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I have been recruited to the army, as any 18 year man and women has to do in Israel. its not a bad thing, i am very happy doing so! I am quite a liberal {not the hating everything kind, the accepting type, pro gays, pro abortions, pro open minds}, which say i love to argue about anything, politics, history, whatever topic i can find a parthner! Huge fan of total war! every single one of them! -Cant wait for the new Rome II total war-! GOT IT! IM SO HAPPY!!!!! ask me about Israel! ill gladly argue/chat with you about anything ideaoligy for gaming - its worth a try if you cant do it in real life. so good bye sport games {most of them. im not a big fan of fifa}! hello RPGs and startegy games {last one is at least for now. muwawawawa!} Thank you justin {the admin peoples! you sick sick peopels. very sad}! thank you for helping me get this account back! Im a Corporal now! Salute!

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