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About favorite game designer is krin, i like armor games (duh, otherwise i wouldn't have written this lol).and i remembered to change and add new stuff to my description!!!!!!=].i'm happy =).a fireman at a flaming house:hey a penny!guy in the that fireman is stupid.ok is their anyone who already HAS a penny and that is smarter,and that can actualy save me!!!!???????mailman:nope.:guy in the house:........yay i got a 100 ap!!!!!!!i'm bored now......atleast i get new armaters =].

(\__/)  This is bunny. I have copied him
(+'.'+)  onto my page to help him gain
(")_(") world domination! If you read this copy bunny onto your page to help him gain world domination!!!

oh and p.s i did not quit i'm just gonna get on not as much!!!!!!!

Does any one else miss the old times? When points didn't matter, and fun and playing  games was what this site was all about? I do, and i miss them. people just want points, and they spam and dont have fun. If you agree with me, put this in your about.

please have fun on armorgames before you made make the same mistake like i did when i tried to get points.

just have fun with armorgames and in maybe a year of not may be in the top ten and you probably might not have quit.

so pay attention to those words cause patience is a virtue.

school is over......class dismissed!lol =]

(this message will now self destruct in!!!!!!!(big explosion) you should have left the computer =/ atleast i didn't die =3.wait...i am the!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. My fav band is lp........go  linkin park!!!!!!!If you defy their will then ou must die =O.anyway post on my profile if you like yellowcard or linkin park cuz they rock o_O.oh an my new faces are     -_-, and o_O, and =O,and :3 and =3. (i know the last two or basicly the same so don't say anything cuz i like them =])*blows up again* me: .......

( -_- )
(My magical bunny)he will own you!!!!!!!(bunny eats you then somehow gets five a clock shadow)

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