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  • AIM: i dont mean to brag but i got pretty good aim
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ok so... this is mah bio there is many like it but this one is mine - SONG- SAFETY TORCH BY Tobuscus look at lil timtim sleeping so soundly WAKE UP TIMTIM THE MONSTERS GONNA EAT U!!!Dont be scared or the monsters will you eat you they can smell fear and there looking for you.But i got a SAFETY TORCH PUT IT ON YOUR PORCH SAFETY TORCH PUT IT IN THE HALLWAY SAFETY TORCH NOW ILL NEED 50 bucks,but my house is on fire,shhhshh timtim things are looking grimgim but lucky for you you i have come with a solution...SAFETY WATER PUT IT IN A BUCKET SAFETY WATER PUT IT ON THE FIRE SAFETY WATER PUT IT IN A BUBBLE BATH SAFETY WATER THE FIRST ONES ON THE HOUSE type in do a barrel roll in google,do it, come on,your not doing it,DO IT You live and you learn then you die and you stop learning -Toby Turner sometimes i have dreams about taking an arrow to the knee while flying cat with a cupcake for a torso flys with a rainbow behind it.Suddenly you see something green walking torward you it says thatsssSSss a very nice everything you have there and....wait for it wait for it wait wait for it BOOM!!!!!!!you are dead butbefore you shut your eyes you here this:n00b got pwned . then i wake up this is my thinking space of epicosity imagine anything you want here. so how was your trip down epicosity lane? huh, oh really!!! a horse!!!with a bucket!?!? thats great.

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