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  • AIM: we need a aim?
  • MSN: soon i will have one but its goin to be dragons ba
  • Yahoo: no yahoo fo me lol!
  • XBOX Live: go xbox lave love the xbox!
  • Wii: i wish
  • PSN: i have one there wicked fun
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hi people waz up im dracower and im going to become the best game player and game tester i love every tip of game to rpgs to adventure action.... bla bla bla im ready of enemy game you throw at me tell me about all the games ask me to test a game fo you ill do it right naw im tast sonny which is my best game yep and four second fury wooohooo ask me eney see ya from dracower the gamer tester !!!!!! =] =] =] ==]\r\n\r\nnew staff: im looking for a program that will help me make a flash game of my own and im asking you out there fo help if you no enemy thing about flash game help out by tell me on my chat

soon of about 8 moths i might start to make a game and i need help with ideas on what you all out there like and i also have 125 things i code put in so i need your help if i shod to a space shooter/rpg/strategy

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