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I'll posts of results of dumb quizzes I take.

Which “Doctor Who” Companion Are You?

You got: Mickey Smith!
It might have taken you a while to find your own path, but now that you’re on it, you’re basically unstoppable. Also you’re really handy with big yellow trucks.
Which Historical Conqueror Are You?

You got: William the Conqueror
First of all, your name has the word “conqueror” in it. That rules. You obviously know what it takes to get want you want. You are willing to work hard to succeed, and once success is achieved, you work even harder to maintain it. No one ever became a “Conqueror” by being lazy.
Should You Actually Live In Los Angeles Or New York City?

You got: Los Angeles
You should live in Los Angeles, the city of angels. You are *so* made for Hollywood that you have a star on the Walk of Fame in your future. Break out your sunscreen because there’s only beaches and margaritas in your future. Move ASAP, these juices won’t drink themselves.

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