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My Messenger -------------------------------------------------------------------------- My (old) Story -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lord and Lady Club Current members: dragonball05 thisisnotanalt Pazx Knight_34 Matty360 Cenere Graham Ernie15 Pixie214 tennisman24 Smithrope38 jonnypants23 nichodemus Efan -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Punk-o-matic songs thread -------------------------------------------------------------------------- TNS clan Free Rider 2 FR2 Tracks -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a BMX trick track that I think turned out pretty well. -18 1i 18 1i 4m 1i 4m -34 76 -34 au -34 au -42 au -6s ak -34,18 1i 4m 0,-18 1i -34 1i -4m 1i -4m -34 -76 -34 -au -34 -au -42 -au -5k -au -6s -ak -34,-34 1i -4m -1s,-au -42 -7q -34,76 -34 au -3e,0 1i -4m 18,-a 1i -4m u,-k 1i -4m k,-u 1i -4m a,-18 1i -4m 0,-1i 1i -4m -a,-4m -k -1s 1i,-26 1i -4m -u,-4m -18 -2g 1i,-4m -1i -2q 1i,-4m -26 -3e 1i,-3o 1i -4m -2g,-4m -2q -42 1i,-4c 1i -4m -34,0 1i 4m 18,4m u a 1i,k 1i 4m k,4m a u 1i,4m -a 1i 1i,1s 1i 4m -k,4m -u 26 1i,2g 1i 4m -18,4m -1i 2q 1i,34 1i 4m -1s,4m -26 3e 1i,3o 1i 4m -2g,4m -2q 42 1i,4c 1i 4m -34,au -6s ak -ak,-au -6s -ak -ak,-au -84 -au -6s,-au -6i -aa -34,-au -68 -a0 -34,-au -5u -9m -34,-9c -34 -au -5k,-au -5a -92 -34,-8o -34 -au -50,-au -4m -8e -34,-84 -34 -au -4c,-7g -34 -au -3o,-au -3e -76 -34,-au -84 -au -9c -au -ak -76 -ak -au -aa,-au -9c -84 -ak,-26 -34 26 -34,-76 -ak -4m -ak -4c -d4,-au -a0 -7g -ak,-7q -ak -au -9m,-8e -ak -au -92,-au -8o -8o -ak,-92 -ak -au -8e,-au -84 -9c -ak,-9m -ak -au -7q,-au -7g -a0 -ak,-aa -ak -au -76,au -6s au -ak 76 -ak au -aa,76 -ak 4m -ak 4m -d4 26 -d4 4m -cq,4m -ak 4c -d4,au -76 aa -ak,au -7g a0 -ak,au -7q 9m -ak,9c -ak au -84,au -8e 92 -ak,8o -ak au -8o,au -92 8e -ak,84 -ak au -9c,au -9m 7q -ak,7g -ak au -a0,au -6i aa -34,au -68 a0 -34,au -5u 9m -34,9c -34 au -5k,au -5a 92 -34,8o -34 au -50,au -4m 8e -34,au -4c 84 -34,7q -34 au -42,au -3o 7g -34,0 -34 0 -42 a -34,0 -42 -a -34,k -34 0 -3o -k -34,0 -3e u -34,-u -34 0 -3e,-4m -d4 -26 -d4 -4m -cq,-26 -d4 -1s -fa,-4m -d4 -4m -ak,-4m -cg -2g -d4,-2q -d4 -4m -c6,-4m -bs -34 -d4,-3e -d4 -4m -bi,-4m -b8 -3o -d4,-42 -d4 -4m -au,4m -cg 2g -d4,2q -d4 4m -c6,4m -bs 34 -d4,3e -d4 4m -bi,4m -b8 3o -d4,42 -d4 4m -au,26 -fa 26 -d4,26 -fa -26 -fa -26 -d4,-26 -de -1i -fa,-18 -fa -26 -do,-26 -e2 -u -fa,-k -fa -26 -ec,-26 -em -a -fa,0 -fa -26 -f0,0 -fa 26 -f0,26 -em a -fa,k -fa 26 -ec,26 -e2 u -fa,18 -fa 26 -do,26 -de 1i -fa,1s -fa 26 -d4#-2g -84 -2g -6s -1s -7g -2g -84,-1i -7g -1i -6s -1i -76,-1i -7g -u -7g,-a -7g -u -6s -a -6s -a -7g,0 -7g 0 -6s k -6s,0 -7g k -7g k -68 0 -68,u -7g u -6s,u -7g 1i -7g 1i -6s u -6s,1s -76 1s -6s 1s -7g 2g -7g 2g -6s,k -5k k -4c 18 -4c 18 -5k k -5k,26 -5k 1i -5k 1i -50 26 -50 26 -4c 1i -4c,0 -5k 0 -4c,-a -5k -a -4c,-k -50 -18 -4c -k -4c -k -50,-1i -50 -1i -4c -26 -4c -26 -5k,-26 -50 -1i -50#T 0 -f0,B 4m -7g e2,B -4m -7g jm,G 4m -aa mg,G -4m -aa mg -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are my Punk-O-Matic songs. Wake up and Smell the Roses: 999-0--1---5-5-88870---1-----------2---4-3---1---6-9---8-----------------------------ccc-1--2---3-3-4---5-5-2---------2---3-5-9---2-----c---b---------c-------------------aaa-1--2-2-4-4-8-5-6-6-7-0---1--2-3-7-9-4-4-6-5----a---9-4-6-4-6-a------------------- The Grass is Greener: --------------1---4-----4--5-0----4--6--5-8--2-----------------3---------3-------9-----------------2---1---0---4---4---2---1---a----c---------------2---9---8---3-4---c---0--1--2-2-4-4-6-5-7-----3-3-7-6-5-3-1---2-2-4--4-4-0--1--2-2-4-4-7-9-------------9--- Look Beyond the Surface: ----3-----7--6---6---78-78--4---------4--3-------1-----7-8---2-----4-1------3----9---2---3-4---5-7-8------------9-------a---5-6------5--3-1---0----2----4---1-----2----c--------------4-6-6-5-2-1---3--4-7-8-a-----3-4-5-2-3-6-9-0-----3---2--4-1---2-6-7-4---- When Satan was an Angel: 1---3-----878-3---6-874--5---7---9---3---4-3-----0------0----2-----0------2-1-3-89---1---2---8---b---0-----5-2--3-5-8-ba---00-3-c------2-----1--3-4-4-3-5-7-c-3-83-4--c---54-76-2-43--4-67-3-28-a-------1--86-478-94-a-21------576-a----0-----0-0---46-8-7-a--- Graceful Transition: 3---3----1----2---4-74--3---8--0---1---3----0----0--3---3---0---0-1----1---9---3---9-0---1-3-4-6---0------4--5-7--c-----0--0---a---3-2---b---b---0--0--39---7-3--0-0----b-----------1-2-4-87676a--0------3-4-2-71---8---------1---1---7-3-4-9----0-----0-0---a- When One Door Closes (Another Opens): 3---73---462-6-8889---723--3---4-73-2---88719---0-1-3--4-51---089--------------------0---a1---9--3-4---c---0---2--3-5-7-4-0-1032-2---1-0-34578-c--5-6c--------------------2224-4674871-a-a-a1-1-2-47874a-0---1---27279a---8-a---8-a-2-47-9a-------------------- A Better Tomorrow: --1-3--781-2-3--3-3-4-889------1---3--0---3-482--3--83--83-2---43-83-93-2-3--82---9--bbb0--42-35-7-7-4-1-8-2-0---cbba---9-8c---0-1-2--14352-7-c-0---1-4-1-3-58-2-3-0---c----1-23-115-7688-a---a---0---a--1246421a-0---4-687a---0-0---1---1-2-1-3-464-73-1-6-a-- Foreshadowing: 3---83---214-79---3---3---9---9---9---1---11---9-4-6-6-6-881---9-3---1---1-3-1-3-1-9-0----0---14--0--5-8-2-7-4-b---b---b---0---00---6-3-1-4---5-0---0-0---1---5178350---6-1----12-347--8-64-a---a---1---0-5-3-876-8-8-88-a-2-111---4-0---8-1---1---4268741-2-a- The Conflicted Angel (Finds Salvation): 893-892--81--0-974-83---3-9---3--1-8972---83---6-3--2-1-0-6-5-3---2---1---4-6-3---6-9bb5-bba--8---4--9---0---c-6-c-b--b-ba---a--c---3-4---5-7-b4-7-1--3-8--a-3-8-0---7-6-b--3---1-8-8a-6-444-81---a---a-------a-3-5-0003-4-78710---1-35-6-6a-0-053-4-7-68-6---- Escaping the Illusion: 2---5-88893---792---84-5-2--82-6-5-93---3-2-5----------9--6-5-77495-0--4-3-------9---1---5-8---a---7-9---71---2--75-4---a0--02---3--------c-b----a-1---5-1--2-a---c-6-b---7-5-6-1---2-2-3-1035-8-6-a----------1--01---4-8767-a--------0-7-5-6-4763-2-8-a------- Here are my Punk-o-Matic 2 songs. (Facing the Truth)ax-gaX-cbf-acA-aax-ebr-aay-gbv-cck-gbv-HcX-ccJ-abP-gbH-gbR-ecA-aax-gaX-cbf-acA-abv-cbI-gbf-cak-bcA-aax-ecJ-abI-ecz-abI-gbP-gcv-ecJ-Z-Z-Z-Z-U,nd-cne-cnd-bntnp-ano-anc-and-ckj-akm-aiAhWkQ-cmV-cgh-cgh-chf-gcZ-aee-adLdsgv-cgw-ccz-acS-abu-aig-bnq-cnV-anW-cok-cop-coo-coq-cnt-cns-cnd-cne-cnd-cnb-cnd-cnx-cnC-cnD-cnB-cnFmw-cmx-cmp-gnx-cnC-cnD-cmU-cmR-gif-Z-Z-Z-Z-S,fs-gfx-cfn-cfR-afU-cgr-aaX-afx-agA-cfG-cfK-cfK-cgG-udk-edk-a!!-Hfs-gfx-cfn-cfY-cgk-ggj-hfO-gfw-cfw-cgk-gbL-cbl-caL-aaY-cak-abX-Z-Z-Z-Z-S,eu-ccW-cey-cda-cev-afh-adJ-aey-cfoeCge-ggh-cjD-clH-coo-cop-aoq-igv-aeJ-cfv-aeJ-a!!-zar-geu-ccW-cey-cdM-ada-agx-cfT-gfS-cfU-dfW-cfA-cfB-ebp-afT-gdF-ccT-cdF-bdm-bdX-aeJ-Z-Z-Z-Z-S Work in Progress: (Opening the Door)bH-fcQbP-ecz-ccDax-ecC-aab-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-V,fP-gfP-efZ-cfS-gfS-ccNfV-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-R,dA-bdHcA-bcHdA-bdHcA-bcHfH-dfg-efg-cfh-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-R,mf-cmg-cmf-cmg-bmh-elw-elw-clv-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-R

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