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My Bio (read or don't read. I don't care)     

Hiya! My name is Brianna, I have an adorable cat named Princess, I am a serious gamer, my favorite band is Five FInger Death Punch, my favorite movie is Alice in Wonderland (newer one and older cartoon one), and I love to read and write. If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask!

     I do my writing on Wattpad. My username is cloudstar (on Wattpad. This info is for finding me), some of my works include Icewing (completed), Warriors: The Fire Inside (uncompleted). These are my based-ons. I'm very suseptable to Writer's Block (please excuse my spelling), I'm quite social, and I love giving people advice on improving their stories.

     My favorite game is Galaga (arcade game). I love learning about rare and retro gaming consoles. Personally, I think that the startup sequence to the PS1 is soooo freaky. I enjoy finding easter eggs in games every now and then.

     I am quite athletic. I love soccer, kickball, basketball, and DODGEBALL! Dodgeball is my all-time favorite game.

     I love cats. They're sooo cool! There's a series called Warriors, it's all about forest-born cats living in Clans, and it's my favorite series. It makes you feel like you're really there. I hope to emulate that kind of writing in my own someday.

     I love parties, so long as they have music, food, and guests. If there's music playing, you know I'll be dancing my a** off! I need to mingle at a party or else I get bummed and bored. As far as food goes, it has to be strong enough to keep me jammin through the night. The only thing is that no one else seems to enjoy parties like I do, so I'm usually the party animal.

     Ok. If you wanna go ahead and friend me on the YouTube, my name is ClOuDsTaR159. I need friends, pplz!

     My latest obsession(s): Professor Layton (FloraxLuke forever), Perler Beads, Atari,, Skype (I don't give a crap about oovoo, so don't ask me), Disturbed (you might hear me talk about them frequently. just a warning), story of BEN (posted underneath status and such)

     Status: drooling and crying over a dream I had
     Currently: Online
I WARN YOU!!! IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO CLICK THIS LINK, BE PREPARED FOR PARANOIA!!!!! And possible nightmares, unexplained noises, and people calling you "insane" as you warn them about this. It's a great story tho!

     Uhh... What else is there to say? Not much I guess, so that's it for now! Remember: any questions, feel free to ask. I'm not one to leave people hanging, so talk to me about anything and everything. cloudstar, out.

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