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DivineDarkness says:

Posted at 9:11pm on 4/28/2008
im deleting the links that dont work so you dont flip
how will u be 0? babies cant play AG lol
and my cousin made addicting games, and its true i hate pie, so i put that
and how is number four spam? its not spam its way longer than 5 letters, all that stuff you brought up is not spam, but you desperatly trying to get me banned.

hehe and its dont be spaming up my page either u babys


small but fun track for free rider "Beat the system"
-1i,1i,1i,1i 1i,1i,5c,1i 5c,1i,7j,d 7i,e,dh,-35 ek,-3a,ki,1k ki,1k,o7,4f o7,4f,102,4e 142,1l,rn,f up,t,10o,41 10p,17,11n,33 vt,14,11h,3h 102,4e,142,1l 11i,19,12b,2t 12l,1c,12p,2d #dt,-55 e1,-3n dv,-4h ut,40 ue,41 vs,41 vd,41

WEATHER REPORT: 99.99% chance of thunder storms this right??.... GODS FIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-18 1i 18 1i em 1i ie -a ie 1s em 1i,p0 -k om 1i u0 1i 1m2 1i 1qo -k 1r2 26 1lo 1i,p0 -k u0 1i,1v4 -18 2f2 -1i 3re -2g,3n2 -26 3vg -5k 3vg -2g 3nc -2g,4gc -1s 57q do 5vi mq,5v8 mq 607 mq 618 mm 629 mg 63f m9 64p m1 66a lh 67n kp 696 jt 6ai ir 6bq hl 6d0 gb 6e6 ev 6f5 dg 6ft bu 6gg a9 6gp 8j 6gu 6t 6gt 5e,6go 26 6gh 1b 6g8 i 6fs -a 6f9 -10,6be 18 5uu 1i 56s -42 564 -49 55d -4k,55a -4m 54k -51 53s -5g 536 -64 52j -6s 522 -7q 51m -8p 51c -9n 515 -aq 516 -bu 51c -d4 51o -e5 52g -f1 53h -g0,64s -k0 653 -km 65c -le 65g -m7 65f -n2 64q -nl 63v -nq 634 -nm 62o -mu,62m -mq 61u -n4 614 -n4 60h -mh 60j -ln 61b -l4 629 -kr 633 -kj 63n -ka 64a -k2 64u -jv,622 -mg 61j -m5 61s -lk 62e -ld 62v -ll 62i -m1,63a -mq 63s -mg 63r -lt 637 -ls 62t -mg 639 -mu,63u -ne 64c -n0 64n -mj,63u -ne 64g -nh 64p -n1 64n -mh,54c -12c 559 -12q 564 -130 570 -12u 57r -12h 58j -121 59f -12b 5a9 -12v 5bd -13a 5cg -137 5dj -12m 5eg -127 5fk -12j 5gl -139 5i2 -13q 5jb -13h 5kg -12r 5l7 -11u 5l7 -110 5k8 -106 5j5 -vu 5i7 -vr 5jc -vu 5kn -106 5ls -100 5mm -vc 5mh -ua 5le -tr 5ka -u1 5iq -u5 5hb -u0 5g7 -tk 5eq -tq 5d9 -u5 5bm -tn 5a6 -tc 58o -tj 56s -tq 54v -tm 53q -tv 52m -ug 51e -uh 51m -vo 52p -104 544 -vu 555 -vs 53v -10g 52j -10i 51g -111 526 -127 541 -12e,541 -12e 55q -12f,5cg -u0 5a0 -qi 5b8 -mg,5a0 -tc 57g -pk 5b8 -mg#5c6 -m6 5gs -mq 5ls -io 5k0 -de 5cg -bs,5jm -kk 5tm -mq,5ku -fk 60g -hg,5c6 -m6 5cq -bs,5cg -k0 5j2 -ku,5cq -ec 5l8 -g8,5cg -hq 5ku -jc,5cg -fu 5li -hq,5tc -mq 66e -pk,606 -hg 698 -ka,5e2 -ls 5gi -ls 5em -ku 5gs -l8 5em -kk,5fu -jm 5i4 -k0,5hq -k0 5hg -j2 5fa -io 5fa -jm 5g8 -jm,5fa -hg 5hg -hq 5g8 -gs 5hq -gs 5fa -fu,58e -12c 584 -12c#B 6fq ak b8,B 6f6 c6 r,B 6ei do i,O 5c6 -l8,O 5c6 -li,O 5c6 -ls,O 5cg -m6,O 5cg -ka,O 5cg -kk,O 5c6 -ku,O 5c6 -jm,O 5cg -jm,O 5c6 -jc,O 5cg -jm,O 5c6 -k0,O 5cg -j2,O 5c6 -j2,O 5c6 -gs,O 5cg -gs,O 5cq -gs,O 5c6 -gi,O 5cg -fk,O 5cg -fu,O 5cg -gi,O 5cg -hg,O 5cg -hq,O 5cg -ie,O 5c6 -h6,O 5cg -fu,O 5cg -fu,O 5cg -f0,O 5cg -f0,O 5cg -em,O 5cg -ec,O 5cq -d4,O 5cg -de,O 5cq -c6,O 5cg -c6,O 5cq -cq,O 5cq -do,O 5cq -e2,O 5cg -em,O 5cg -fa,O 5cg -fu,O 5cg -gi,O 5cg -h6,O 5cg -i4,O 5cg -io,O 5cg -jm,O 5cg -ka,O 5cg -ka,O 5cg -ku,O 5c6 -li,O 5c6 -m6,T 53e -fa,T 53o -fa,T 53e -fk,B 5mq -k 90,B 1s0 -18 b,B 1r2 -18 m,B 1rm -u b,B 1rc -18 r,B 1rm -a b8

plz report anybugs...and tell if there is a improvement needed...and ill update the track hopefully every post if i do. UPDATED: OCTOBER 23 9:05 AM

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