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Ko ko Ok Co.
I would put my facebook on but I don't no if your a creeper or not, get it?
Let's see. My name is Todd. I live in Pennsylvania. I'm so excited that school is over! I have a pool. ~jealous~ That's probably the only reason I don't kill myself over the heat. I like saying so.... to start a conversation just because ppl. have weird reactions to it. My favorite parody artist is Rucka Rucka Ali. My favorite parody is Iyaz Replay PARODY - Don't Be A Playa. Haiti ----- Rucka Rucka Ali The emo Nazi's one is cool to. That's it k bye.
I"m thinking o fan idea for a website. Comment if you have any good ideas.
Also, I believe Waffleism, the belief that the world was created by the Waffle Lord and Aunt Jemimah. All non-believers go to French Toast Hell. A place where you have to eat French toast without sugar or anything to drink.
If you too believe just tell thepossum put on your profile that you're a Waffleist.
Want to see a pic of the most awesome hobo in the world. Click Here
Did I get you? Ok here I'm really not lying just click here.
Ok bye now I'm all done you can go now. Seriously go away! STOP STALKING ME AND READING WHAT I TYPE!!!!!!!!!

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