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I am a massive fan of boxing, MMA and most other fighting sports including Muay Thai, Wrestling (Real Wrestling not the BS we call WWE) and BJJ etc.

Being a big fan of fighting sports got me into them from a young age-

Since 8 years old I have been boxing. When I was 13 years old I was the Novice Champion of my weight class, I retained these titles up to Intermediate then Elite. I was Welterweight Amateur World Champion at the age of 18.
I trained in the police academy for 2 years and learned Judo and Sambo for personal defense. I am now a brown belt in Judo and unranked in Sambo.
I went professional boxing for the police at 21 years of age, since then I have made a record of 23-3-0. But when I was 21 in my 4th professional fight I was approached by a low down MMA fighter who offered me a chance to start MMA.
I couldn't refuse this offer so 3 weeks later I was training in MMA as well as Boxing since then I have gained a record of 11-5-0.

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