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* will be inactive / dead now.... hopefully come back in july but may not....* Please feel free to contact me via email Those were the days when we race with happiness All of us were victorious as well chit-chat in ecstasy and our heart filled with joyfulness As day passed And those tracks become more advanced The more challenging and function the game has The more we sacrifice of friendship we had in the past. As our friends fade away And no true friends are here to stay Ask yourself, is fame and ability is what you want At the cost priceless friendships faded day by day In the future, when I shall leave the track, may I wish all of you not to paint your heart black As for the sake of so-called happiness and status Before sorrowfulness stabs on your back... Dragon (aka Draggie?) Treasure everyone you have at your side, you aren't sure when u gonna need them. When you lose them, you will realize this is already too late... <b>I just left with my top 20 friend list the best best best best frineds in ep only.... (i realize i know too much ppl and it is hard to decide which are my best ...)</b> sohd where r u? excluding skater for otehr purpose gmail: dragonhung14@gmail.com skpye: email me

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