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IM a hardcore gamer and yeah. I have made a clan called T0X1C so yeah here it is
1. Tell me you would like to joins and i will see
2. it is all based on here for ranking so start commenting like crazy for ar points.
3. i am the creator and leader
4. please join for fun or for game meet ups so we can beast
5. first 5 people to comment about my clan will be as chiefs and co leader.
6. I am a big fan of other clans so if i find out that you are bad mouthing to clans you will get kicked.
7. webstite in maintnence for now
8. my ranking is being made so for right nwo its pretty basic you start as private and go up sorry for now
9. have fun dont get angry
10.as long as your a good person i will let you in my clan
so yeah comment for more details
11. please refrain from cussing if it necessary please put fudge or use the stars on the words thanks
12. members- to be announced
13. i was born and raised in england
14. im in college in usa where i am getting a degree in computer development and hopefully go in the nba if not i have some great pc game ideas
15.i produce dubstep for my college for b ball games and if you would like to hear some just ask

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