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  • Member since: 3/29/2008
  • XBOX Live: no
  • Wii: FINALLY GOT ONE!!!!!!!!
  • PSN: changed my mind to get a D.S. I
  • SteamID: huh.....?


interests: skateboarding biking jogging playing video games

hobby:playing guitar

favorite game (wii) guitar hero world tour

favorite game (PS2) final fantasy X

recommended games i have played:
halo 3

halo wars

super smash bros. brawl


guitar hero world tour

champions return to arms

matrix path of neo


T.H.U.G 2

final fantasy X

star wars force unleashed

trama center:new blood

trama center:under the knife

try those games out there pretty fun...

dragonsbreath is pretty ticked off cause someone has been stealing from him including my DS and games

favorite mythical creature: dragons (obviously)
job scored by a family friend: dog-sitting while the owner is in china
pay:$350  very happy when i get that

favorite songs: B.Y.O.B
what i've done
dance with the devil
unknown soldier
our truth
pull me under
evil angle
until the end
breaking the habit
in the end
blow me away
dirty deeds done dirt cheep
one winged angel (metal version)
sad but true
what's up people

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