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So I have been looking around on Skitguys and saw this video. And I thought wow that is so inspriring!so I decided I want everyone to see it. Karen's story ______________________________________ ________________________________________ Wanna get to the bottom quick?click here. Connecting my generation to Christ! My fellow christians! I have founded a clan called "Armor of God". Purpose of the clan: 1 To bring Christians together. 2 To be able to play games together as a community. 3 To share our faith to others. There is me the Clan President, and the Christian Council. The Christian council is made up of six people. They Will vote on what we will be doing and I determine wether to approve or not. We will have some Bible study and prayer requests posted. Contests and events are coming soon. Be sure to check the anouncements weekly. I'm going to put this here since most of you will probably miss it if I put it somewhere else. Joe96 decided to make a website so that we could all get together, check for anouncements, etc. So look at our new Armor of God clan website! ________________________________________ Our ranking system(Finally got this finished): Clan President second in command Vice president Third in command: Christian council (the Pastor is not really a rank, it is a title. This is given to those who are most inteligent when it comes to the Bible, and Jesus Christ) Pastor, Bishop, or ... (again this is a title. The librarian is someone who provides a ton of information posted on his about page that supports God, helps fellow christians to win an argument, shows other christian sites, etc. The information) Librarian (A seeker is someone who seeks other christians and convinces them to join our clan.) Seeker (stars have been ridden of) -Saint (Highest ranking member) -Hand of God -The Blessed* -Veteran Missionary -Missionary -Warrior of God -Philanthropist* -The Activist* -Christ's Soldier -Disciple -Devoted believer *Name Change/replacement It is the Christian council's job to promote members to another rank. To get promoted you need to join in activities, express your faith, giving good points in threads, etc. Just attending these threads or activities won't emmediatly give you a promotion so be patient. _______________________________________ Our clan logo: ___________________ | \ HOLY BIBLE \ | | \ _ \ | \ \ _| |_ \ | |\ \ |_ _| \ | | \ \ | | \ | | \ \ |_| \ | | \ \ \ | | \ \ \ | | \ \_________________ \ | | \ / -- _ - ___ / | | \/__________________/ | Armor of God Christian Clan Logo By Jake297 Clan President: Deathbewithyou Established in 02/20/2012 _______________________________________ Ephesian 6 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 11. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]. 13. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. 14. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; 15. And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16. Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. 17. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: _______________________________________ Clan founder/President: deathbewithyou Vice President: Joe96: Activist/seeker Council: macfan1:Christ's Soldier/Seeker, blk2860: Christ's Soldier, 44Flames disciple ShinyCowBeast: disciple Members: KatPryde: Christ's Soldier, pkprince78: Disciple gamer1111111: disciple/ seeker trakds: disciple ibrahimelias: devoted believer FreeCake172: devoted believer iamsuperawesome: devoted believer Faunbard: devoted believer murasaki9: devoted believer Mike870 devoted believer soldierperson: devoted believer jsalmeron: devoted believer matrixdiscoking: Disciple AfterBurner0 disciple StormDragon: devoted believer ponyo97: devoted believer nekosensei: devoted believer LadyofShallot: Devoted Believer FrozneChaos: devoted believer Tobisper: Devoted Believer phycticpotato: devoted believer wolfboystev693: Devoted believer NarutoAwesomeness28: Devoted believer thepyro222: Devoted believer hersheykissxoxo: Devoted believer botx1x: devoted believer Population:32 Last updated: 5/18/12 I'll fix this up later. Maverick4 He decided to leave, but I still going to leave a link because he has some interesting stuff on his bio that you should look at. If you want to see the updated please click here ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Announcements and activities for the clan: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Every Friday at 2:00PM and 6:00PM and saturday at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM is game day! Come to the chosen game that the council or President has chosen for the entire clan to play! The rooms name is always AoGcc so be sure to look for that. Also the code will be the same as the room name! ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Recently Joe made a website on wiki about Armor of God clan It still needs a few tweaks but it should make things easier. Please check it frequently as it is updated well frequently. Look at this tooMember created content We need our clan to grow. So go out there and gather any christian willing to join. Could the Council please let me know if I should promote a person? That would really be helpful. The Christian council needs to have meetings at least once a week. We need to keep each other in the loop. All members are required to set up our clan logo on their about page. ________________________________________ If you have ideas for activities or prayer requests or anything important the clan should know/do, please let me or any member of the Christian council know. When giving prayer requests, please be specific. Don't mentioning the person's or persons' name, but be specific. ________________________________________ If your an immigrant or a child of an immigrant, please give your immigrants thoughts and history on America ________________________________________ Have you ever done something dumb? Place it here. ________________________________________ say what you think aboutHeaven and hell. Also Look at christianity and atheism ________________________________________ If there are any good Christian movies or books please share with the clan. I figured we all ought to play at The Last Castle sometime. Of course only three can play together, but we can all go play there. Please give a possible time. I also checked out Exit path 2. We should try getting together there. Shellshock live is also a good place to group together. Just so people know my timeline is central time. So that people won't get mixed up with my time. ________________________________________ Please send me some advice on what I should talk aout in the bible that would be really helpful. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Prayer list: Just look at this link for prayer requests. Prayer list ________________________________________ Good Christian Novels or movies: (Movies): FireProof Courageous The Chronicles of Narnia (Novels) 'Dragons in Our Midst' series, by Bryan Davis. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. ________________________________________ -------††††-------Please -------††††-------Place -------††††-------This ††††††††††††Cross ††††††††††††On -------††††-------Your -------††††-------Profile -------††††-------To Show -------††††-------That You -------††††-------Believe -------††††------In JESUS! ______________________________________ deathbewithyou says: says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says says... Kindof becomes annoying doesn't it? _______________________________________ Hey death! Where are you? Some of you may be wondering where I have been. Well I was busy with vbs, then I started playing on live, and.... I am trying to write a novel. It is supposed to be some christian book with lots of fantasy and anthro creatures in it. Why? Because I'm weird. So... I think you should look at some of my work. I won't show you the first chapter because it is a bit sloppy so just look at the second one. And no you have missed nothing about this mans life. Chapter 2 Selling the soul One Month after the fatal incident: In Memphis there is a place called voodoo village that is said to be haunted. It is a place filled with superstitious people and rumored to even have some who practice witchcraft. There is one such person who is thought of as just another superstitious person who is strong in the dark arts. Sasha Belome has kept her true identity from the world for years. The only people who know she is a witch in this world are the people she does business with; and that ‘business’ is taking a person’s soul in return for things such as money, power, revenge, and outstanding abilities. Belome is thought of as a potential asset to the demons as she is very successful in convincing people to give them their souls. Such is the devils pleasure when he receives a soul and watches it scream and beg for death in the lake of fire. Today was just another day of business for Sasha; a customer was coming to her home with a desire for vengeance. The costumer’s name was Ward Kallen, a man who lost his wife and children to a gang called the Man Rays. He was in his thirties, 5’4, hasn’t shaved for a while, he has blonde hair and blue eyes, a brown jacket and blue jeans. He stood on Sasha’s porch holding and stroking his bright brown and white cat thinking of whether or not to give his soul away. It is a choice that people cannot turn back from and will come with great consequences. While he was thinking, he observed the items on the porch. It was rather normal for a witch’s porch, but then again she wants it to look rather normal. The porch contained a few chimes, a rocking chair, some superstitious items meant to keep evil spirits away, and an end table probably meant for reading. “Oh Fluffy,” said the troubled man. “I don’t know what to do anymore. What should I do? Would my wife want me to do this?” Fluffy responded with a meow and purred as Ward stroked his fur. Ward sighed, “You’re right Fluffy. She wouldn’t want me to do this. It’s just that… I want some justice.” Fluffy meowed again at his master. Sighing, Ward turned around and began to walk down the steps. Before he took one step however, the door to the house suddenly began to open. It gave an eerie creak as it slowly opened and Sasha was standing at the door. She wore business clothing, which seemed odd for what most people would visualize what a witch would wear, but to make things seem more weird she also had a scarf rapped around her face only showing her green eyes. “Good evening mister Kallen.” She said. “Won’t you come in?” “Well I don’t think this is such a good idea.” Kallen said, his heart beating faster than usual. “Nonsense,” Said Sasha. “If you don’t do this you may never have your murderers brought to justice. Please come in.” Ward scratched his head while holding Fluffy, the cat meowed at him seeming to plead him not to go in that accursed house. Ward exhaled. “Very well, let’s get on with it.” Sasha smiled under her scarf and welcomed him in. Before Ward could make it inside however, Fluffy began to his at the witch. He scratched Ward, jumped off of him and ran away. “Don not chase after him.” She said before Ward could pursue Fluffy. “He will come back after you are done.” Ward hesitated for a few seconds then he continued inside. Now the inside seemed pretty normal minus all the superstitious things set up. There was a dining room on the Wards right that had a chandelier an oval shaped wooden table with a set of fake flowers in the middle. The kitchen was next to the dining room; Ward could see glass cabinet doors showing the contents. The room to the left seemed to be the living room. Obviously the living room had a TV in there and some books about getting rid of evil spirits. In front of Ward was stairs and a hallway, Sasha was leading him through the hallway until they stopped at what Ward thought was a normal green wall. “Stand back please.” She said. Ward did as she ordered and stood opposite to the wall. Sasha’s hand began to glow and she waved it across the wall. Glowing red Hebrew letters appeared on the wall and suddenly a door appeared before Sasha and Ward. Sasha opened the door and motioned Ward to follow. Inside the enigmatic room there were numerous amounts of books containing black magic stacked up on book shelves, ‘special’ ingredients placed in cabinets, chalk and candles, a pot over an actual fire place, and everything else that has to do with witchcraft. In the center of the room was a a circle containing many strange symbols. Sasha stood on the on one of the circle, “I would like you to stand on the other side of this circle for me.” Ward hesitated for a second and took a few breaths, ‘This is it’ he thought. ‘no turning back now’ finally he did as she told him. Sasha began to chant making the circle begin to glow. A few seconds later, a portal appeared and a stunning male angel appeared. His hair was golden, his eyes as blue as the sea, his face was so exquisite people would fall down and worship him. His wings hanged proudly upon his back. The demon looked nothing like what most people “What?” Said Ward in disbelief. “This isn’t a demon! This is an angel!” “I am Kotan, a fallen angel Mister Kallen.” Said the Demon calmly. “Despite what many people believe, we do not have horns or a tail. If we did, we would have a little trouble in collecting souls. Now correct me if I am wrong, but are we not here for important business?” Still looking in disbelief Ward just stood there unable to wrap his head around what he was seeing. After all, people have always showed images of demons having horns, a spiked tail, and a trident. After what seemed about two minutes, Ward realized he hadn’t been breathing. He immediately began gasping for air and finally returned to reality. “Well?” Said the fallen angel impatiently. “Are we going to strike a deal or not? What is it you would like? Wealth, fame, power? The ability to eat hotdogs at lightning fast speed?” “Well sir, as interesting as that seams I want something else.” Ward said, his voice sounding very nervous. “Ahem. I want to have the Gang called the Man Rays be brought to justice. I want them gone. Terminated.” “Is that all?” The demon said. “Remember to choose your words carefully mortal. I will destroy them all.” Ward Kallen straightened up and gave a serious face, “That is exactly what I want! I want them dead!” “Very well. Remember you have to be willing to give your soul to me mortal. Otherwise I cannot retrieve it from you.” The fallen angel stood there for a second unmoving and then he said; “Now for what you paid for!” Suddenly the demon began to enter through Ward’s mouth. It was frightening to say the least, seeing a demon enter his body. A chill would go down a man’s spine seeing a creature make its way inside a person. A chill would come down a man’s spine hearing the slurps and gurgles as the demon edged its way in. The demon was now inside Wards body. Ward was possessed. Shrill laughter entered the room as the now possessed Ward began to leave the house. “Now then! Time for revenge!” Outside of Sasha’s home, Fluffy sat under an oak tree waiting faithfully for his master. He watched the door intently in hopes that his master will come out unharmed. He became ecstatic when his master appeared through the doorway. Fluffy swiftly ran toward his master unable to contain his glee. Oh how happy he was to see his master well. Oh how happy to see him. Oh—he stopped. Something was terribly wrong. A terrible aura enveloped Ward. Fluffy knew that this was no longer his master, but a force of great evil. Ward looked at Fluffy and gave a malicious grin. He lifted his hand and moved it as if to grab something. Fluffy could feel an invisible hand wrap around his body, he was then being lifted up. The cat hissed at his master, now a slave for the devils dirty work. “I know who you are!” Said Ward, hate filled in his eyes. “I should kill you now for what you have done. However, there is something I must do and you will have to live for a bit longer.” Ward burst out in a horrible, evil, and maddening laugh. He threw poor fluffy into an oak tree so hard a big dent was left on the side. Ward then left to take his revenge on the ones who had killed his family. ______________________________________ I am a baptist. My beliefs are diffrent from your beliefs. God sacrificed his own son to die on the cross for our sins and whosoever believes in him should not parish, but have ever lasting life. Admit Believe Confess Admit to God that you are a sinner, Believe that Jesus is God's son, and Confess Jesus as your savior and lord. Thus you Serve him for the rest of your days and will see him in heaven in your second life. ______________________________________ Random quotes !He who chooses not to learn from his mistakes is a fool. He who chooses to learn from his mistakes is wise. He who chooses to do both is just plain crazy! The unfortunate truth in life: It is easy to find christians, but it is hard to find ones devoted to Christ. _____________________________________ _______________________________________ These are my lessons. Just so you know i'm not used to this yet so please let me know if I made any mistakes. _______________________________________ II Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. This means that every word in the bible is true. _______________________________________ _______________________________________ I______________________________________ Check these out! The Skit guys on Prayer I would like to encourage everyone to invite a friend to church. Invite 2 Never be a bad babysitter. Bad babysitter Christian music epic! Otherside God's not Dead For more please see AoG-Media We Like I like this site. Do you like anime? I do to0. Check out animehere(note: please let your parents know what you are watching, some content may not be good.) I'm homeschooled. But some of you people think about us homeschoolers that are not true. So check this out Illegal everything _______________________________________ How to make a link: url=SITE URL HERE SITE NAME HERE [/url] the[ ] goes between url =site url here ______________________________________ Hello i'm active most days so please feel free to ask me something. most of the time i'll be in bed by 10. I go to church on wednesday nights and got to church during sunday morning from 9 to 12 and at night from 5 to 7. ___________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ AAAAAAaaaaannnnnnnnnddddddd...... We're goin up!

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