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  • Member since: 2/10/2012
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: I'll aim for the head if I have to shoot a zom
  • MSN: Uhhh What....
  • Yahoo: *FACEPALM* does anyone even use yahoo anymore?
  • XBOX Live: Pshhhhh Why would I pay for X-Box live?
  • Wii: Well I got one dont know my friend code.
  • PSN: Yeah like I would really have one of these...
  • SteamID: I cant even remember when I last steamed something


Play with me on Monster Hunter Tri [Wii] Online name: nick ID: xk3fw2 Cya there =D To those who don't know, the ID is not my friend code, it is only to identify me on MH Tri.

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