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Welcome to my profile! This site is a belonging of Devansh Asthana.Did you Like it?Yes or No?In this profile most things are  created by my friends Like:Graphics by Thomas5.Font by Mikacinikac(My best friend)

Note:If you see your armatar in my friends section at the top,it is not that I added you now but to push you up.

Knight images are back!
My best friends!(In Devansh's section)


Table of Contents(For now)
Devansh's section
Armor News

Hi,Welcome to my profile!Here I will be posting about me.



Yeah,my armatar is one of a kind.I kind of feel lucky to find it.After all,only some people on this site have one of a kind armatars!



1.The best ferret on AG!
2.The best halloween pumpkin on AG!
3.Video games
4.Armor Games and AGMOT forums.
5.Nich's Thread
6. Matt's Comics


3.Mean guys


My best friends!

Ferret-The best administrator on AG.My proud moment with him was that he gifted me the Crush the Castle Adventures launchers for a reason I won't tell.His post was the first post on my profile.

Raze-One of my 2 bestest friends on AG.He is a very good friend and supporter.

Mikacinikac-A great friend on AG,another one of my bestest friends.Do you know that Mikac has the third post on my profile?

Leader Blackbeltr0-He is a great general of AGMOT clan.AGMOT is a team that helps AG.I help AGMOT in any way possible.

MysterDuck(Darko)-A special friend on AG,I can't stop thinking about him,he left AG for a reason I don't know.He supported me,helped me to earn quests!(Come on,which friend helps you to earn quests)That's why he is special!

Adrenaline6-He is a good friend on AG,now inactive.The 2nd post on my profile was his!

Thomas5-The Ultimate profile HTML master of AG.Always ready to help me with problems related to HTML.


Well,please now read my Armor news!

Big annoncement:

Devoidless has been de-modded, and normal users are currently discussing it here. The mods and admins have decided not to be part of that discussion, but instead to have a private discussion first.

Armor News

A new knighting system has been added,it was given to old mods but now it is given by contributing to the Kingdom by helping other users in need, supporting the Moderators / Admins and being an example to other members of the kingdom by displaying chivalry and respect.

Knight Powers:
1.Purple text
2.Awesome armatars
3.A silver periemeter and a knight badge for their armatars.
4.Free mobile games of AG

From an anonymous site,the thing we all have been waiting for!The secret knight Armatars!

Features added on December 6, 2013:

- rerating added
- improved "last seen" feature
- PSN replaces PS3
- bug fixes related to forum posting and news
- a Knighting system that will be explained later

Feature added on January 6, 2014:

- Hero Board added (a leaderboard for quests)

Features added on January 10, 2014:

- Knights added. This will be elaborated in the new Knight Powers section.
- Bug fixes related to long usernames. This includes a hover for the full username in the forums.
- "Gameshares" stats added with real-time updates as well as a sliding time window that ensures that they stay for 24 hours.
- Highscore overhaul
- Typo fixed related to MMOs
- Bug fixes related to @(username) and moderation.
- A beta commenting system has been implemented on the following games: Colony, Crush the Castle 2: Players Pack, and Building Rush

Features added on February 7, 2014:

- Added rating to MMOs, but the rating system is different
- Added account deletion
- Re-organized tags, including a bug fix
- Bug fixes related to @ and post stacking
- Added presence to friends as well as a bug fix related to friends

Features added on March 7, 2014:

- Changed the rating system
- Added sorting options to friends
- Fixed typos on game titles
- Added the online/offline dot to the forums
- Fixed forum bugs related to empty/ghost pages

Thank you!My about is edited daily!

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