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My name is Devin as you can probably tell from my name. I hav three cats and a bird. My bird gets sooo friggen annoying sometimes, i wana bite its head off. On the contrary, my cats are calm and cool. There is not much to me, but i like ArmorGames and my fave game is Free Rider 2!

If anyone out there plays runescape then add me, my name is makoto man99. also i have another character, mr eggman6. so if you find yourself logging on, then add me! If you dont play Runescape then try it out by follwing this link to the Runescape Website.

i am also a current member of Youtube Accounts. If you would like to look me up click here, so either befriend me or suscribe!

Currently my favorite song is called "Where is the Love" by Black Eyed Peas. I know its an old song, but i still love it...

Also a few other of my favorite songs...

"The Call"
"Portal Song"
"Don't Stop Belivin' "
"Dead and Gone"

If you would like to see some really cool Free Rider tracks then visit my best friend's page but PLEASE do not comment on his page, his tracks are only there for you to see an enjoy, comment on his other account.

I am a member of the Twitter Group so follow me.

I am completely obsessed with the show Heroes, so watch some of those videos.

Great Quotes:

"Tough times never last, tough people do." -John Salley
"Practice makes perfect, but no one is perfect, so why practice?"

3) D0NT GET MAD (L0OK AT #15)
5) FIRST (L0OK AT #2)
12) S0RRY (L0OK AT #8 )

90% of teens would cry if the jonas brothers were on the empire state building about to jump, if your in the 10% who would grab a chair n some popcorn n yell " jump fa*gots jump" post this in ur profile!...

Read this out loud:
This is this cat
This is is cat
This is how cat
This is to cat
This is keep cat
This is an cat
This is idiot cat
This is busy cat
This is for cat
This is forty cat
This is seconds cat
Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the start.

-I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

-fi yuo cna raed tihs, palce it in yuor porfiel-

Chuck Norris jokes:

There is no 'ctrl' button on Chuck Norris's computer. Chuck Norris is always in control.

Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open.
Chuck Norris can eat just one Lay's potato chip.

Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

When Chuck Norris was denied an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's because it was 10:35, he roundhouse kicked the store so hard it became a Wendy's.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could Chuck Norris? ...All of it.

Chuck Norris doesn't actually write books, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

Chuck Norris CAN believe it's not butter.

Chuck Norris can divide by zero.

Chuck Norris doesnt shave; he kicks himself in the face. The only thing that can cut Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris always knows the EXACT location of Carmen SanDiego.

When taking the SAT, write "Chuck Norris" for every answer. You will score over 8000.

Chuck Norris invented black. In fact, he invented the entire spectrum of visible light. Except pink. Tom Cruise invented pink.

Chuck Norris has the greatest Poker-Face of all time. He won the 1983 World Series of Poker, despite holding only a Joker, a Get out of Jail Free Monopoloy card, a 2 of clubs, 7 of spades and a green #4 card from the game UNO.

On his birthday, Chuck Norris randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.

In the beginning there was nothing...then Chuck Norris Roundhouse kicked that nothing in the face and said "Get a job". That is the story of the universe.

Chuck Norris grinds his coffee with his teeth and boils the water with his own rage.

Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.

Chuck Norris and Mr. T walked into a bar. The bar was instantly destroyed, as that level of awesome cannot be contained in one building.

If you Google search "Chuck Norris getting his butt kicked" you will generate zero results. It just doesn't happen.

Chuck Norris doesn't bowl strikes, he just knocks down one pin and the other nine faint.

The show Survivor had the original premise of putting people on an island with Chuck Norris. There were no survivors, and nobody is brave enough to go to the island to retrieve the footage.

It takes Chuck Norris 20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes.

There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma.

Chuck Norris doesn't believe in Germany.

When Chuck Norris is in a crowded area, he doesn't walk around people. He walks through them.

Chuck Norris can touch MC Hammer.

Thousands of years ago Chuck Norris came across a bear. It was so terrified that it fled north into the arctic. It was also so terrified that all of its decendents now have white hair.

Chuck Norris played Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun and won.

Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

Chuck Norris once worked as a weatherman for the San Diego evening news. Every night he would make the same forecast: Partly cloudy with a 75% chance of Pain.

Simply by pulling on both ends, Chuck Norris can stretch diamonds back into coal.

When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the Earth down.

Scotty in Star Trek often says "Ye cannae change the laws of physics." This is untrue. Chuck Norris can change the laws of physics. With his fists.

Chuck Norris doesn't stub his toes. He accidentally destroys chairs, bedframes, and sidewalks

Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks don't really kill people. They wipe out their entire existence from the space-time continuum.

Chuck Norris does not own a stove, oven, or microwave , because revenge is a dish best served cold.

Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.
Chuck Norris built a better mousetrap, but the world was too frightened to beat a path to his door.

Hellen Keller's favorite color is Chuck Norris

The crossing lights in Chuck Norris's home town say "Die slowly" and "die quickly". They each have a picture of Chuck Norris punching or kicking a pedestrian.

Superman once watched an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. He then cried himself to sleep.

Chuck Norris doesn't step on toes. Chuck Norris steps on necks.

Chuck Norris did in fact, build Rome in a day.

Chuck Norris is the only person in the world that can actually email a roundhouse kick.

Chuck Norris can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.

If at first you don't succeed, you're not Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris can judge a book by its cover.

Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into the Hulk. When the Hulk gets mad, he turns into Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.
If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris you may be only seconds away from death.
Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck roundhouse kicked the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month.
When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris built a time machine and went back in time to stop the JFK assassination. As Oswald shot, Chuck Norris met all three bullets with his beard, deflecting them. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.
Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.
They once made a Chuck Norris toilet paper, but it wouldn't take shit from anybody.
A blind man once stepped on Chuck Norris' shoe. Chuck replied, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Chuck Norris!" The mere mention of his name cured this man blindness. Sadly the first, last, and only thing this man ever saw, was a fatal roundhouse delivered by Chuck Norris.

Things i would like to accomplish in Armor Games:
1. get wooden serf [x]
2. get iron serf [x]
3. get golden serf [x]
4. get wooden squire [x]
5. get iron squire [x]
6. get golden squire [x]
7. get wooden knight [ ]
8. get iron knight [ ]
9. get golden knight [ ]
10. get wooden lord [ ]
11. get iron lord [ ]
11. get golden lord [ ]
12. get wooden duke [ ]
13. get iron duke [ ]
14. get golden duke [ ]
15. get wooden prince [ ]
16. get iron prince [ ]
17. get golden prince [ ]
18. get wooden king [ ]
19. get iron king [ ]
20. get golden king [ ]
21. get in the top 10,000 [x]
22. get in top 1,000 [ ]
23. get in the top 100 [ ]
24. get in the top 10 [ ]

/ `---___________----_____|]
), ---.(_(__) /
// (..) ), ----"

-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------In Jesus


_______*/• .|________
______*(.•_ )________
_______ .|¯|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
_______ .|=|_________
____\ ######### //____

..….…..…..…. ....|�-�|

-----------------------/ \-------------------
-----------------------| |--------------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |------------------
-----------------------| |----------------
-----------------------| |------------------
-----------------------| |----------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |---------------
-----------------------| |------------------
-----------------------| |----------------
-----------------------| |-----------------
----------------------/ /\ \----------------
----------------------| | | |---------------
----------------|\-----\ \/ /----/|-----------
----------------| \----{ }----/ |-------------
----------------\ \__| |__/ /-----------
----------------- \___ 0 ___/-------------
----------------------| { |----------------
----------------------| } |-----------------
----------------------| { |----------------
----------------------| } |----------------
----------------------| { |---------------

-----------------------/ \-------------------
-----------------------| |--------------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |------------------
-----------------------| |----------------
-----------------------| |------------------
-----------------------| |----------------
-----------------------| |-------------------
-----------------------| |---------------
-----------------------| |------------------
-----------------------| |----------------
-----------------------| |-----------------
----------------------/ /\ \----------------
----------------------| | | |---------------
----------------|\-----\ \/ /----/|-----------
----------------| \----{ }----/ |-------------
----------------\ \__| |__/ /-----------
-----------------\___ 0 ___/-------------
----------------------| { |----------------
----------------------| } |-----------------
----------------------| { |----------------
----------------------| } |----------------
----------------------| { |---------------

------------------/ | |--------------
------------------| / /------------------
------------------|/ / |-----------------
-----------------/ / |---------------
-----------------\| |----------------
------------------| |-------------
------------------| |\-------------
------------------| | |------------
------------------| / /--------------
------------------| / /|--------------
----------------_|/ / |_------------
---------------{^~ ^ ~^}----------
-----------------\ ~|~ /------------
------------------| | |--------------
------------------| | |-------------
------------------\ _ /--------------


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( U )

(\ /)
( *.*)


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/U U\
/(") (")\

( x_x)
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( o0 )

( 0 --)


( >.O)

^ ^
I I______I I
/ 0 0 \
I o I
( \_______/ )
( UU )

*My Bunny Collection*

my unicycle track REALLY sweet!
-18 1i 18 1i 4m 1i au 26 jm 5k 2la 1j8 2m8 1ji 2n0 1k3,1s 3cim 1s 3cks,2j4 1hm 2j4 1hc 2iq 1hc,35s 26a 3jk 2ig 404 2nq 4gc 2v0 4u4 31g,4ke 26k 6k6 1bo,-18 1i -18 u,26 k 26 -k 1s -j 25 -h 1u -g 25 -g 1v -c 26 -c 1v -7 25 -6 1t -3,26 -k 2g -k 2g k 26 k,2q -1s 1s -1s 26 -1i,1s -1s 26 -26,-26 -2q 3o -2q,-27 -2q -2n -2c -3c -1l,3o -2p 2h -j,26 -j 39 -2i -25 -2j -2i -27 -33 -1i -3c -1l,26 l -4 l,-3 l -17 l -18 11,3eq 2ej 3os 2m8,3fb 2fh 3qr 2mq,3ft 2gf 3uq 2o7,3g9 2h1 450 2q5,3og 2l3 3gc 2g5 3po 2li,4dj 2tr 4n1 316,6ko 1dd 77l 1db,77f 1da 7kr 1d8,7ko 1d6 7q4 1e4 80h 1f5,1u -3 24 1 1v 4 25 6 20 d 25 d 21 h 25 i 21 j 25 l,23 -j 1v -p 25 -n 1u -v 2c -p,2b -q 27 -17 2g -12 2g -1j 2l -1d 2l -1s 2r -1p,2q -1q 2p -25 33 -26 33 -2i 2g -2b 2b -2l,29 -2l 1v -2b 1q -2j 1j -26 17 -2j,16 -2k 15 -26,14 -28 u -2j m -27,l -29 c -2k c -28,a -28 -7 -2g,-a -2j -c -29 -r -2l,-r -2k -t -2a -1j -2g -1j -26 -24 -2j -23 -23,-26 -24 -2h -28 -2e -1u -2n -1u -2p -1o -36 -1r -2v -1i -36 -1n##B 77f 1cn 61,B 77a 1cl 6f,B 76m 1cl 5q,B 767 1cl 5s,B 75e 1cl 5k,B 74s 1cv 5k,B 74v 1cg 6f,B 74d 1ci 61,B 743 1cl 5k,B 738 1cn 4m,B 727 1cl 5k,B 71o 1cn 5r,B 70q 1cl 3l,B 70e 1cd 5k,B 6v8 1ci 63,B 6ua 1cq 56,B 6tp 1ci 5c,B 6th 1cg 59,B 6so 1cd 5k,B 6s7 1cn 5k,B 6rm 1c3 5k,B 3j1 2hg 2q,B 3ii 2h3 2q,B 67m 1hf 4p,B 68m 1gh 4i,B 66t 1gr 4k,B 65g 1hs 59,B 6qv 1ch 5k,B 6pv 1cm 5k,B 6op 1d0 5k,B 6lv 1d3 5k,B 6oi 1cp 5k,B 6nr 1cf 5k,B 6n7 1cm 59,B 6mr 1cc 5k,B 6lv 1cc 5k,B 6le 1bt 5k,B 6ks 1be 5t,G 4vd 31l 1,G 4ug 31j 1,B 4d0 2t5 15,B 4b4 2s4 28,B 49n 2rq 1n,B 47m 2qs 2i,B 46e 2q1 24,B 44i 2pf 1v,B 43a 2or 1k,B 427 2oa 19,B 3me 2j7 n,B 3lq 2j0 n,B 3l3 2ij g,G 6kc 1c2 5k,B 6ae 1fv 4e,B 657 1ii 4k,B 63q 1ik 47,B 636 1jn 4h,B 620 1js 4a,B 61c 1ke 48,B 5vj 1ko 4b,B 5u1 1lc 49,B 5sr 1m7 4d,B 5r4 1n5 44,B 5ql 1nu 4g,B 5kv 1q2 3p,B 5pq 1od 7f,B 5ok 1ol 49,B 5mo 1oq 3f,B 5kn 1oi 46,B 5jd 1pt 3q,B 5i0 1qm 4f,B 5gg 1q2 4d,B 5fi 1r2 4f,B 5ed 1sf 4i,B 5cr 1t3 3e,B 5b1 1ts 3q,B 59k 1ue 42,B 2fm 1f6 3l,B 23q 16e 47

-18 1i 18 1i,3u i9 3p j9 33 j1,14 po 19 qi 4 qm,-2c 17s -1g 17u -1c 176,-4a 1l8 -3r 1lh -37 1la,-9l 2fa -8g 2m4,-3u 307 -3b 305,-38 3lv -2v 3mc,-2s 3mc -2b 3mc,bh 487 kc 4to,cd 47p cd 47s,co 47v la 4td,mp 54t 12r 642,nj 54o 14h 663,12p 641 13b 65r 13n 66s 13n 67i 13n 681,13n 67v 13l 692,13l 694 13i 6a0 133 6au,131 6b0 11r 6c3,14e 662 14l 67l 14m 68g,14m 68j 14j 69m,14h 69m 13q 6bd 125 6cs,jp 6ns n7 6rj,12k 7od it 8a2,13k 7ov jc 8aq,je 892 jb 892,jq 88l b9 8mg,iv 889 a5 8m9,25 9dq 1n 9e9,1k 9e9 12 9ec,-cr bch -cm bcp -ct bd0 -dc bd8,-de bd8 -dp bd3,-dp bd1 -dt bcs,-f0 btn -ed bu4 -d5 bte,-42 c2c 68 d6p,-50 c2p 5d d7e,6k d91 bg dqa,5n d9b au dq9,aq dq9 b1 dsf,b1 dsg b4 du7 be dve bt e10,be dq7 bv dsp,bv dss c7 du2 cr e0f dn e31,bq e0v ct e3r,rh fr5 rp frs t8 fr8,ak ek3 mp f5i 120 eh7,fq el7 rj el2,rj el4 rj elr fo em0 fn el7,q4 el2 q4 eju,pd ej0 pg ejq qm ejv qm eim pd eir,pi ej0 pi ej5,pi ej0 pq eis,q2 eiu pv ej6,ps eip pv eip,q9 ej0 q9 eji,q9 ej1 qj ej1 qb ej6,pg ej8 pj ej8,po ejd ps ejf,pv ejf q7 ejg,ps ekv ps eju,fo elh rm elg#-7t 1br -68 1hk,j 1ce -5n 1i8,-5a 1im -4r 1jg,-9k 1e6 -3l 1jk,2s 1d8 -8b 1m5,-ep 1ct -6b 1mt,-dd bd8 -dh bdi,-da bda -d8 bdn,-d0 bd3 -co bdn,-d7 bd3 -d7 bdi,-cr bcs -c5 bdl,-cm bcm -cc bda,-dr bcu -eb bdf,-dm bd6 -eb bdp,3s i8 39 iu,2 qm 10 pq,-2d 17s -1n 18e -o 18d -e 168 -1t 165 -1e 178 -2a 17q,-3r 1le -3r 1jn,-48 1l6 -3t 1kq,-39 1l8 -3r 1kn,-30 3ma -3l 3mv -36 3m0,-3i 3mu -2f 3md,nm 550 np 573,np 57d oq 589 ok 59t q7 5bn ra 5gi tq 5lf,tq 5lg tn 5n6 ur 5nr uv 5o9 uh 5pd,ul 5pd 103 5r5,103 5rc 105 5tb 11g 5uo 11d 60k 12q 61a 12i 637 13c 63f,136 63k n2 54g,jm 6nt ng 6ld qa 6oo,qb 6oo nb 6rg,l3 6pc mj 6o0 o2 6pa m9 6qg,m9 6pa m9 6pf,-42 9dt -bb 9t7,2s 9dh -48 9u0 -7o a38,-8h 9vo -d2 a3f,-67 a0b -d0 a44,-cr 9qv -fv a3f,-11 9rg -4n a4a,-68 a60 -9h aer,-d9 aci -gn aft,-li a9t -md ajc,-hq afe -kf ant,-cl akf -eg ars -bn aqa,-4t alk -ci atj,-fr aq5 -o9 b4g,-dn avg -hf b5f,-nv atg -r7 b3b,-sf b03 -rd b87,-c7 b03 -ii b87,-jg b34 -mh ba2 -ec bci,-gn bdd -cg bah,-dk b3b -f1 bbt,-bj b5o -ht 9tt,-9i 2f6 e 2fo 9 2kd,g 2kb 3h 2l2 o 2m9 d 2on -8e 2m2,-43 2fq -6n 2me b 2n8 -9s 2f3,-9n 2fb -ad 2fe -98 2mk -8f 2m2,-ad 2fg -ed 2he,-ed 2hk -es 2nf,-es 2nh -dt 2nr -98 2mf,-9s 2f9 -a8 2ed -ei 2h4 -eh 2hr,-e0 2is -dt 2kv,-dr 2kv -da 2k6 -cv 2ke -cr 2hu,-c9 2kd -c9 2ji,-c9 2ih -c9 2j0,-bg 2k8 -be 2iu,-be 2i0 -be 2ii,g7 elr i8 el9 kc em0 ng el4 qi elp rk el0,gm ej4 fu elc,gh ej4 hp el0,gk ej8 gk efo,fp egu i3 eh8,h6 efb is ecf om ebt po edb,pp edd q5 efh h3 efb,j1 ed1 j1 edf,j1 ed1 jm ed1,jo ed1 jo edn,jo edi ii edg,k0 ed0 k2 edf,k2 ecn kk ecr,jt ed6 ke ed5,jv edd kh edf,l7 ecm kh edn,l2 ecr lm edp,li edk ka edi,lu ecs m3 ee9,ld ed1 m6 eck,mg ecs mn edv,ms ecp ms eds,ms eda mg edf,nq ecn ob ecr,ob ecs og ed5 o7 edf nl edq oo edq,ii ee6 ij eet jb efg ka efl,ka efh l5 ef6 l5 edu,ls ee6 ls ees,ls efb m3 efc#S gn efm,S gn efj,S gn efm,S gk efh,S gk efo,S gk efo,S gk efo,O gr efr,O gm efo,S go efo,B -8 1e bj,S 13b 63s,S 13d 644,S 13f 64j,S 13g 64m,S 13i 64t,S 13i 659,S 13k 65e,S 13l 65f,S 13n 65m,S 13n 65r,S 13q 667,S 13q 66h,S 13s 66k,S 13v 670,S 144 67a,S 144 67g,S 144 67p,S 144 681,S 144 68b,S 144 68g,S 144 68g,S 13u 68o,S 13q 692,S 13p 69g,S 13p 69t,S 13p 6a5,S 13p 6aa,S 13p 6af,S 13p 6am,S 13g 6at,S 138 6b0,S 130 6b2,S 12i 6ba,S 12c 6bi,S 12i 6bh,S 12m 6bf,S 127 6bu,S 120 6c3,S 11o 6ca

my BMX auto, i think i prefer autos!

yet another BMX auto...

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1k 3q 26,-10 1f -m 11,3l 23 54 3q 5a 3d,8g 55 7g 75 67 8l,29 a9 2r b2 3h b1,6p ed 7a ef 7d e3,81 js 8l k3,eb q8 kj 12n kr 12h,10m 199 lg 1fr lm 1f9,ii 1kj m8 1l4 lr 1ll hp 1kt i5 1ke il 1ko,lt 1l5 100 1kv,v9 1l0 113 1kq,142 1kr 17h 1k3,17h 1k5 1b5 1i2 1b9 1f8 198 1cv 16h 1bo 143 1d0 138 1ec 125 1hm,119 1lv 11c 1n7 12a 1mv,134 1pm 14o 1oh,119 1sf 11q 1sh,10r 27q vg 2jc v8 2jc,nt 3lg rg 3me,r8 3mg ro 3ma,114 3li o2 3tm o5 3t4,iv 3up 13k 4ko,13l 4km 13e 4k0,jb 4k0 gn 4pi,hi 4pi hf 4pi,m2 4dt le 4d7 kv 4e2,ls 4do m4 4e2,-jm -7g -jm -76 -jm -7g -jc -7q -j2 -7g -j2 -76 -jc -76 -j2 -6s -j2 -6i,-jm -76 -jc -6s -jc -6i,-jc -6s -jm -6s -jm -6i -jc -68 -j2 -6i,-jc -7g -jc -76,-jm -7g -jm -76,-i4 -68 -hq -7g -hg -68,-hg -6s -i4 -6s,-g8 -68 -fu -7g -fk -6s -fa -7g -f0 -6i,-ie -50 -ie -4c,-ie -50 -i4 -4c -i4 -50,-l8 -26 -l8 k,-l8 -24 -kk -24,-kh -24 -ka -24,-jp -1v -jk -1v,-jj -1v -jc -1o,-ja -1l -j0 -11 -ir -a,-ir -1 -ir 2 -iv 4,-j4 a -jk k,-jp k -k7 m,-kd m -lg j,-ih 2 -i7 2 -i1 2,-ht 2 -he 2,-hb 2 -h9 -3,-hb -6 -hq -f,-hs -f -i1 -f,-i7 -f -ie -b,-ig -a -ij -3,-ij -1 -ij 7,-ij a -ij h,-ir m -it p,-ij e -ij h,-ij j -ij m -i9 1c -i4 1c,-i2 1c -hl 1c,-hj 1c -hg 1c,-i2 -2t -fm 1u,-fm 21 -e7 -37,-e7 -39 -f8 -2v,-f8 -2t -fs 9,-fu 9 -gp -2v,-gq -2v -i7 -2t,-eh -p -dq -l -dv 2g,-dv 2k -f3 20 -eh -q,-e0 -2b -e9 -24,-ea -22 -ea -1q -ea -1e,-e9 -1e -e5 -1d,-e4 -1b -dr -1b,-dq -1b -do -1e -do -21 -do -27,-db -n -de 26,-db -i -d7 -k,-d1 -n -ct -n,-cs -n -cn -k -cn -a -cn c,-cn 13 -cn 1h,-cn 1m -cn 1s,-cn 20 -cn 2d,-co 7 -co 15,-hv -5d -hq -58 -ht -55,-ll -bo -lb -8d,-lm -bm -lm -bp,-kl -b9 -kt -ac,-lj -bm -ko -bm -kn -bh,-kn -ba -kn -b0,-kv -ag -l7 -ab -l1 -ab -lg -a6,-kq -a6 -kn -a4,-kj -a1 -kd -8g,-kg -8g -kj -8f -l9 -8b,-jv -9q -jb -8i,-ii -9j -kj -6o,-lg -a4 -ks -a2##T -8f -4m,B -7j -6b s4,B -7j -6b s4,B -8c -6a s4,B -90 -6a s4,B -8m -3j 11k,B -9q -3g nt,B -93 -3l 11o,B -82 -3j mk,B -74 -3j 10n,B -6o -47 10h,B -62 -4m 104,B -5v -5d uu,B -7a -6d td,B -9v -5a q1,B -a6 -50 pf,B -9k -5m pi,B -90 -6a qj,B -80 -6a rb,B -6e -6a sh,B -5q -5p ui,B -66 -52 v2,B -6c -4f vp,B -70 -3t 10i,B -7o -3g 11l,B -8h -36 mu,B -95 -3c n9,B -a1 -3l nl,B -87 -68 rq,B -7u -66 sa,B -6g -73 ta,B -6v -63 tb,B -5v -6l t4,B -8s -66 s4,B -9g -5m s4,B -am -3t 1fe,B -as -3u 1fo,B -ad -43 1fq,B -a5 -4f 1fq,B -ah -4h 1ff,B -ap -4h 1fq,B -b8 -4m 1fh,B -bv -56 1fn,B jg 4dt 334,B ih 4dp 31t,G 12c 1hc 76k,G 12c 1ge 76k,G 16f 1c7 79a,G 1ab 1es 7c8,G 14i 1k6 73q,B o4 1kl 6oj,S 1lo c70,G 12a 5fj 4i8,B ve 4jl 4p0,B uv 4iu 4p9,B tq 4i2 4p7,B u7 4j3 4or,B ut 4jn 4p3,B t6 4if 4p4,B kk 4bu 3bq,B 28 hf 2n3,B 6 4o 2l7,B g 4g 2lg,B q 42 2l9,B m 4r 2l9,B o 4t 2lk,B q 4t 2lo

The Before School BMX auto

-18 1i 18 1i,-a 1e -1i 17,-c 1e -n t,-d 1e -a r,-d 1d c 14,1v 2h 29 2t 2s 2s 2s 2p,41 8h 4c 89,40 8i 3n 83,6e j2 6t jb 78 j6,7l p4 7l pp 8h po 8j or,4m sm 50 t4 58 t4,4m sl 4p sh,bh u6 8b 16d 8i 16i,8a 16d 7u 16a,5h 1a7 5k 19u,4e 1gg 6i 1ee,4e 1gg 4 1hr,-6s 1ic 43 1om 8j 1o3,f0 2h4 fm 2eg,f1 2h4 em 2h0,bt 2jj c5 2ju ch 2k1,h5 2m0 gj 2n7,gm 2na ed 2n5,cf 2pp co 2q3,d0 30c fp 2vl,ah 3b8 ai 3b3,bf 3ms bd 3ml,93 45a 92 451,93 459 97 45m 9d 45u,7n 4gv 7q 4h5 83 4ha,98 4sn 9c 4tb 8r 4tl,5f 58r 61 59o 6l 59l,at 5br -gt 5ru,-gv 5rt -gq 5r7,-us 597 -v3 58g,-v3 58f -uq 58d,-v0 4qf -vb 4qf,-rm 3d7 -ru 3ck -rj 3cf -rd 3cd,21c 12k 1eh 1a7,191 1av 1ei 1a8,-19l 6bp -11s 6j2 -10r 6b6,-19j 6bo -1ac 6df -112 6kd -10c 6b4 -10p 6b8,-19q 6cm -118 6k0 -10j 6b8,-1eh 6ge -1eb 6l8,-1el 6gi -1au 6gg -1ak 6ls -1eg 6l3,-1e6 6i5 -1dd 6k0 -1bf 6jr,-1bf 6jp -1b8 6hh -1e6 6if,-1ac 6jn -18d 6jp -184 6hv -1a9 6im,-1aa 6ip -1aa 6lb -16n 6mc -16k 6le -1aa 6kl,-vo 6hl -t8 6hc -t8 6lg -v4 6ln -vh 6hj,-vc 6ea -tg 6ec,-td 6ef -tv 6gj -uq 6gj -v6 6e5,-sk 6io -rt 6l3,-sp 6im -r4 6hr,-r2 6hr -qe 6k6 -qt 6k8 -rc 6im -rr 6ir,-rr 6iu -rj 6ks -rq 6kv#-1dj 67u -1c4 6c0,-1dh 680 -1c8 67s,-1c6 680 -1bu 69q -1cn 6ab,-1bp 69n -1b3 6be -1c9 6bp,-1b0 6ab -1a3 6b4,-19o 6a9 -1ak 6ci#B 88 q5 1af,G -ev 5qm mg,G -ov 2de dt,G mf l5 gs,B 1dm 19m jm,B 1cj 19m jg,B 1bs 19o jm,B 1be 19o jj,B 1af 19q jb,B 19p 19t jm

BMX auto!

r 19 t 13 s 10,i 18 l 19,-27 2r -1u 35 -1m 36 -1h 32,-28 68 -20 67 -1k 63 -1j 5s,-3t 99 -3n 9g,-3o 9f -39 9l,-41 o3 -3s oc -3m od,-3c oh -38 og -35 ok,-1u us -1q ur,-1t us -22 us -2a uq,g 1am v 1b0,2n 1dr 32 1dv 3b 1dr,66 1i3 68 1ia 6a 1in 6a 1j2 61 1jb,60 1jb 5h 1jd 55 1jd,bb 1to bf 1u4,bf 1u5 c2 1uk d0 1um dc 1un,h3 1ve e7 21d,h3 1vh ha 1tt h0 1t1,cl 21f e9 21c,cl 21f cp 27a,7d 223 7n 27p,7l 27n 65 2c0 6h 2eh 6s 2h1 7a 2ib,cl 271 e1 291 eh 2c0,eh 2c1 et 2fm e2 2hl,79 2ic 7l 2u2 95 2vg,e2 2hn ee 2nb g3 2tf fu 2vu,b0 2nv ba 2nv,fv 2vn g4 32k,91 2vd 99 32n,95 32d 9p 399,g6 32b kg 3ba,9p 392 bo 3gn ck 3i4 dd 3io,kh 3rh mc 3s4,kh 3b0 qk 3m1,qs 3mb vf 3n8,da 3ik d5 3nr,d5 3o1 fe 3s2,fh 3s2 h6 40i,h5 40g jl 47r o6 4ad,ob 4ab va 49u,vh 3n5 19o 3r9,1ac 3ro 1ka 40t 1pm 47k 1s0 4hk,1rv 4h9 1qq 4ik 1q1 4jd,1pp 4jf 1pi 4jf,1tp 4oi 1ts 4oq,1ts 4os 1ts 4pb,1ts 4pc 1tl 4pg,1pf 4j8 1si 4la,1sk 4lc 233 4ov 26c 4sn,26c 4sp 26c 4v2 260 507,260 50a 278 539,27f 539 28b 54t,2b5 5bd 2b6 5bj 2ba 5bo,2ba 5bp 2be 5bs 2bq 5c3 2cc 5c3,2kp 5gi 2l3 5gl,2l5 5gl 2la 5gk,2lc 5gl 2lo 5gg 2me 5g0,2qa 5k9 2qd 5k9,2vs 62p 307 62j,2vs 62n 2vs 631,-14f 43l -14d 43f -148 43c,-342 2pq -343 2q4 -341 2qb -33r 2qi,-1t8 -1v6 -1t7 -1ut -1t5 -1um -1t5 -1uf -1t7 -1uc,-1t7 -1ub -1t8 -1u8,2bd l7 2bj lc 2bo ld 2c0 l9,5oc 6gl 5oj 6go,5oj 6gp 5ol 6gu 5op 6h5 5on 6ha,4i0 4bv 4i6 4bv 4i7 4c3,7h3 49r 7im 49q,7io 49q 7jp 49h,7jr 49h 7kg 496 7l0 48r,6mr 5jg 6n0 5j9,5vg 5fh 5vg 5f0,1lh 2e4 1lu 2e3,1lv 2e3 1m4 2ea,1m5 2eb 1m6 2eh,85i 7id 85o 7if 85q 7il,85q 7im 85s 7iv 85p 7j5,93a 7r2 93g 7qr 93f 7qe,9t0 926 9tk 8tl 9tt 91i 9tp 8te,9tr 8tj 9ue 919,9qc 9eh 9sv 9l4 a1d 9co,9q8 9em 9pk 9fn 9s9 9mb a22 9cv a18 9ch,9ja 9fq 9jp 9la,9j2 9fq 9o2 9h6,9o2 9h8 9ng 9jr 9jp 9l8,9op 9jb 9r4 9jm,9r4 9jl 9qa 9ie,9q3 9ie 9oh 9iv 9of 9lc,9ok 9lf 9r6 9lm,a09 9ke a12 9mq,a11 9mp a20 9md,a22 9mb a1b 9kc,a06 9kc a1l 9kc,a09 9j7 a08 9jm,a0b 9jq a12 9jl,a12 9jb a08 9jc,a2t 9jo a3m 9ne,a2u 9k5 a4f 9m1 a54 9jj,aq0 8q4 aqe 8ps aqf 8pb,bfv 929 bg4 91v bga 919,bgh 92g bgu 929 bh7 90l,bh7 92m bhs 924,bhs 922 bhr 908,bho 8sh bl0 8uf bja 908,bht 8sj bi9 8rq bli 8te bm9 8uo bk3 90p bjf 903,3me 5c2 3n4 5cm 3nj 5d5,3nk 5d5 3no 5dl 3ne 5e1,3nc 5e1 3m6 5eg 3m9 5en 3o7 5e9 3o7 5d8 3mh 5c0##T 3nh 5dg,G 9ja 8dc s7,G 6ne 6sl 2bh,G 25g 32j 26u,G a9 -3i1 296,G -42d 258 25a,G 367 6b1 2d1,G 2mr 5fu 28v,B 1qd 4ar 2bg,G h3 3nn 2i0,B 218 4n4 1om,B 21i 4n1 1pl,B 213 4n6 1o8,B 21k 4n4 1q2,B 211 4nb 1ov,B 21k 4n6 1ph,B 21b 4n7 1pa,G 21b 4n7 1r2,G 86l 40h 18t,G 7ta 58m 1bf

BMX auto

-18 1i 18 1i,-19 1i 18 1b,-1a 1i 18 15,-1a 1i 17 v,l 1i m 12,8 1i 7 17,-9 1i -9 1b,-63 16 -6f 1a -6i 1h -6i 1p -6h 21 -6d 25 -63 2e -59 3d -25 5q -11 62,-10 62 -11 5u,q 5u e 71 -l 96,-3k np -35 nu -32 nn,-6h p3 -6a pd -60 pk -5t pe,-6b tq -5o uc -59 v2 -4o v7 -4g v4 -4g uv,-28 13h -1t 13j -1p 13j,3e 184 k 1c1 -2s 1de,-b2 1gj -ds 1fn,-9g 1h5 -99 1he -95 1hi -8r 1hj -8n 1hh,-7t 1ks -7s 1l1,-7q 1l1 -7p 1l7,-7n 1l8 -7l 1lg,-7k 1le -7i 1lm -7g 1lj -7e 1lr -7b 1lm -79 1lv -77 1lr,-4a 1ph -4c 1p0,-38 1qe -2s 1qe,-4a 1ph -47 1pn,-51 1vs -4n 1vq,-4o 1vr -4i 1vk,-7l 27v -7m 284 -7k 28b -7i 28f,-7h 28h -7a 28o,-78 28p -6r 28u -6h 290 -63 290,-2b 29c -21 29b,20 2c1 f 2dm -2k 2hg,-2l 2hg -33 2h7 -2o 2h5 -2i 2hb,-6j 2in -62 2j0 -5s 2in -5d 2j3 -55 2il -4f 2jd -3s 2ie,-7p 2l3 -74 2ln -6s 2lt,-5b 2nj -3k 2om,e 2rb 1n 2qk 1i 2q9 13 2qh,-2c 2rt -28 2s8,-1c 3cf -17 3ck -13 3ck -10 3ci -u 3cm -p 3ch,-5o 3mr -49 3nk,8a 50n ak 50c au 506,7b 517 3l 53n,3k 53o 28 54i 1l 54f 29 54f,1n 54e 28 54d,-2l 55b -1g 561 i 566,22 57m 1p 570,21 57m 2e 58b,h 56v 2e 593,28 5d4 4k 5e2 9g 5gk,9i 5gm dr 5j6,9e 5gj 9k 5gn,dr 5j5 fn 5k3,fp 5k4 ih 5ka,il 5ka ll 5jt,ll 5ju lq 5kt nb 5kp nf 5m8 pd 5m4 o5 5ok,ri 5tn ua 5uv 128 60s,125 60p 12s 60v 131 60a,o6 5oj nt 5p3 nl 5q0 n7 5r7 n1 5sn n4 5tn n4 5um nc 5vk np 603 ol 60d p8 60b q1 60c qd 613 q9 61i q5 620,q5 622 ql 62g,u4 64m sq 673 mt 6bt kj 6c2,go 6au gs 6ca he 6c8,i3 6ep ia 6f2 ik 6f2,7v 684 7r 684,jr 6jr k9 6kb ko 6k4 la 6km,jq 6qm kd 6r1 kk 6qk,gh 6s3 gq 6sd hj 6s8,j0 6v3 jf 6v4,l8 70p lg 70n,n4 73k nj 73j,p2 76h pa 76p pd 76v pk 771,pn 771 q1 76s,47 no 42 nu 4k o7,4l o6 4a no,4b ni 49 ml 54 mg,54 me 4s li,4p lf 47 l9,-ba q9 -a6 qc -9a qa -8e qa -88 qa -7t q5 -7q pv -7v pe -89 ph -8f pn,-87 pv -8u pc -9i p8 -a2 p2 -ac oq,-ae oo -av ob,-b4 ok -ae p0 -b3 p1 -b3 ol -ap p0 -b1 op,-b3 oo -av p1 -b0 or -b2 ov,-b2 ot -b1 ol,-bc og -br o1 -cd o0 -ck o5 -c6 of -c1 ol,-av od -bg od,-b5 q7 -b5 qh -as q8,-at q9 -ao qk -ag qa -ab qj -a2 qc -9t qo -9j qb -9g qp,-9f qp -95 qa -92 qn -8n qd -8m qm -8b q9 -85 qj,-84 qj -89 qb,-b9 q8 -am ra -aa sf,-aa si -a9 tg -a9 u1 -a3 tn -a7 tm,-a9 tm -9t tc,-9u tc -a6 tb -9n sp -a7 sn -9t sf -a8 se,-a8 sd -9s s0,-9u s0 -ad ru -a3 re -au re,-ar rc -ad qv,-af qv -ar qv -af qk,-ag qk -b1 qi,-aa u1 -ae ua,-ag ub -at u7,-av u5 -b6 t1 -bc s9 -br ro,-bm re -c8 s3,-c9 s5 -de ta -e7 u1,-c5 oj -cv pe,-d1 pg -en s3 -f5 sr,-ev sl -fk tm,-fn tj -h9 ur,-hb uu -hv va,-dt tr -er uu,-eu uu -g6 10e,-b2 1gk -e4 1gg,-du 1fr -e1 1fq,-ev 1fi -f7 1f0,-f7 1eu -fr 1ei,-fs 1ei -gl 1ef -gu 1eu -gu 1fc -gr 1fr -gm 1g5,-ev 1fg -ep 1f5 -eo 1el,-eo 1ek -er 1e1 -fe 1do,-fg 1do -g5 1dt -ge 1ec,-e2 1fq -e6 1fj -eg 1fj,-eh 1fj -eh 1fq,-eh 1fr -e7 1g0 -dv 1fr,-e9 1fk -e5 1fs,-ee 1fk -e8 1ft -eg 1fm -e9 1ft,-e9 1fr -e9 1fk -e9 1fr,-e9 1fk -eh 1fp,-ea 1fo -ec 1fj,-ef 1fr -e2 1fs -ed 1fs,-e3 1fs -eb 1ft,-e9 1fl -ee 1fk,-er 1f9 -dr 1fn,-cn 1g0 -ci 1fo,-cg 1g4 -ca 1fr,-c8 1g6 -c0 1fk,-ct 1gi -dc 1gu,-cj 1gg -cq 1gr,-cb 1gd -cg 1gp,-e6 1ga -du 1gp -e1 1h2 -ea 1hd -ee 1hf,-gn 1g4 -gc 1g6,-gf 1g6 -gf 1gl -gd 1h9 -gb 1hj -g8 1hr,-e9 1hc -eq 1hk,-eo 1gd -ev 1gj -f2 1gt,-dv 1f5 -dn 1f1,-dg 1en -dg 1f7,-dg 1en -d9 1f4,-d9 1f3 -d4 1eo -d1 1f6,-7t 1ks -89 1ki -8d 1kn -8j 1kn,o2 780 o2 78j o6 79l oe 7a3 p6 7af qa 7ad r0 79n r2 78n qs 787#k7 5k2 k9 5kq j2 5ku j3 5m6 g4 5mf ga 5n2 h8 5nl hs 5o5 j7 5og k9 5oi n7 5o1 o3 5nm oo 5nd,m7 5lb n4 5l8 n8 5ma mf 5me m9 5lj,ji 5ni j1 5nj jh 5nt is 5o5,k8 5ni jr 5nm k6 5nt jh 5o2,kf 5nt kc 5o3,l6 5ne l6 5nu,l7 5ng lb 5o1,lb 5o0 lf 5nh,lp 5nf lp 5np,lp 5nf m0 5nr m0 5ne,kk 5nv kp 5nb,kp 5nd ks 5nu,kn 5no ks 5no,m8 5ni mj 5ng,mk 5ng mg 5na m9 5nb,m9 5ne m8 5nl mc 5nq mn 5nq,n6 5mu n6 5nd,mu 5nn nb 5nm,nm 5mq no 5n7,nk 5nh nu 5ng,o3 5mq o7 5n5,o4 5nd oa 5nb,oc 5mq oe 5n3,oc 5n8 og 5n8,17 v 17 1i,-1d 1g -38 10 -19 1i -3f 1h -3h v -31 12,-3f 15 -1c 1h,-1b 1h -3h 1b,-36 12 -35 1f,-2m 17 -2n 1h,-2c 19 -27 1i,-37 2 -34 t -2o b -2h p,-2h o -27 -1,-27 0 -1u i -1h 3,-1g 5 -13 q,-12 p -i 2 -6 i g -7 l g 15 2,15 3 1d 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6pe,hj 6s3 hj 6q5,go 6qd gq 6q1 gh 6pj,gr 6q4 hh 6q5 h4 6pj gj 6ph,k7 6qu k3 6ph jr 6pg,jr 6pi jr 6qp,js 6ph k4 6p7 kd 6pc,kc 6pc k6 6pk,kb 6pc kg 6ql,j0 6v0 j1 6tn jc 6tl jc 6v0,l8 70o kj 6ve ks 6va lh 70m,n3 73j n4 72k ne 72l ni 73j,p1 76j m0 76g mc 75t,lu 76h lc 79s mj 7be,lc 79s jq 7bi,m4 75k mg 75s n5 75r,n6 75r nj 75k nl 756,nl 755 n7 74m,n6 74m m8 74p m1 754,m2 755 m5 75h,n5 758 na 755 ne 75b,n9 75k mm 75d n7 75l,o3 759 oc 758,oq 74o oo 75c ot 75c,p8 753 p3 75b pb 75j ph 75c pc 752,pv 750 pr 756 q7 75c ps 75h,qe 75d qp 75e qm 756,ql 756 qc 758 qg 75i,r2 751 r1 75i,r1 75h r4 755 rb 756,nd 78c o0 793,o4 77h od 783 p5 78j,p6 78j q1 78i,q2 78i qo 78e qr 789 qd 77p pc 77b o1 779,od 78l oe 795,od 78m os 78t og 794 ov 79a o8 799 oc 793,p7 795 pc 78i,pc 78k pf 791,p6 78q pi 78s,q9 78q q1 78t,q0 78v q1 79a,q2 79b q9 78t qb 799 q9 79s pu 79q,o0 780 o2 778,nf 78f lt 76t#O pg 781,B 11l 61a 2o6

This BMX auto actually works!

-18 1i 18 1i,-17 1i 17 1g,-17 1j -19 1e,-19 1i 17 1d,-15 1g 1c 16,-2o 4e 2q 6o,2p 6p 69 9h,6a 9h fs k2 lc rk s5 17c,st 18e t2 18b,13k 1hi 13q 1h9,16m 1rq 16u 1sh,1c8 28n 1br 286,1e4 2nt 1do 2n1,1ig 34k 1ic 341,1l5 3jq 1lk 3kq 1m6 3lk 1n5 3m4,208 3s2 200 3ud,209 3ru 1vj 3r1,200 3uc 1vs 41n 1uf 44r,1uf 44s 1qv 48c,1oh 4ai 1or 4an 1p7 4ai,1oh 4aj 1oc 4ae 1o8 4a8,1p7 4j6 1pi 4k8 1qb 4ko,1vo 4mb 201 4mc 205 4mj 205 4mq 203 4n4,216 4rq 21r 4s6 22q 4ss,22r 4ss 23q 4tb,260 4up 28c 50v,2a6 53h 2bg 548,2ft 57s 2gl 583 2gm 57u,2mb 59g 2m7 595,30u 5nc 36o 5t0 3fv 66k 3ng 6eu,3ng 6ev 3r9 6ko 41t 70n 44g 797 474 7nv,46t 7nt 49l 7pr,49q 7q0 4bg 7qr,4gr 7vi 4h6 7vi,4h6 7vh 4h9 7v2,4bj 7vb 4b0 7vk 4b3 807,46j 84i 479 85i 47p 85e 48f 867,48g 867 494 860,4aq 88u 4bf 890,49f 8b1 4e1 8cr 4p3 8lq,4p1 8lo 4tr 8rg 51k 8tj 4uh 8rg,2v3 6j5 2tn 6nu 2q6 6ta,2oo 6uu 2p0 6ur 2p4 6ut 2p4 6uj 2pa 6uo 2pm 6u9,2gk 7b7 2h1 7ba 2h1 7av,2ao 7kv 2b1 7lr,2ao 7l0 2aj 7ko,2fc 81v 2lg 876,2np 8ak 2va 8dp,30n 8f8 3af 8e1,3bj 8el 3bq 8eh,3fh 8gg 3fr 8gh,3hj 8j4 3hq 8j4,3kb 8mt 3kj 8ms,3ot 8sg 3p1 8sa,3q9 933 3r0 93j 3r1 93d,3ss 97a 3u1 98h 3u1 98d,40b 9bv 410 9c0 41v 99g,409 9bv 3vr 9bv 3vr 9bs,3tv 9e0 409 9gd,415 9gk 3vj 9ec,40u 9j9 47u 9qu,47n 9qa 47u 9qa,4ds a0c 4e4 a0c 4e2 9vt,481 a4q 483 a5m 48t a5t 48v a5q,49t b0l 4ai b0t,4ah b0t 4ar b0j 4au b03,3uk bue 3v2 bug 3vf bua 3vl bu3,3it c25 38m c9g 366 caf 34h cag 336 c9s,335 c9r 32e c8s,32e c8r 327 c87,2vj caa 2vn caf 2vt cad,2v6 cdp 2vn cef 308 cen 30t cel,30t cek 31a ceg,31b ceh 31n ces 326 cen 32l cf8,2rr ce0 2ts cjk 2u0 cdr 2rm cdv,2s4 cdt 2th chq 2t3 cdj,2o2 cg6 2oa cic,2o7 cg0 2ps cg5 2q3 ci2 2nt ci9,2q6 ch4 2s2 cgq 2rq cfs 2q4 cgi 2qd cho,2qd chs 2qt cih 2s4 cig,2ug cg3 30b cgs 309 cig 2ul ci4,2uk ci1 2ui cg5,2un cfc 2vj cfc,2vj cfd 2vl cfu 2us cfs,2us cfr 2uq cfa,30r ch8 315 cic,30r ch6 322 cht 32k cgg,32i cgg 32f cho 322 cib 315 chj 31c ci7 310 ci9,378 cgi 37c cgk##

BMX auto

9 4k 1c 4h 1m 4n 1u 4m 2b 5b 2v 5b,c 4m 7 55 -d 4n -1g 5d,-2j 5l -2f 60 -22 60,-1d 7j -16 7m -n 7h -o 7b,-n 7a -o 74,-3p 8m -33 93 -2u 8s,-2a aj -1o ak -1p a6,-30 ek -31 fe,-31 ff -18 jm 2h p5,35 qj 3g qs 49 r0 4t r0,8j rb 90 r3 93 qi,82 ur a6 ub,82 us 77 uv 3p 102,3q 100 3l uu,d vv 1v 112,38 14d 2n 14s,-11 16m -1r 16n,q 17g -1r 17r,-1q 16m -v 16m,-1o 16n -2j 173,-1q 17p -2h 17r,-4s 185 -5e 18t -5i 19r -5g 1ae,-4t 1f9 -4c 1hc,-43 1eq -3m 1h5 -1u 1kr,-4a 1hc -2o 1l1 -1 1oc,-1u 1ko d 1nn,-1 1oe 5c 1rf,d 1nl 5e 1ql,58 1re a6 1u3,5b 1qj b4 1tm,a8 1u6 g0 26e,b4 1tf gh 25n,gg 25i h6 2gl,ft 26f g2 2gp,hb 2gh hn 2nu,hn 2nl k7 2um,jn 35b h0 3cf,g2 2gm gi 2np ij 2uk,k1 32d jn 35j,k9 2ul jt 331,ig 2uj ip 2vc j3 30f,j3 30g j3 31i ip 339 ip 35k,gf 3b5 ip 35g,eh 3gr eu 3hd,fm 3s4 g1 3si,g2 3si gn 3st h5 3t2,me 3r8 mq 3t4 mq 3um mg 3vu,me 3vr lk 416 j5 424 he 41d,g5 41t gc 42k et 43a,cl 44r db 44p,cn 44s c6 450 bl 45a,5q 4i3 9h 4r7,9s 4rs b6 4s1 b6 4sq,9q 4rs 9q 4t9,c6 4t5 c8 4u0,c6 4t4 cn 4t9 ck 4u3,dg 4v7 er 4v9,dd 4v9 db 50u,er 4vb er 50r,gd 4ur go 4uj,gp 4uj hd 4tr,fg 52q fj 53e g0 53j ft 539,hk 56s hp 57e hu 57e ht 56u,jq 5cg jq 5do kv 5dt kr 5d4,q0 5td q3 5tv,q5 5tv s9 5ub sb 5tq tc 5u3 t6 5tn q0 5tb,tb 5tv uc 5u4 ue 5ta t4 5tp,vn 5um 10d 5vp,10f 5vn vr 5uo vn 5uo,10s 62i 157 65k,10s 62g 15a 65n,10s 62b 153 65n,10p 62b 15d 661,10k 62o 15s 65p,10u 62d 14r 65n,10k 62n 15n 65h,182 684 1ai 6a6 1fn 6bd,1fj 6bc 1nm 65p 1ms 6c1 1fg 6bg 1nl 663,1fn 6bi 1no 669,1g1 6bk 1nd 66k,1ge 6bl 1nh 66q 1gs 6bn 1nf 679 1h7 6bn 1nd 67p 1hl 6bn 1nd 68a 1ia 6bn 1n5 691 1jg 6bp 1n1 69s 1kh 6bt 1n1 6af 1lr 6bv 1mm 6bn,1rn 633 1r6 630 1rp 636 1rg 65j 1r5 65j,1mt 6am 1od 6f2,1oa 6fu 1oh 6f7,1of 6f4 1oc 6ev,1ug 709 1v1 70l 1v9 704 207 70j 209 6vn,1uv 727 22a 77p 23q 725 22v 724 223 76v 1vj 720 1uo 72a,1ro 751 1sr 76o,1ru 74v 1t3 74g 1tq 76r 1ss 76q,1u6 76h 1v6 76e 1v6 75s 1ts 75v 1u9 77h 1v2 77e,23o 761 24b 761 23t 77j 23l 77f,23n 77f 23t 75t,23t 74v 247 74v 244 758 23t 758,23t 756 23t 751,24h 777 24q 77u,24h 779 25o 77t 25t 767#1k5 6un 1og 73g,1kf 6v9 1oo 6tu 1pa 6vc,1pa 6ve 1m6 71a,1p7 6v9 1qf 71r,1qf 71s 1n8 73i,1qr 705 1sb 71s,1tb 6vv 1pt 74c#B 45 vr 2ed,B 1fo 6au 13e

BMX auto by devin_is_awesomer and by samisawesome comment on both profiles!

18 1i 18 1i,-1a 1h 42 37 16 1i,-u 1i -i 1h,-18 1f k 1i,k 1h 18 1i,44 35 45 31,64 2l 47 29,43 30 6j 3i,6j 3k 6l 4g 73 40 81 46 80 3n 74 3v,6l 4f 6r 5e 7e 59,6r 5e 60 71 62 7t 63 8p 63 94,63 95 63 9k,aa 2u b4 4e,b4 4g d0 7g ae 8u 9s 8o a4 9q 8i 9q 88 9k,61 9j 56 c8 5q dt 55 ev,55 f8 59 fp,a4 9n b8 ac c4 b1,c4 b2 c4 c4,c3 c9 d9 d9 d9 e2 d1 f0 c8 fr bd f9 b5 ff,b3 f9 aa f2,b2 f9 b5 fe,a7 f3 8s f4 8q fh,8l fg 8i fg,57 fa 55 f0,57 fm 4r gc 58 h3 4h hv,8r fh 8r ia,8r ic 76 iu 76 ja 6d j9,4g hv 3l i9 3r iu 43 jc 4e jb 4g jj 4q jj,3v ja 3i lb 3k mn 3q nl,5a n0 5j li,3p nm 4d mj,3p nk 18 rg 22 td 1j vi 1g 10r,b4 n7 bs qd,b3 n7 an me,bo q3 8f ro 8o t7 8c tf 87 vt,1f 10p 30 122 34 11c 3p 12c,3p 153 5r 162,88 vv da 13b eg 15e ei 17h,ei 17i ea 1a1 ct 1b7 bb 1c7 8p 1cm 7m 1ck,1g 10l g 11m,g 11r n 13b d 14i 17 16t j 183 n 19i,o 19l 1c 1am,1c 1ao 1b 1c5,19 1ca l 1d3 20 1f7,7n 1ck 7j 1d2 6q 1cl,56 1ef 5c 1em,22 1f6 1i 1fi,79 1k0 82 1je,4r 1l2 5h 1ma,5e 1mf 4g 1nk 57 1o8 6m 1nb,9v 1nl ar 1oi b8 1ph,ba 1pj cl 1q2 ds 1q2 fm 1po,6k 1na 7u 1n7,8u 1cp 9k 1e1,35 1j1 37 1jd 3j 1je,-u 1mh c 1ou,u 1ou 1s 1ns,-37 1u2 -2e 201,-27 208 -s 21o j 22j 25 23k 4d 23u,4i 23u c2 24s,fh 1po g3 1pr fp 1vk g3 1pt,g5 1q5 fp 1vk,c4 24r d9 24j c9 24q,c0 24t cb 25r dc 25b eu 264 fd 25m gr 26e,gr 26k hk 26j,gp 26m hs 286 jo 28o l1 29b m0 29d,ks 298 lh 2au ls 2a3 nn 2bo pp 2bu,ph 2bu pf 2dn q0 2d9,q0 2dd pi 2f4 q5 2g2 r6 2g0 sb 2j1 sc 2gs,sc 2gr t9 2fu,ta 2fu sr 2er ta 2eg tr 2h8 tp 2ej uk 2h6 u0 2eg up 2gk,up 2gj u4 2eg,up 2gi v4 2h7 vm 2hr,117 2i0 11e 2hp 11e 2h3 118 2gg 10m 2fr,108 2jg 107 2k2 10b 2kp 10k 2l3,12k 2pp 12v 2p6,11c 32c 125 341 11o 364 101 38d rs 3b1 nk 3au,ni 3au ii 39f,-2n 3i -25 3l -22 49,-23 3v -1j 40,1 -4s k -4k,a -4n 7 -4b,-22 5 -19 1k,-2m -1m -4c -2j -3q -31,-3p -2a -36 -2j,-3j -2g -3l -32,4a -42 53 -48,co 5u d2 5k dh 5n,dc 5r du 5f,5u 70 5k 7a,5n 76 5s 7s,5o 7i 56 8e,5c 85 5f 8b,5f 7u 4l 77,4v 7i 55 72,5q 72 5h 6e,5j 6l 59 6l,5l 6l 5t 66,5p 6f 5m 69,dm ce ef c9 er ce,ep cg ek cn f0 c8 fh c8 fp cd,1p hr 1j i6,20 n1 2i mr,1p i5 v i6,2s hm 2m iq,28 ip 30 iv 30 ji,2n ji 38 k2,1r hn 2r hn,2n hm 1m hn 1j ia,jg 3lo jg 3ll,j9 3lb 1fa 3l5,iv 3l5 rv 3ru 1t1 3rk 1f5 3kv,1sv 3rm 1sr 4rd,1fc 3kp 1fc 3n4 ml 3o0,1fg 3n9 1n9 3ri,1cv 3qi 1do 3qn 1e2 3qf 1dt 3ph 1de 3oo 1cq 3oh,1cn 3oh 1cd 3oo 1d1 3p5,1cv 3p2 1ci 3pm 1c8 3p2 1cg 3oo,1ci 3ph 1d9 3pc 1cv 3qd,1c1 3om 1bs 3om 1bn 3o4 1bu 3no 1bi 3mv,1bu 3no 1c3 3nj,1c3 3ng 1c1 3mq,1bi 3ms 1bp 3mb 1bs 3l5,1bp 3l5 1c1 3ku,1cd 3lu 1cn 3l5 1ci 3kc,1ci 3ka 1cl 3jc,1c3 3l3 1c1 3k7 1c1 3iv,qn 5bg qc 5uc,id 5bc gj 5v3,il 4s1 j6 3la,ia 5bc id 533,ru 3ru rn 4t0,qk 5br qp 55b,te 4t0 uc 4s4 vf 4t5,vf 4t2 10f 4sh 11d 4t5 12e 4sc 13c 4st,13e 4st 153 4rt,150 4rv 166 4sr 182 4s7 18t 4t2 1as 4s7,1au 4s9 1bs 4ta,1bv 4ta 1e0 4sh,1e0 4sj 1em 4tr,1ep 4tp 1gd 4se 1i4 4u8 1jh 4st,1jf 4st 1k8 4tp 1lg 4so 1mj 4u0 1o7 4t0 1p8 4ua 1qi 4so,12k 556 1qr 55c,1sg 573 1sn 6ep,qr 559 137 557,5q 4a5 5q 4a8,9b 4q7 9a 4r0 98 4rq 96 4sk 94 4tg 95 4uf 9a 4vd 9l 509 a5 512 an 51o 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