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read:I I'm back. sorry to disapoint you but I'm not dead. ,I've just been a little busy. I will not be responding to your comments due to me being lazy. (: .
If it is inportant please post again.
I will not be getting on much anymore due to me being a little bit busy still. If needed I will check my comments weekely. thankyou and good bye.
Hi, I'm sam,you can (and will) call me frisko, I'm a halo fanboy,and armor games is my favorate game sight ever. I ust to like miniclip but, the games just are not my type.
halo fanclub
frisko12 (founder/runner)
Cjetton1 (first member)
reasons to join
-we only have one rule
-only halo fanclub
-I'll add a link to your profile
-anybody can join!(if you know halo that is.)

I only have one rule,that you comment on the halo stickied thread at least once a week.
(This rule dose not neccecarily have to be followed. Howhever,for your own benifit I'd like my members to get involved with other halo fans,as this will increase thier knowledge of halo.)

just ask me to join!
clubs/clans Im in
halo fanclub(duh)
weapon clan
calvin and hobbes club
95% of teens listen to this crapy rock,rap,pop,jazz,etc. If your one of the 5% that still listen to the classics(blue grass,classical,etc.) then post this on your page.
flash games(duh)
my forum games:
halo3 slayer
star wars battle
D.C. vs. Marvel
starwars RPG!
starwars battle (vs.2)

starwars RPG (vs.2)
my walkthrus

endless war defense-tips and tricks.
castaway 2-peeking tom
warfare 1944-1st level on german campain
palidise gurdian 2-tips and tricks
warfare 1944-4th level on german campain.
warfare 1944-3rd level on german campain
warfare 1944-1st+2nd level on german campain
warfare 1944-5th level on american campain
warfare 1944 4th level on american campain
warfare 1944-level 3 on american campain
warfare 1944-2nd level on amarican campain
Raze2-REAL credit croping

my nature photography
my halo story
my drawings
Favorate games
my favorte game:sierra 7
2nd favorate game:raze

3rd favorate game:armor mayhem
favorite quotes
I had a dream!...bam!
-king james jr.

sex:no thx,Im not a pervert like some of
the other users who post simaler quotes.
favorate sport:baseball(close seconed is hockey)

favorate subject:history

favorate type of food:italian

favorate color:green

favorate comedian:brian regan (close second is tim hawkins)
sport teams
MLB-NY Yankees
NHL-DT Red Wings
NFL-LS Saints
(I know this seems wierd cus thier not all from one state,but I dont do home teams. I pick the best teams and root for them.)

-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You

my movie review
spoiler alert

GIJOE: Rise of Cobra:good movie but it seemed a little violant for a movie based on a kids show. And i didnt like how berrowness turned out to be dukes x-girlfriend.
Batman Begins:I dont think they could have done better. Bruce Wayne was perfect,the storyline was awsome,and the special effects were good too.
The Dark Knight:I think the special effects in this movie was even better,although I dont like how rachel dies. And I definatley thought the joker was perfect.
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith:Wow this was a very depresing movie. But the lightsaber duels were totaly epic! And I like the effect how at the end you see everything start to tie together beetween the new saga and the old saga.

| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
\\\ \ / ///
\\\\\\\\\\ V //////////
\ \ ____^____ / /
\ \ | | /
\ | ARMOR |/
\ /
\ /
\ /
/ /\ / \ \
/ / \ / \ \
l / \/ \ l
Post this on your about to show that you love armorgames.
10% of teens would cry if the Justin Bieber was on the Empire State Building about to jump. If you're in the 90% who would grab a chair and some popcorn and yell " Jump idiot, jump!" post this in your profile!
I put a little thing to gether here,my own lttle halo soundtrack.-enjoy!
the new combat evolved theme[it really is new and inproved.]
Halo theme song[not mjolnir mix]
Halo theme song[mjolnir mix]
Finish the fight
brothers in arms
lucky landing
Roll call
Since my halo fan club isnt working out that much(Im still keeping it) Im thinking
about making a sierra7 club. it will just be for showing that you love sierra7. so ask me if you wana join.
seya in the forums!
don't feel like scrooling up today?

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