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Im 16 years old and I like to play baseball and soccer.
I like playing runescape and playing elder scrolls IV oblivion (xbox 360) . If you need any help with elder scrolls IV oblivion ask me.


And Alguzara's fr2 maps are PWNAGE! =P

(\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help him
(")_(") gain world domination!

Before I made a profile I played alot of games on this site so im rating the games I played =P

I just added some top 100 guys so.... yea

Just saving this Electric.eISQQ
its from electric man 2

-------------------'-====•:•:\(= =)/:•:•====-'
-------------------------)|(´`*Ω ~~ Ω*´`)|(
-------------------------)|(´`*~ ΩΩ ~*´`)|(
-------------------------)|(´`*Ω ~~ Ω*´`)|(
---------------------//'''''''//''''''[- ^ -]''''''\\'''''''\\
--------------------- \\.....\)......] || [......(/.....//
-------------------------------\) ] || [ (/
best map ever
-18 1i 18 1i,-17 1h -101 1h,-b2 10 -bh m -bh -1 -b4 -d -9l -g -85 -19 -6c -1b -5j -l,-5g -l -41 -i -3k -b -3a c -3s o -51 o,-b4 10 -aj 10 -a1 h -9d c -8k m -88 10 -6t 10 -6e h -5l e -54 r,-9l -l -9n -1j,-a9 15 -9q h,-9n h -8u h,-8u j -8n 17 -96 1m,-98 1m -a1 17,-a4 15 -a6 r,-62 r -72 15 -6t 1p,-6r 1p -5v 1r,-5t 1r -5e 1h -5q m -69 m,-93 e -93 -b -8f -b -8f -1 -91 -1,-8d 7 -7r 7 -7r e -8a e -88 9,-7h -8 -7k h,-7c h -7c 9,-6o -3 -6t -3 -70 c -6m c,-6c -1 -5q -1 -5q -b -6c -b -6c 4 -5t 7,-9b -i -5e -i,-77 -i -77 -16,18 1h 2lk 1h,1hj 1f 1oo -l 1oo 1k,202 -1m 238 -1p 24f -n 27r -s 28f -e 28q 5 28f k 24u k 24f -3 23g -9 22t -6 229 b 223 m 1vk m 1uo -9 1tm -9 1sv 8 1sq b 1r4 8 1r1 5,205 -1p 1u4 -12 1rd -12 1qj -k 1r4 b,1u7 -12 241 -v,21d -1m 21d -15,21a -1m 21a -12,1te e 1tp -c 1uf -3 1ul k 1u7 1a 1te 17,1tb 14 1tj 8,232 12 229 k,229 h 22n -6 244 -3 24d e,24d h 247 14 232 v,24d -s 25q -2c,1v9 0 1v9 -k 1vt -k 1vt -c 1v9 -c,1vt -9 20j -9 20j 3,20g 3 205 3 202 -9,20s -e 20s 0,214 5 21a -3,21a -n 21a -k 217 -k 21a -k 217 -k,21r -c 21i -c 21f 8 21i 8,223 -6 22c -6 22c -k 21u -k 21u 0,220 0 229 0,2vr -t 37t 1e,2vs -u 2vs 1d,2bo -q 2b4 -v 2ao -20,2bt -v 2b2 -25,2b2 -2a 2a9 -22 2b2 -2c 2a6 -22,2b2 -2h 2aj -3a 2b2 -2f 2ae -3d 2av -2f,2br -1j 2br j,2bs h 2bi 1h,2bs j 2c6 1c,29s -48 2a2 -40 29s -45,29t -45 2a4 -3u 29t -45 2a1 -3u,2q8 1d 2rn k 2t9 18 2vf a,2uh m 2tp -c 2sv -10,2su -i 2su -1b 2s6 -1n 2s5 -1j 2sr -17 2sr -l,2ss -l 2st -13 2ss -1b 2s6 -1k,2s7 -1k 2sr -1a 2ss -p 2su -1a,2su -u 2su -n 2st -10,2j5 -49 2iu -4f 2j3 -49 2it -4e,2j0 -4a 2ir -4d 2j3 -48 2ir -4d,2km -v 2km 1c,2kk -4 2j7 -t,2j9 -q 2j4 -1c,2kp -9 2lf -6 2lp -e,2j2 -1h 2m1 -b,2ls -9 2j2 -1e 2lu -4 2iv -19 2ln -4 2iv -1e 2lu -b,2m3 -6 2iv -1c,2c5 -4i 2c5 -4b 2ch -44 2cr -4b 2ch -4j,2cf -4j 2c5 -4j,2cf -48 2ct -3s,2cc -46 2d2 -3q 2d7 -41 2cm -4d,2cc -4d 2cr -43 2cc -4d 2c5 -4e 2ce -4d 2c9 -4d 2cu -3v,2cc -4d 2co -49 2ce -4g 2c9 -4e 2cc -4d,2d0 -3v 2cp -48 2d3 -41,2d2 -41 2d0 -3s 2cu -41,2cu -43 2cj -49,2cj -4b 2cj -4i 2c7 -4i 2cf -4b,2ch -4b 2cc -4i,2ch -4i 2c5 -4g,2c7 -4g 2ca -49,2cc -49 2cu -3u,2cf -4i 2cp -49,2d2 -44 2cp -41,2cr -41 2d3 -3u 2d3 -43,2ck -4i 2d8 -43 2cu -43,2lk 1g 4p0 1g,415 -5i 434 -3j 47v -3c 4ap -4m 4c3 -6b 4c8 -7e 4bp -89 49o -9a 43q -9h 41f -8t 40k -82 3vo -7e 3uv -71 3po -74 3oi -7o 3o6 -8j,3o8 -8j 3n5 -92 3mf -8h 3m2 -7q 3m7 -74 3mu -6n 3od -61,418 -5f 402 -63 3uj -63 3od -63,3n5 -7v 3nd -7q 3n5 -7q 3mu -7t 3nd -7q 3n5 -7q,3n8 -7v 3o3 -8h,3n5 -82 3n5 -92,3mu -82 3mf -8h,3mu -7v 3m5 -71,3n3 -7q 3n0 -6n,3n5 -7t 3nu -7b,3od -7v 3od -7b 3np -6l 3nf -6i,468 -9h 468 -ad 46p -aa 46n -9h 46d -9r,46d -9u 46d -a8 46d -9m 46i -9m 46i -aa 46i -9p 46a -9p 46i -9k 46d -9k 46k -9k 46k -a5 46a -a8,46i -9p 46i -a8 46i -9c 46i -9p 46a -9p 46a -aa 46a -ai 4er -af,46a -ai 46d -9m,46a -ad 46k -aa 468 -9p 46f -a3 46i -9p,43t -3r 43v -79 46p -79 46n -3h,49o -92 499 -8o,492 -8j 48g -7g,48g -7b 48b -6d,48b -6b 48b -5a,48e -58 48t -4f,48v -4f 492 -4f,49c -4c 49j -4a,43b -87 43e -8r 449 -8o 447 -8h 43e -8h 43b -7v,444 -89 44e -89 44e -7g 43q -7t 449 -87,450 -8r 44t -7l,455 -7o 45a -87,45a -8o 45h -8o 45c -8o,45a -8o 45f -8j,465 -8c 45p -8e 45m -7o 46a -7l,46p -84 47d -84 47l -8m 473 -8m 46u -7v 47i -7o,46i -af 3t6 -af,465 -ai 4eo -ai,46a -ak 3t6 -ak,3t1 -af 46a -ai,457 -5u 45a -47 45a -3m 44j -3h 44c -24,45c -3r 45u -3c 45u -24,45a -58 45u -4k 452 -58 463 -4f 457 -5d 44r -5f 44o -4p 45u -4m,457 -5d 465 -4h 45c -55 45u -4r,463 -4r 45c -58 460 -4m,45k -5k 45h -5i,457 -5i 45r -5f 463 -58 45r -50,48q -7q 48q -5a 4aa -58,49h -71 49h -5n 4ah -5n,4am -5n 4ak -4r,4b8 -5i 4ap -6g,4am -6g 4am -66 4ap -6v 4am -61 4ap -6v,49m -6l 4ar -6s,499 -10 49e -p 49k -n 49o -p 49j -12 49d -17,49e -17 498 -11 49i -p 49m -p 49j -10,49i -p 49a -v,49a -10 49g -r,49g -q 49c -u 49g -q 49c -q,49i -11 49e -14 49f -11,49g -11 49k -t 49k -p 49f -v 49i -t 49d -13 499 -15,49b -15 49a -11 49e -15 49f -t,49e -v 49b -12 49j -s 49b -11 49g -u,4or 1g 4pt 1j 4rc 1k 4t7 1g 4v9 16 51c l 52v 4 54k -i 568 -1b 57s -27 59a -36 5ak -48,6rt -47 6sc -3a 6t2 -2c 6u1 -1c 6v2 -h 70e 9 71m r 732 1d 74l 22 76d 2m 787 38 7a2 3m 7bt 40 7dp 45 7fl 47,7fg 47 8hs 47,61u -5m 610 -5l 5vv -5l 5uq -5d 5to -4q,5ul -5e 5tv -53 5tb -4h 5sk -40 5rp -3m 5qq -3k 5pn -3m,61p -5j 62p -5a 63n -4u 64h -49 655 -3c 65g -28 65c -12 64l 3 63j 11 62d 1m 614 1v 600 23 5up 1u 5tq 1h 5t3 s 5sj 1 5rq -q 5qt -1h 5pq -1v,5ps -3l 5ji -3l,5pq -1u 5jk -20 5i0 -12 5gb -12 5f6 -25,5f6 -2d 5f6 -4l,5f8 -4o 5g9 -5h,5gg -5h 5hr -5h,5i0 -5h 5jf -3v 5js -3i,5h4 -3i 5h7 -3i,5h9 -3i 5gq -3i 5h2 -3i 5gv -3n 5i2 -1m,5gv -3n 5gv -2s,5gv -2u 5gv -3i 5h7 -59,5gv -3i 5h9 -3g,5h4 -3g 5g6 -4j,5gt -3l 5i7 -4l,5h2 -3g 5j0 -33,5h4 -3g 5gt -1c,5h2 -3l 5fg -20,5gq -3l 5f8 -3s,609 -5j 609 -6h 609 -5t 60c -6h 60c -5j 60e -6m 60h -5t 60h -6f 60h -65,60h -62 60h -6a 60h -5c,607 -6k 6iv -6k,607 -6f 5fq -6f,641 -4g 63l -4g,63i -4g 633 -4b,62u -44 62f -3d,62d -38 62a -2k,62a -2i 62a -28,62d -23 62d -1p,62f -1h 62n -12,62s -10 636 -o,63b -m 63q -h,63v -h 649 -e,64b -e 64g 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-67 8jh -5m,8jc -5j 8j9 -6m 8jc -5h 8jc -62,8j4 -6m 8hv -67 8jc -6k 8i1 -67,7uf 1g 7uv 1k 7uk 1p 7ua 1o 7ue 1i 7uk 1k 7ug 1k 7ul 1l 7uf 1l,7uj 1m 7u9 1m 7uh 1p 7ul 1o,7ut 1k 7uj 1l,7uj 1m 7uf 1l,8kj -1m 8km b,8kh -17 8ii -10,8ii -j 8ii -1h 8h0 -10 8ig -1f 8h3 -10,8af 1k 8ad 1o,8l3 -ea 8l3 -au,8l3 -ds 8j9 -cs,8j9 -cc 8ir -dg 8j1 -cc 8it -da 8j9 -c6,8ip -di 8hf -bi,8in -dg 8hb -bk,8if -dc 8hh -bs,8la -kb 8lf -h4,8l7 -jn 8ig -hr,8ii -h9 8i6 -ir 8ib -h9,8i1 -j3 8h0 -fi,8h0 -g4 8i3 -ip,8i1 -ip 8h3 -fs,88p 1a 88q 15,894 18 895 1e 896 18,896 19 896 1e 897 19 897 1c,8lf -u8 8lh -s2,8l2 -tu 8j4 -sp 8j4 -s2,8j4 -sf 8j1 -t8 8h0 -rm,8iv -tf 8gr -rh,8iq -ta 8gu -rr,92s -1b 92s c,92s -s 952 -g 952 4,952 2 952 -i,952 -l 968 -i 955 -l,9oo 1f 9o9 1f 9om 1f 9o7 1a 9or 1c 9oj 1c,92u -78 933 -4j,92u -6k 95o -60 95m -5a 95m -6f 95j -5a,95j -6a 96a -65 95r -6a 96a -60,96c -60 95m -68,960 -68 967 -60,9j1 1b 9is 1i 9ja 1q 9j4 1d 9j1 19 9j8 1i 9jc 1q 9j3 1h 9j6 1h 9j1 1d 9iu 1h 9j3 1j 9j1 1e,9j3 1e 9j3 1i,9j1 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