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I'm a supporter of Armor Games!
I bought a stuffed elephant for $13.
He sometimes watches me play games.

I love turtles. I love penguins.
I love music. I love games. I also love writing stories.
I love a lot of stuff.

I usually use my spare time to play on AG, make games, listen to music, and make music (with my awesome clarinet).

My thought process explained in code

var bored = true;
function whichSite(url) {
if (bored) {

Colony Stuffs

Note: Feel free to complain about how awesome I am in the comments below!

Favorite Government: Communist

Join TheLostYolo Clan cause #YOLO (or else dastert will eat you while you sleep )

Take the TLY Knowledge Quiz (mentioned on the website) for fun:


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When I'm on AG, I usually play
with my friends

and these noobs are my friends too


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