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-18 1i 18 1i,13 1h 2a 1h 3h 1h 4m 1h 5r 1h 6t 1i 7p 1i 8o 1i 9v 1l bf 1o cs 1q ee 1r g6 1r i2 1p jv 1o m0 1l o4 1h q9 1c ru 17 tk 11 va s 111 l 12o d 14f 6 167 -1 17v -9 19n -g 1bf -o 1d7 -v 1f0 -17 1gp -1f 1ii -1n 1kb -20 1m4 -29 1nt -2i 1pm -2t 1rf -37 1t8 -3j 1v0 -40 20o -4d 22f -4r 247 -5a 25t -5p 27k -68 29a -6n 2au -77 2ci -7o 2e5 -88 2fn -8p 2h9 -9b,2h9 -9b 2ja -a2,2ja -a2 2l8 -ap,2l8 -ap 2n4 -bh,2n4 -bh 2ou -c9,2ou -c9 2qo -d1,2qo -d1 2sg -dp,2sg -dp 2u8 -ei,2u8 -ei 2vu -fb,2vu -fb 31j -g4,31j -g4 336 -gt,336 -gt 34o -hm,34o -hm 365 -id,365 -id 37b -j1,37b -j1 38h -jm,38h -jm 39f -k7,39f -k7 3a9 -kn,2ut -d1 311 -cv,311 -cv 32p -cr,32p -cr 34c -cn,34c -cn 368 -ch,368 -ch 37v -c9,37v -c9 39o -bs,39o -bs 3bi -ba,3bi -ba 3dd -ak,3dd -ak 3f8 -9r,3f8 -9r 3h4 -8v,3h4 -8v 3j1 -81,3j1 -81 3ku -71,3ku -71 3mc -67,3mc -67 3nq -5d,3nq -5d 3p8 -4i,3p8 -4i 3qn -3n,3qn -3n 3s5 -2r,3s5 -2r 3tk -1u,3tk -1u 3v3 -11,3v3 -11 40j -3,40j -3 423 q,423 q 43k 1o,43k 1o 455 2m,455 2m 46m 3j,46m 3j 488 4g,488 4g 49q 5c,49q 5c 4bd 68,4bd 68 4cv 74,4cv 74 4ej 80,4ej 80 4g6 8r,4g6 8r 4hq 9m,4hq 9m 4je ag,4je ag 4l2 ba,4l2 ba 4mn c4,4mn c4 4oc ct,4oc ct 4q2 dm,4q2 dm 4ro ee,4ro ee 4tf f5,4tf f5 4v6 fs,4v6 fs 50t gi,50t gi 52l h7,52l h7 54d hq,54d hq 565 id,565 id 57t iu,57t iu 59m jd,59m jd 5be jr,5be jr 5d7 k8,5d7 k8 5ev kj,5ev kj 5go ku,5go ku 5ig l7,5ig l7 5ka lf,5ka lf 5m3 lm,5m3 lm 5nt ls,5nt ls 5pm lu,5pm lu 5rg m0,5rg m0 5t9 m1,5t9 m1 5v3 m0,5v3 m0 60s lv,60s lv 62l lu,62l lu 64e ls,64e ls 667 ls,667 ls 680 ls,680 ls 69p ls,69p ls 6bi ls,6bi ls 6db lr,6db lr 6f4 lr,6f4 lr 6gt lr,6gt lr 6im lq,6im lq 6kf lq,6kf lq 6m8 lq,6m8 lq 6o1 lp,6o1 lp 6pq lp,6pq lp 6rj lo,6rj lo 6tc lq,6tc lq 6v6 lr,6v6 lr 711 lp,711 lp 72t lm,72t lm 74p ln,74p ln 76n ll,76n ll 78l lg,78l lg 7ai lj,7ai lj 7ce ln,7ce ln 7ea lj,7ea lj 7g1 lv,7g1 lv 7hp m9,7hp m9 7jk lr,7jk lr 7lb lr,7lb lr 7ni m1,7ni m1 7pg l8,7pg l8 7r8 l0,7r8 l0 7sk lv,7sk lv 7ug lu,7ug lu 80c l7,80c l7 81q mn,81q mn 838 nc,838 nc 852 n5,852 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I am learning Blender! it's very fun, you can make melting ice letters, coffee cups, and whatever you want to! You should learn it too. ;D

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