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i'm actually 12, but i couldn't sign up because you have to be 13, but i said what the "hey" and signed up anyway. I never followed a rule in my life. beleive it or not, i don't care. I play lots of video games. for example: Godfather 2, nfs most wanted. I have every call of duty game ever made, and every nfs (race) game ever made. i'm an extremely fast runner, i play chess. this is just a quick summary of me. =) i'm also going to work on making a warfare1954

bronze serf: 10ap
silver serf: 25ap
gold serf: 100ap
bronze squire: 225ap
silver squire: 400ap
gold squire: 625ap
bronze knight: 1,200ap
silver knight: 1,750ap
gold knight: 2,250ap
bronze lord/lady: 3,000ap
silver lord/lady: 3,500ap
gold lord/lady: 4,000ap
bronze duke/duchess: 4,500ap
silver duke/duchess: 5,200ap
gold duke/duchess: 6,000ap
bronze prince/princess: 7,250ap
silver prince/princess: 8,500ap
gold prince/princess: 10,000ap
bronze king/queen:12,000ap
silver king/queen: 14,500ap


Read this out loud:

this is i'm cat
this is really cat
this is cool cat

this is just cat
this is kidding cat

this is no cat
this is seriously cat

this is lol cat

Now go back and read the third word from each sentence....

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