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  • AIM: right between the eyes
  • MSN: my shortbread napkin?
  • Yahoo: i am the best!
  • XBOX Live: holy crap xboxes' are alive, god help us all!
  • Wii: are the champions
  • PSN: potatoe shooter 3, i love that game
  • SteamID: choo choo


my story how i came to be on i used to play on, one day i saw a new game, free rider 2, i tried to play it but the link never worked, it always said unable to open this page, so i went on google and searched free rider 2. one of the first links i saw was i went and played on free rider 2, when i had finished i went to the top of the page, that's when i saw you could register, so straight away i registered, and now look where i am, in the top 100 players!!!

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