11t 127 127 13a 125 147 11k 153,11e 156 10t 15n vp 168 uh 16t t9 17e rr 17t qg 186 p5 18e nr 18l mk 18q l1 18u jj 192 i0 193 gb 194 ek 190 cr 18o b1 18d 97 17v 7c 17h 5h 172 3l 16h 1p 160 -3 15d -20 14o -3t 141 -5n 137 -7h 12c,-cg qi -b8 t2 -9c vs -7g 12c,-cg qi -cq pa -cg ne -ak ku,11l 150 11c 157,-9m ls -84 k0 -7q io##T -9c kk,T -8e jm,T -8e io,B 10q 14s 4f,B vs 164 4i,B -9c uu 7c,B k 14i 6m,B ak 180 6f,B ie 18k 5k,B om 180 56,B li 180 5b,B s4 17c 6f,B tm 164 47,T tm uu,T -ak ls,T -l8 -fu,T -1ik io,T -cq c6,T 0 cg,T 3o 8o,T 2q -1i,B -ak li 1j,B -bs om 12,B -bi rg ad,B -76 12c 9i,B 5a 16o 8s,B fu 18k 8n,B 11e 13a 6k,B vi vs 4i,G -g8 -b8 5k,G -no -gi 38,G -1i0 -7q b8,G -1iu f0 8e

Fun BMX/MTB track, not graphic intensive so your computer wont die like it will on some of my others
-18 1i 18 1i -18 26 u 26 18 26 k 7q k 26 18 7q 18 26 18 1i,18 26 3o 84 44 8p 4o 9d 5j 9t 6d ab 71 aq,18 7q k 7q,-18 1i -18 26,-18 7q -18 26,-k 26 -k 7q -18 7q,-k 7q -18 26,-k 26 -18 7q,-18 1i 18 26,18 1s -18 1s,0 1i 0 26,-50 7q 3e 7q,6p aq 7v b9 9c br an c9 c5 cm dm d2 f7 dd gq dl id dr k0 dv lh dv ms dq od dd po ct r4 ca si bk u1 ar vh a0 112 92 12k 84 146 75 15n 66 171 5e 185 51 18f 66 18c 7b 189 8f 185 9f 17v ac 17o bg 17j cp 16h dh 15a ds 140 e4 12o e7 11d e7 vt ed uf ee t9 eb ru e6 qh e6 ou e6 nj e4 m6 e3 kn e2 j7 e4 hl e5 g3 e3 eo dt db dn bu di,bu di ak dc 98 d8 7p d3 68 cu 4l cp 32 cn 1d cn -4 cn -1c cm -2m cl -3q ck -4u cj -5q cj,-50 7q -5k cg,1na 3o 1na cq 1lo au 1kg cq 1ik au 1i0 cq 1d0 c6 1be c6 17m cg,1na cq 17m cq,1na cq 1i0 cq 1go au 1fg cg 1e8 aa 1d0 c6 1b4 aa 1be c6 19s au 1aq 9c 17m cg,1na 3o 2ga cq 2hh cs 2is cu 2kd cu 2lp d0 2nc d4,2ga cq 1na cq,2u4 dc 2vq dc 31h dc 338 dd 34v dd 36m dd,2u2 de 36g c6 366 de 2uc de 366 cg,36g c6 36g de,366 de 366 c6 36g de,2uc de 2ms d4,366 cq 2um de 366 d4,3s2 h6 42a ka 4cu l8 4eg le 4g4 lh 4hq lh 4jf ld 4l6 l8 4n1 ku 4ou ki 4qr k4 4sm jk 4ug j1 509 id 521 hk 53o gl 559 fh 56m e8 582 cs 59d be 5al 9t 5bs 8c 5d4 6q,5d4 6s 5d4 q8 5h6 q8 680 q8 680 50 680 4m 67c 4m,5h6 q8 5h6 4m 5vs 4m 67m 4m,61e 4m 67m 34 67m 4m,66o 4m 66o 3e,656 3o 656 4m,63u 4m 63u 42,630 4c 630 4m,2ng hq 2hs hq,36q hq 382 hq 390 hq,198 au 198 9c 17m bs,2i6 hq 2h9 hq 2g4 i2 2em il 2d7 jd 2bh k8 29l l1 27i lo 25u mb 24b mv 22p nk 218 ob 1vp p2 1tr pv 1ru qr 1q1 rl 1o5 sf 1ma t6 1kh tq 1ip uc 1h5 ur 1fp v3 1e9 v7 1d0 v2 1bp up 1aa ud 18v tv 17h tc 160 so 14c s3 12m rc 10v qn v6 q1 tc pc ri oo pn o5 ns ni m0 n0 k4 mf i8 lv gb lh ee l2 ci kl ak k8 8n jr 6q jf 4t j3 2v im 11 ia -s hu -2q hh,-2q hh -4o h5 -6l gp -8j gc -ah g0 -cf fk -ed f8 -ga es,-50 7q -92 a -5k cg,-8e 18 -1i -3e -76 3e,-26 -2g 4m -u -42 -a,-fu do -7g gi,-fu do -g8 f0,3s2 h6 3s2 kk 4og m6 5d4 q8,6p6 50 6p6 4m 72s 4m 72s 3o 6v4 4m,72s 4m 72s 50 6hm 50 6hm n4,72s 3o 73q 3e 72s 4m,72s 3o 736 42,72s 3o 70m 4m,72s 3o 71u 4m,6hc 4m 6p6 4m,6hc qi 67m qi 680 q8,67m q8 67m qi,680 qi 680 q8,680 qi 67m q8,681 qd 67l qd,67r q9 67r qh,6hc n4 6hc 4m,6hc qi 6im po 6jt os 6ku o3 6m4 n5 6n4 m8 6o7 l8 6pd k5 6qk iv 6rs hn 6t7 gd 6ui f2 6vu dm 71a c8 72n ap 745 99 75j 7p 771 68,76u 68 77s 60 78s 5u 79p 5v 7an 65 7bg 6l 7c3 76,7ee 4m 7mi 4m 7ms 4c 7lu 4m,7ms 4c 7n6 4m 7mi 50 7mi 4m,7ee 4m 7ee 50 7dq 4m 7e4 4c 7ee 4m,7ee 50 7mi 50,1mc bs 1mc au 1na bi,1la bf 1kk af 1jc bp,1k4 b2 1k0 am 1j6 bh 1j6 ao 1jj au,1i6 bm 1hs am 1hd br,1g3 bk 1g2 9t 1f2 bh,1d6 ba 1cn 9v 1cb b8,1ar b0 1b2 ao,1bd ac 1c3 9j 1aj a2,7c3 75 7cr 7m 7de 8f 7du 95 7eb 9r 7et ap 7f9 bu 7fo d4 7gg eg 7ha fn 7ie h1 7jr i7 7lf j7 7n7 jv 7p0 kc 7qj kh 7ru kj,7k2 8o 7u2 8o 7u2 92 7k2 92,7k2 e2 88c e2 88c ec 7k2 ec,7rs kk 7t5 kp 7ue kq 7vo kn 812 ki 82g kd 841 k8 859 k3 86g ju 87s js 89d js 8an jt 8c3 jv 8dh k2 8f1 k5 8gi k8,8qq f0 946 f0 9ns f0 9ns k0 a4m l8 a64 lf a7i ld a95 l3 aap kc ac8 j7 adq hk aeu ga aft eu agg dc agt bp ah3 a3 ah2 8d agl 6o afs 53 aen 3h ad8 22 abk o a9u -d a85 -1g a6b -2d a4j -38 a2s -41 a16 -4o 9vj -5c 9u1 -5u 9s1 -6f 9qb -6o 9os -6q 9nl -6q 9m8 -6o 9ks -6m 9jh -6l 9i5 -6k 9gm -6l 9f6 -6n 9dj -6p 9bv -6s 9a9 -6u 98j -71 96s -73 955 -76 93d -79 91l -7c 8vu -7g 8u5 -7k 8sc -7o,9ns k0 8qq k0 8gg ka,8sc -7o 8qk -7r 8oq -80 8n1 -84 8l8 -88 8je -8d 8hl -8h 8fr -8l 8e2 -8q 8c9 -8u 8ae -94 88l -98 86r -9d 851 -9h 837 -9m 81d -9r 7vj -a0 7tp -a4 7s0 -a9 7q6 -ae 7oc -aj 7mj -an 7kp -as 7iv -b1 7h6 -b6 7fc -bb 7di -bf 7bo -bk 79u -bp 784 -bu 76a -c2 74h -c7,8qq f0 8qq k0,8gq ka 8gq fa 840 ka,-136 ft -1gi ft,-13a fu -13a 13k -fk 13k -fk f0,-1ge fu -1ge fk -1h2 fk -1h2 fu -1go fu,-1h2 fu -1kq fu -1kq jm -1kq li -1nu li -1nu ie -1ug ie -1ug rq -278 rq -2m8 11o -34a 11o -3a8 uu -3f8 uu -3fs uu -3fs vi -3gg vi -3gg 106 -3h4 106 -3h4 10q -3ho 10q -3ho 11e -3ic 11e -3ic 122 -3j0 122 -3j0 12m -3jk 12m -3jk 13k -4a4 13k -4a4 13u -4ae 13u -4ae 148 -4ao 148 -4ao 14i -4b2 14i -4b2 14s -4bc 14s -4bc 156 -4jq 156 -4kq 154 -4lv 151 -4n9 14t -4oj 14r -4q0 14n -4rf 14i -4t0 148 -4ue 13n -4vo 132 -50q 124 -51b 10v,-1ge fu -1go fu,-55u q8 -5mg so -5se so -60q qi -6e8 qi -6ei qi -6g4 pk -6lo pk -6mo q9 -6nf r9 -6nu sd -6o4 te -6no ue -6mn v8 -6lb vr -6jt 104 -6i7 106 -6gl 104 -6fa 101,-3jk 130 -3ju 130 -3ju 13a -3k8 13a -3k8 13k,-3j0 12c -3ja 12c -3ja 12m,-3im 122 -3im 11o -3ic 11o,-3i2 11e -3i2 114 -3ho 114,-3he 10q -3he 10g -3h4 10g,-3gq 106 -3gq vs -3gg vs,-3g6 vi -3g6 v8 -3fs v8,-6ji kk -6ks kn -6mc kq -6o6 ku -6q6 l7 -6s6 li -6u7 lq -6vs m4 -71e mk -73g n8 -752 nm -772 o5 -792 ok -7b1 p0 -7cv pc -7et pm -7gr q0 -7i8 qa -7jk qm -7l3 r7 -7me s2 -7nr t2 -7p3 u4 -7or vr -7nj 116 -7m1 12b -7ke 139 -7ii 13v -7gk 14f -7ee 14u -7cn 157 -7av 15f -797 15k -77g 15p -75r 15p -747 15m -723 15i -701 15g -6u1 15e -6s2 15a -6q4 155 -6o7 150 -6mb 14t -6kg 14q -6il 14p -6gr 14p -6f1 14s -6d7 14v -6bd 153 -69j 156 -67n 15b,-67n 15b -65p 15f -63r 15j -61u 15o -600 15t -5u3 161 -5s6 166 -5q8 16b -5oa 16f -5mc 16j -5kd 16l -5id 16n -5ge 16p -5ee 16r -5cg 16u -5ai 170 -58l 172 -56q 174 -550 178 -537 17c -51f 17g -4vm 17k -4tt 17p -4s5 17u -4qc 182,-50k 12c -59c 114 -55u q8 -55k so -59c 114 -55u rg,-4qc 180 -4os 187 -4nf 18d -4m8 18h -4kt 18q -4ja 193 -4ht 19a -4gc 19h -4en 19p -4d0 1a1 -4b7 1ab -49d 1am -47j 1b2 -45o 1bd -441 1bg -42c 1bi -40m 1bl -3ur 1bp -3t0 1br -3r4 1bu -3p7 1c0 -3nb 1c2 -3le 1c3 -3jh 1c2 -3hl 1c0 -3fo 1bv -3dq 1bu -3bu 1bt -3a1 1bs -384 1bt -368 1bu -34b 1bu -32e 1bv -30h 1bv -2uk 1c0 -2sn 1c0 -2qq 1c0 -2ot 1c1 -2n0 1c1 -2l3 1c2 -2j6 1c3 -2h9 1c5 -2fb 1c6 -2de 1c7 -2bi 1c8 -29m 1c8 -27r 1c9 -260 1c9 -245 1c8 -22b 1c6 -20g 1c2,-20g 1c2 -1um 1bu -1sr 1bp -1r0 1bj -1p6 1bd -1nb 1b6 -1lg 1av -1jk 1al -1ho 1aa -1fs 19v -1e1 19k -1c6 199 -1ab 193 -18h 192 -16o 191 -14u 190 -135 18u -11b 18t -vh 18r -tn 18q -ru 18p -q4 18n -oa 18l -mg 18j -km 18i -is 18h -h2 18f -f8 18c -de 18a -bk 186 -9q 181 -80 17q -66 17h -4b 177 -2h 16r -n 16e 13 162 2t 15l 4n 158 6h 14q 8b 14d a5 13v bv 13h dq 133 fk 12n he 12c j8 124 l2 120 ms 11v om 11v qg 121,qg 121 s9 127 u1 12i vn 130 11d 13e 133 13s 14p 148 16f 14h 182 14m 19e 14p 1ar 14q 1c4 14q 1dk 14q 1f7 14n 1gj 14i 1i1 14d 1jg 145 1l0 13s 1mi 13g 1o5 134 1pp 12m 1rd 127 1t2 11p 1uo 11b 20e 10t 224 10g 23q 102 25h vk 278 v5 28v un 2an u9 2ce tt 2e6 th 2fu t8 2hl t1 2jd ss 2l5 so 2mt sm 2ol sl 2qe sk 2s6 sj 2tu si 2vn sg 31g se 33a sd 353 se 36s sh,366 se 377 se 38o sb 3ac s1 3bk rl 3cs r6 3e7 qg 3fb pp 3g8 p1 3h4 o7 3hq nh 3id ms 3it m8 3jd lj 3jr ku 3k9 kc 3km js,4j6 -ka 54m -ka,4j6 -ka 4ds -em 4ds -84 4gc -84 4gc -ec 4jq -io 55a -j2 55a -ka,4ds -18 4ds 1s 4oq 1s 5hg -5u,4ds -18 4og -18 5g8 -8e 5hg -5u,74o -c6 73f -ck 71q -d5 708 -dp 6uj -ef 6t0 -f8 6re -g2 6pu -gt 6og -hq,6oi -hq 6nb -ie 6lh -j2 6jk -jj 6hl -k1 6fo -ke 6dr -kp 6bv -l3 6a2 -lb 687 -lj 66c -lq 64h -m0 62k -m5 60o -ma 5uu -me 5t5 -mi 5rd -mm 5pm -mq 5o0 -mt 5mb -n1 5km -n3 5j3 -n6 5gu -n8 5er -nb 5cq -na 5bh -ms 5ac -mb 59c -lr 589 -l8 57b -kp 56a -kd 558 -ka 54d -ka,4ds -18 45e -3o 4ds 1s,2ng hq 36q hq,-7q 50 -rq -1s -8o 26,-do u -do -34,-h6 -34 -h6 a,-92 -34 -tm -34 -202 -34 -21a -34 -22i -42 -2qk 1i -31q 1i -374 -k -3h4 -k -3jk 18 -3me u -3ok -a -3ps -k -3r4 -k -3s2 -k -3us -k,abs -fu ad9 -f4 aet -e1 ag8 -d2 ahk -c0 aj0 -aq aka -9l alf -8h amp -76 anu -60 aot -4t apn -3t aqi -2o ard -1j asf -e atb i au2 1h auf 2l aun 3l auv 4k av3 67 avb 7i avh 90 avf af av7 bu aur df aua es atd g3 asc ha arc ik aqa k0 ap1 lc ang mn alr o2 ak6 pc aih qi ags rk afc sf ae2 t3 acr ti abe u1 a9t uj a8j v0 a78 v9 a5r vd,a6i vi a56 vk a3p vp a26 102 a0j 10b 9ut 10m 9t0 113 9r0 11g 9p0 11v 9n0 12e 9l1 12t 9j3 137 9h7 13f 9fc 13l 9dg 13q 9bl 13s 99q 13s 97v 13r 964 13m 949 13d 92d 130 90i 12e 8uo 11q 8ss 117 8qs 10k 8oq 104 8mo vk 8km v4 8il ul 8gk u9 8eo uc 8cs uf 8av uh 893 uj 877 ul 85b um 83f ul 81j uj 7vn ug 7tr uc 7rv u7 7q4 u0 7oc tl 7ml t6 7ku sk 7j9 rv 7hl r9 7g4 qh 7ep pq 7dq p6 7cv og,7cv og 7c9 no 7bl mv 7b8 m4 7at l3 7a9 js 79k ip 790 k1 78n l9 78c mm 77p ns 774 oq 76b pj 75h q9 74h qs 739 re 71r s1 70j sf 6v8 ss 6ts ta 6sd tp 6qt ua 6pb uv 6no vi 6m4 102 6kf 10d 6ip 10o 6h3 113 6fc 11c 6dl 11k 6bu 11r 6a6 11v 68e 121 66m 122 64u 122 636 122 61d 121 5vl 120 5tt 11v 5s4 11u 5qb 11t 5oi 11r 5mq 11p 5l1 11o 5j8 11m 5hf 11l 5fm 11k 5dt 11j 5c4 11g 5ab 11c 58h 115,58h 115 56o 10s 54u 10j 535 10a 51c 100 4vj vm 4tp vc 4s0 v1 4q6 un 4od ue 4mk u6 4kq tv 4j1 tp 4h8 tj 4fe td 4dk ta 4bp t8 49t t7 482 t6 468 t4 44d t3 42i t1 40n t0 3us su 3t1 ss 3r6 sr 3pb sr 3nf sv 3lk t6 3jo tg 3ht tr 3g1 u9 3e6 up 3ca va 3ae vt 38i 10f 36n 111 34s 11d 330 11j 316 11m 2vc 11o,2vk 11o 2pc 180 2i6 180 2h8 17m 2gk 180 29e 198 2gk 18a 26k 19s 2gk 18k 24e 1ag 20m 1ag 1s0 19i 20m 1aq 21u 1be 228 1cm 21a 1e8 1v4 1es 1u6 1e8 1ts 1cc 1su 1b4 1rm 1a6 1sk 1b4 1t8 1cc 1t8 1dk 1s0 1cm 1rm 1bo 1r2 1aq 1pg 1ag 1o8 1aq 1pg 1aq 1qo 1b4 1rc 1cc 1pg 1be 1nk 1be 1lo 1cc 1nk 1bo 1pg 1bo 1qo 1cm 1pg 1d0 1nu 1e8 1nk 1fq 1o8 1e8 1pq 1da 1r2 1d0 1sa 1du 1qo 1e8 1pq 1fq 1o8 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