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Gemcraft chatper0 (GOE) generic hints and strategies:
1. replay levels for a better score, and a win count increase.
2. Focus on these skills when you get them: focus(starting mana), at least one building skill, orange mastery, lime or red mastery, forge, dual mastery, firing speed. Readiness is ok if you're just starting out.
3. In general, don't level up a skill all the way untill you have lots of points; the last level costs 6 points, the first level costs only 5.
4. anger early waves with one or two gem bombs for extra mana; do NOT anger swarm waves unless you have a strong mana farm.
5. From levels 1 to about halfway between the first and second gaurdian, set up only a few orange traps on normal mode; set up more for the arcane battles and endurance mode.

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