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haven't been updating this. recently I'm into exit path. IT ROCKS! catch u on multiplayer! Alright, here's one of my best works for free rider,leave comment and fastest time best times!: 1 37.852s baseballfamer123 2 39.887 Icewind 341.339s gameman12 4 41.45s gameman12 5 70.011s gameman12 6 2 min zillacutz Track: my ultimate bike track please leave comment and fastest time on this page! (high scores shown above) -1e 15 c9 e4 cl dq,-1f 15 -24 1l bb ef,co do d9 dc dr d4 ef cu f5 cn ft cj gt cp hk d5,h7 ed gh eq fs f5 f5 ff e9 fj dh fi cr fd bt f3 bi en,cl dp d2 dh,h8 ed i3 e1,i3 dv hs de hh d1,bh en b8 eb,se ct rm cu qt dc q8 dr pp ed pd f2 p5 fp p5 gi pr h6 qs hh rv hn t3 hk u0 h8 ul gh up fl uh ej u7 dl tt cr t3 ct s9 d0,ov fl o9 fr nq ge nj h7 nt i7 oo iq pu j7 r2 ja sa jb te jb uh j6 vi ip 10e i4 10l h6 101 gg v9 g0 uq ft,p0 ir pu mm,ui j6 sv mh,-2i m0 212 n3,210 n0 3f3 ms,3f1 mr 5l3 ma,5l1 ma 5lo mj 5md n3 5n6 nk 5o1 o2 5p5 oh 5q9 ot 5rh p6 5st pd 5ub pj 601 pl 61t ph 63s pc 65u p9 683 p6 69o p5 6bd p1 6d3 os 6ep on 6gg oh 6i6 o9 6jt nv,6jv ns 7ks of,7kp oe 7qg mi,7qg me 7ql me,8pc n9 8qu nv,8qs o0 apn ov,apn ot aqh op are oi asb o8 at4 nv aub nl avj ng b0r nc b21 n8 b33 n6 b48 n3 b5j n0 b76 n5 b8i n8 ba1 n9 bbi n8 bd4 n9 beo nb bgd nc,bgb n8 bh2 n7 bhm n8 bid n8 bj3 n7 bjp n6 bke n8,bkc n7 bka r6,bu8 nc c79 mv,c76 ms cso t1,7l0 pa 7qk n4,7l0 pa 7km pk,7km 10q 7l9 10k 7li 118 7m8 11c 7mr 111 7nd 10q 7o4 10p 7op 110 7pc 11c,7v0 114 7vk 11g 808 11k 80r 11a 81l 10u 82c 10n 831 112 83t 11n 850 120 862 120 872 11n 87t 114 88r 10a 89q vp 8au vp 8bu 102 8cr 10o 8e1 117 8fb 10s,8f8 10q 8fp 10i,7t4 mg 7te mg 8o0 mq,7to n4 8o0 ne,8r4 o2 8r4 23q,7km oc 7f2 25m,8p8 no 8r4 oc,8ps ne 8p8 no,bmp ecu bts ed1,cd2 3m8 ckv 3mf,bkq tl bu2 tj,bu1 tl cnl 1d1,cnk 1d1 d2j 1fi,c8g 13u cri 1du,cc8 164 ct4 1e8,cf2 180 cva 1es,chs 19i d2e 1fg d3c 1f6 d40 1ei,ckc 1b4 d3c 1f6,cm8 1cc d40 1ei,d9u 1ge d5s 1es d7o 1h2 d40 1ge d74 1ji d2e 1j8 d6g 1le das 1nk,d6g 1le d5k 1ld d4r 1ls d3u 1m5 d2v 1mv d24 1o1 d18 1p1 d0a 1q9 cvj 1rk cuq 1t3 cu5 1up ctq 20m ctj 22l ctt 24p cv4 26i d0m 27j d1v 27q d32 27e d3v 26n d4o 25k d5h 24e d5s 23d d68 22d d6k 217 d70 1vv d7f 1uh d7t 1t9 d8b 1s0 d8q 1qt d8g 1q9 d8j 1pd d8n 1oh d8o 1nm d8f 1n3 d89 1mi,d9u 1ge dco 1i0 ddc 1ig dds 1j8 de5 1k5 de2 1l3 ddo 1m1 ddd 1n1,ddc 1n0 dcv 1ni dc6 1nr dbg 1nr,dbg 1nu dai 1na,d8c 1nu d78 1o0 d65 1oc d58 1p4 d4k 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2qi eo6 2s9 eo4 2u1 ep3 2vq er7 31e etr 32e f0d 33c f2t 33t f5c 33q f7k 338 f9f 32d fae 30q fai 2v6 fa7 2tk f9o 2s6 f9c 2qv f8n 2pl f7b 2oo f61 2ns f51 2n3 f41 2ma f35 2lj f29 2ku,et2 2ku est 330,f30 2la f2a 33h,epf 2nl f6o 2no,eof 2q8 f9i 2qf,eof 2s6 f9q 2to,ep5 306 fae 30b,c0e n3 c04 et,c1p n5 c15 f0 bso et c0o bg,c0q bg c11 f6,dph 1uh dsb 1v9 dp8 1ur,eu1 1p4 esg 1q6,esu 1p1 eup 1p0,eul 1ou fdb 1v7,evk 1tp evp 1pf,f6g 1p1 f6h 1pn,fde 1v8 fl5 24i,fl4 24i fnq 24n,fpg 257 fq6 25n,fq4 25l fok 25o,fq7 25a g6o 259,g6o 258 gf1 258,gf2 258 hpm 2t5 i2i 2ql,hfl 2ni hqi 2ss,hi8 2ov hs4 2sl,hk0 2q0 ht3 2s5,hlr 2r4 hut 2ri,hna 2s1 i0c 2r8,hol 2sm i2f 2ql,i0p 2sr i0n 2so,i2i 2tu iq8 2tv,iq7 2tu jj9 2ua,jj9 2u8 k50 2u1,k4s 2tv ldl 3kp,l5p 3el lmp 3oe,lca 42t m70 42m,m52 42j m57 40g,m3g 42e m3d 40q,m2f 42o m1m 41j,m0h 42t m0c 427,lvg 42r lvg 41o,ltp 432 ltp 40n,lt3 42h lt0 42h lsu 419,lr7 42h lr7 40l,lps 42j lpq 40n,loa 42h lo5 40v,llo 42r llv 408,lk1 42r lk6 401,li0 42o lhm 3vs,leu 42j lf6 408,ld7 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