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Send us free rider 2 maps only here!

this is our free rider 2 club.
if you want to join ask FR2CM or eagleeye

Here is our official Free Rider 2 Track Club!!!!!


Members (hyperlinked):

1. FR2CM
2. eagleeye
3. jdoggparty
4. GSE
6. runescar3
7. lmnop


Members: Rank: Points:

1. FR2CM Sg. of Army ~~
2. eagleeye Cmd. Sg. Mj. ~~
3. jdoggparty Private 20
4. GSE Private 3
5. TYLER Corporal 77
6. runescar3 Private 3
7. lmnop Private 3

Rank: Pay grade: Points:

Private E-1 0-25
Private E-2 26-50
Private 1st Class E-3 51-75
Corporal E-4 76-100
Seargent (Sg.) E-5 101-150
Staff Sg. E-6 151-200
Sg. 1st Class E-7 201-250
Master Sg. E-8 251-300
1st Sg. E-8 301-400
Sg. Major E-9 401+
Cmd. Sg. Mj. E-9 ~~~~~~
Sg. Major of Army E-9 ~~~~~~


What ever your paygrade is, that is how many bonus points a week you get. I will give you your 'paycheck' every Sunday.


Track of the week:
Auto of the week:
Track/Auto of the week:


You can earn points by sending us tracks on THIS PROFILE ONLY!!! DO NOT SEND US TRACKS ON OUR OWN PROFILES!!! We will grade them 0-20 points for tracks and 0-15 points for autos based on the quality of your tracks/autos. If you make a part auto/ part track you will be graded 0-25


Rules and Regulations:

1. No cussing or you will lose 10 points.
2. No spamming or you will lose 25 points.
3. Do not send comments on this profile that have no free rider maps or they will be deleted.
4. Do not send us free rider 2 maps on our own profile. That is why we made this profile so you don't have to send your maps to us.


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