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N-o-n B-u-l-l-y-i-n-g club. Okay lemme get this straight,Obviously NO BULLYING because I do not like bullies AT ALL so here are MY rules. RULES: #1 NO COMMENTING OVER 62 COMMENTS! #2 NO BULLYING! #3 NO NAME CALLING! #4 NO BAD WORDS! #5 NO BEING MEAN OR SAYING WORDS LIKE CRAP & POOP & ALL THAT #6 NO ACCUSING ANYONE #7 DON`T SPAM, WHO LIKES THAT? #8 FRIEND ME IF YOU WANNA! Okay Lemme Try To Be Nice (Especially To The Admins & The Moderators) But, You... YOU Are Awesome Friends! Here Is Why 62, My Favorite Numbers Are; 62,31, And 2. 31 Times 2 Equals 62. 10 Factorial Is Also A Number I Like Because Ten Factorial Is 3628800. Eyup ╔═══╗♫ ♪♫ ║███║Excuse Me But Is This An ║(o) ║ MP3 Player? ╚═══╝ Comment On It! You`ll Never Read This Far But If You Do, Be Sure To Friend Me If You Wanna And If You Read This On Any Holiday, Happy Or Merry Holidays! I`ll Come Back To The Biography On Any Day I Feel! ! 123,456,789 + 987,654, 321 = 1,111,111,110 Is a fun logic. Go to: to solve hard questions! That is what helps me do things like: 60x24. Halrighty, I'm back kind of... Well I have been playing "Minecraft" and I may have been gone for a while... And I have been quite busy... Busy enough to run my own server and also to be on my favorite servers... Eh.. That's okay because I'll still be here; When I feel like it that is. I'm back because why the heck not? Sorry that you guys may see a lot of grammar issues...

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