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  • AIM: Wtf is this, like, something instant messaging?
  • MSN: I dont know what this is either
  • Yahoo: My dad uses yahoo :o
  • XBOX Live: Xbox is (as im told) a horrible machine
  • Wii: I got the old one :D
  • PSN: Well, its kinda obvious to guess, isn't it??
  • SteamID: It might actually be Evilsweetblock, i dont really know.


My Personal Hero is Spooky Pyro. I dress up as him every day and try to burn things.

Discus isn't working for me, so thats why im not replying to your replies to my posts.

Join the cause

Heres my AG Goals:
Reach 1000 Forum Posts - Incomplete
Reach 6666 Forum Posts - Incomplete
Reach 10k Forum Posts - Incomplete
Have an RPG of mine reach 100 pages - Incomplete
Have an RPG of mine reach 500 pages - Incomplete
Be only active person on AG with my armatar - Incomplete

I have won the sonic screwdriver by 9thdr Once.

So, I might let ATS and CF die, but you know, I have like, 40 full cards and over 30 items/equipment made, so I might remake it later, to be better, more efficient, and less time consuming. But probably not, forum card games suck.

I'm a special snowflake, but no one seems to get that.

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