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  • Member since: 8/24/2008
  • Gender: Male
  • AIM: alligator2271
  • MSN: whatever
  • Yahoo: its woo hoo
  • XBOX Live: i wish
  • Wii: wii would like to play
  • PSN: challanges in everything
  • SteamID:


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-------------- | __ ^ __ |-------
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---------------------| |--------------
--------------------/ \-------------


---/ \____|--|____/ \---
--/------------ |--|------------ \--
-|------------- |--|-------------- |-
--\------------ |--|--------------/--
---\ /____|--|____\ /---

Wood Serf: 10 AP
Silver Serf: 25 AP
Gold Serf: 100 AP
Wood Squire: 225 AP
Silver Squire: 400 AP
Gold Squire: 625 AP
Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Silver Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP
Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Silver Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP
Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Silver Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP
Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Silver Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP
Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Silver King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP

my auto with LOTS of goals

b ag 7p ag,n ah -5q ah,6h 9p c4 9p,7k ag c1 ag,bt 9p kh 9p,c0 ag ka ag,kc 9p m1 9p p4 d7,k8 ag l9 ag ls ag og de,og dd q8 fq,p2 d3 qq fo,q6 fo sg jb t5 k4 u2 kj,u3 kj uv kl 10s ko 14q ko,qp fn t0 j2 t8 je tn jo uq jv 10p k5,10o k4 14q k7,14p ko 155 le,161 mr 17u ob,180 oa 1ba o9,1bh o9 1b9 o8,1e1 tp 1e1 u9 1e1 ug 1et ug 1et tp,1ip 1il 1jm 1it,2ch 3rv 2c2 3s6,1mq 1oj 1uh 1ol,1ue 1nu 1sc 1nu,1t7 1nu 23o 1nu,1uf 1ok 23h 1ok,2c1 206 2hn 26c,2kf 2a7 2l2 2ai,2oa 2fm 2p0 2gc,153 ld 164 mu,23g 1ok 2c1 204,2q8 2i0 32t 2sv,3bg 3c8 3ib 3ps 3o1 3um,3o4 3um 3t9 3vu 42j 3vu 4bg 3vu,4a5 3vv 4qm 3vv,4q3 400 551 400 56j 400,56j 3vv 59o 402,59n 402 58e 3vn 59g 3vg 58j 3vg 59e 3v9 58l 3v9 58p 3v7 59l 3v3 59h 3v3 58q 3v2 59n 3uo 58u 3uo 59k 3ul 58u 3ui,58t 3ui 59l 3ug 58u 3ua 59t 3u7 58p 3tu 5a7 3tu,5a6 3tu 58r 3th,85c 851 8ke 86q,8k4 86q 8h8 827,8h5 827 85c 83m,85m 83r 85j 853##T lj a6,T l2 a6,T km aa,T k5 a5,T ip a5,T j7 a5,T gh a4,T fn a7,T f2 a8,T e9 a7,T df a5,T co a9,T c0 a6,T bd a6,T a1 a6,T an a6,T 9f a6,T 8r a6,T 81 a5,B 4sj 3v3 32,B 4t8 3v8 33,B 4v3 3v8 2v,B 4vl 3v6 2r,B 50b 3v6 2t,T 55a 3vn,T 559 3vn,T 554 3vm,T 552 3vm,T 54s 3vm,T 54n 3vm,T 54l 3vm,T 55i 3vo,T 55g 3vo,T 55b 3vo,T 557 3vo,T 555 3vo,T 555 3vo,T 554 3vo,T 54u 3vo,T 54u 3vo,T 55f 3vp,T 55g 3vp,T 55h 3vp,T 55k 3vp,T 55m 3vo,T 55p 3vo,T 55r 3vo,T 55t 3vo,T 55r 3vo,T 55m 3vp,T 55b 3vp,T 555 3vs,T 54v 3vo,T 54v 3vo,T 54m 3vl,T 54k 3vl,T 54j 3vm,T 54i 3vm,T 54i 3vn,T 54i 3vn,T 54h 3vn,T 54g 3vn,T 54e 3vn,T 54c 3vn,T 54a 3vn,T 549 3vn,T 546 3vn,T 544 3vn,T 542 3vn,T 541 3vn,T 541 3vn,T 541 3vn,T 53v 3vn,T 53v 3vn,T 53u 3vn,T 53t 3vn,T 53t 3vn,T 53r 3vn,T 53p 3vn,T 53p 3vn,T 53n 3vn,T 53n 3vn,T 55q 3vo,T 55g 3vo,T 54l 3vo,T 54a 3vo,T 540 3vo,T 53n 3vo,T 53t 3vj,T 53o 3vk,T 53n 3vk,T 53m 3vl,T 53k 3vl,T 53g 3vl,T 53e 3vl,T 53d 3vl,T 53b 3vl,T 53b 3vl,T 539 3vl,T 538 3vl,T 538 3vl,T 538 3vl,T 538 3vl,T 538 3vl,T 538 3vl,T 538 3vl,T 537 3vl,T 537 3vl,T 537 3vl,T 537 3vl,T 537 3vl,T 536 3vl,T 536 3vl,T 536 3vl,T 536 3vl,T 535 3vl,T 535 3vl,T 534 3vl,T 533 3vl,T 533 3vl,T 532 3vl,T 532 3vl,T 532 3vl,T 530 3vl,T 52v 3vl,T 52u 3vl,T 52t 3vl,T 52q 3vl,T 53e 3vj,T 53e 3vj,T 53e 3vm,T 53e 3vm,T 53e 3vj,T 53c 3vj,T 53c 3vj,T 534 3vj,T 534 3vj,T 531 3vj,T 52v 3vj,T 52s 3vj,T 52s 3vj,T 52p 3vj,T 52p 3vj,T 52p 3vj,T 52n 3vj,T 52n 3vj,T 52n 3vj,T 52k 3vj,T 52k 3vj,B 474 3va 2q,T 3jv 3q5,T 3ip 3p2,T 3hm 3n6,T 3ft 3ke,T 3f6 3iv,T 3ei 3hu,T 3e3 3gh,T 3da 3et,T 3cu 3ds,T 2tb 2ko,T 2s1 2jl,T 2rn 2j9,T 2rd 2iu,T 2r1 2ii,T 2qr 2if,T 2qs 2ia,T 2r0 2ib,T 2r3 2if,T 2ri 2iv,T 2rk 2j1,T 2ru 2jl,T 2s1 2jq,T 2s8 2k4,T 2si 2kg,T 2t1 2l4,T 2t2 2l4,T 2t9 2l9,T 2t9 2la,T 2tc 2lk,T 2te 2lk,T 2tl 2lt,T 2tm 2lu,T 2tv 2ma,T 2u4 2mh,T 2u7 2mk,T 2u9 2mm,T 2ua 2mn,T 2ue 2ms,T 2uf 2mu,T 2uj 2n5,T 2ur 2nf,T 2uu 2nk,T 2v2 2nn,T 2v7 2ns,T 2v8 2nv,T 2vc 2o3,T 2vh 2o6,T 2vi 2o8,T 2vh 2ob,T 2v5 2nu,T 2um 2na,T 2uj 2n1,T 2u9 2mh,T 2u5 2md,T 2tq 2m0,T 2th 2lo,T 2tc 2lf,T 2t9 2lc,T 2t6 2la,T 2sv 2kr,T 2ss 2ko,T 2sj 2kg,T 2si 2ke,T 2s9 2k1,T 2s9 2jq,T 2ru 2j9,T 2rs 2j8,T 303 2p1,T 306 2p6,T 30b 2p6,T 30d 2p7,T 30f 2p9,T 30g 2p9,T 30g 2pc,T 30g 2pc,T 30i 2pc,T 30k 2pg,T 30k 2pj,T 30l 2pl,T 30l 2pl,T 30p 2po,T 30p 2po,T 30s 2pr,T 30s 2pv,T 313 2q7,T 314 2qa,T 316 2qc,T 319 2qf,T 319 2qh,T 31g 2qo,T 31g 2qo,T 31j 2qt,T 31l 2r0,T 31n 2r3,T 31q 2r7,T 31s 2ra,T 31v 2rf,T 31v 2rf,T 322 2rh,T 322 2rh,T 322 2ri,T 324 2ru,T 329 2rm,T 327 2rm,T 327 2rr,T 32c 2ru,T 32l 2s1,T 32m 2s6,T 31s 2r2,T 31d 2qe,T 30q 2po,T 2vn 2og,T 2v8 2nu,T 2ue 2ms,T 2tv 2m2,T 2tb 2l9,T 2sv 2kq,T 2so 2kl,T 2sl 2kc,T 2sj 2k6,T 2s4 2jl,T 2rv 2jb,T 2rk 2is,T 2qi 2ig,T 2qg 2hf,T 2qi 2hk,T 2qi 2hp,T 2qi 2hu,T 2r1 2i8,T 2rb 2id,T 2qv 2i3,T 2qq 2hp,T 2qg 2h3,T 2qd 2h3,T 2q8 2h3,T 2ps 2gu,T 2pi 2gh,T 2pi 2gc,T 2pd 2g5,T 2p8 2g2,T 2p8 2g0,T 2p0 2fr,T 2ou 2fr,T 2om 2fh,T 2rq 2is,T 2s4 2j4,T 2rg 2id,T 2rg 2id,T 2qq 2i1,T 2qn 2hu,T 2ql 2hp,T 2q3 2h8,T 2pk 2gf,T 2ps 2gk,T 2p5 2g2,T 2ku 2a2,T 2gn 24e,T 2g3 23s,T 2fd 22p,T 2em 225,T 2dh 21a,T 2cq 20e,T 2bq 1vl,T 2b1 1un,T 2ad 1u6,T 28r 1sp,T 284 1sa,T 27q 1ro,T 218 1oa,T 1u7 1oa,T 1r5 1oa,T 21v 1o5,T 1u4 1o5,T 1r0 1o5,T 1pe 1o5,T 1pe 1o5,T 1j9 1ih,T 1ee u7,T 1ee u7,T 1eg u7,T 1eg u7,T 1eg u7,T 1bi o1,T 1ab o1,T 19n o1,T 19f o3,T 187 o2,T 187 o2,T 187 o3,T 187 o3,T 181 o3,T 14l kd,T 141 kd,T 138 kd,T 12f kd,T 11r kd,T 112 kd,T 10e kd,T vq kd,T v6 kd,T ui kd,T tu k8,T tt k8,T tf k1,T t8 jr,T t3 jj,T st jb,T si is,T s9 ig,T s4 i9,T rq ht,T ri hf,T ra h6,T r3 gp,T qt gf,T qp g4,T qf fm,T qe fl,T q6 fc,T pt f1,T pj en,T pa ea,T p1 du,T om dg,T oh d6,T oa cs,T o5 cd,T o1 cb,T ns c5,T nj c0,T na bo,T n4 bh,T mt b7,T mk ar,T m9 ag,T lr a4,T l7 a4,T ke a4,T jl a4,T j6 a4,T i8 a4,T hk a4,T h0 a4,T g7 a4,T fe a4,T el a4,T ds a4,T d3 a4,T ca a4,T bm a4,T b2 a4,T a9 a4,T 9l a4,T 91 a4,T 8d a4,T 7k a4,B 1en vj 92,B 12 9r 2o
-18 1i 18 1i,17 1g 19 3f,18 3c 26 3c 26 3v 36 3v 36 4n 3v 4n 3v 5e 4j 5e 4j 67,76 78 76 88 87 88 87 92 9f 93 on 95,5r 67 5r 70 76 70 76 77,s0 a6 10t en 1fn f0,1fl ev 1hd h0 1r5 h4,2h 26 99 6o,1r0 h6 1s2 h9 1ta h5 1uo go 203 g5 21i f9 231 e7 24d d3 25h c1 26h b1,3b7 ii 3d3 iq 3f6 iv 3h1 ja 3if k1 3jl ks 3kl ls 3lm mv 3n1 nt 3on o1 3qm nb 3sk mk 3ul m0 40o li 42s lk 44t m9 46h n3 48b nl 4ah nh 4cm nc 4er n6 4gu n2 4j1 mu 4l3 ms 4n4 mq 4p5 mo 4r3 mu 4sv nn 4up os 50j q5 52f ri 54e su 56f ub 58j vp 5ap 116 5d5 12h 5fl 13m 5i7 14p 5kq 15o 5ne 16k 5q2 178 5sj 17e 5us 171 60l 162 62b 150 63q 13q,2e9 bt 2f1 cl 2fq dd 2gn e4 2hp em 2ip f4,2in f4 2jn fb 2ks fi 2m8 fr 2nl g5 2p7 gl 2qi h1 2rv hb 2td hh 2uq hm 308 hq 31k hs 333 hp 34c he,6au 144 6c9 152 6dq 15n 6fh 16a 6hd 16q 6jj 17a 6ld 17n 6nh 181 6pt 189 6sg 18e 6vb 18e 729 18c 757 186 783 17t 7ar 17j 7di 17b,7df 17a 848 17a,846 17a 9ef 17a,9dl 17c 9eq 17c 9g9 17c 9hr 17c 9jp 178 9m2 16v 9nv 16k 9q1 165 9s6 15j 9uf 14u a0q 141 a36 12o a5m 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fso 84,O fss 85,O ft5 86,O ft8 86,O ftc 88,O ftj 88,O ftc 86,O ft4 84,O fu3 8f,O fu5 8e,O ftu 86,O fu3 88,O fu7 88,O fuf 8b,O fup 8b,O fuo 8e,O fun 8g,O ful 8g,O fui 8i,O fuh 8f,O fu9 8b,O fu9 8b,O ftq 85,O ftn 83,O ftl 82,O ftg 7u,O fsp 7v,O fsb 7v,O fs8 7u,O fs6 7u,O fs3 7t,O fru 7p,O frs 7i,O frl 7i,O frj 7i,O frd 7m,O fra 7m,O fr7 7l,O fr6 7l,O fr4 7j,O fr2 7i,O fqv 7i,O fqr 7i,O fqn 7g,O fql 7f,O fqk 7f,O fqj 7f,O fqd 7f,O fqc 7f,O fqa 7d,O fq7 7c,O fq5 7e,O fq5 7c,O fq7 79,O fpr 7c,O fpr 79,O fpm 79,O fqr 7c,O frf 7o,O frk 7r,O frs 7t,O fru 7t,O fsd 7t,O fsg 7t,O fsq 80,O ft4 80,O ft6 82,O ftb 82,O ftl 8c,O ftt 8c,O fu2 8c,O fu9 8c,O fuh 8c,O fuh 8c,O fpj 7c,O fph 74,O fph 74,O fpc 74,O fpc 74,O flf 80,O fm8 7e,O fm8 7h,O fm8 7o,O fm5 7t,O fm5 7t,O fm3 85,O fm0 85,O flu 85,O flr 85,O flr 82,O flr 80,O flp 80,O flp 7c,O flu 7e,O flu 7h,O flu 7o,O flp 7r,O flp 7r,O flk 7r,O flk 7r,O flh 7o,O flh 7o,O flf 7o,O flc 7o,O flc 7m,O flc 7m,O flc 7j,O fla 7h,O flc 7h,O flm 7m,O flk 7e,O flm 7e,O flk 7e,O flf 7e,O dc6 g,O d96 je,O dfm hn,O eg1 la,O ejc j9,O eln fr,O ekk h8,O eht k9,O eek m0,O ecb mf,O dut hk,O dum hk,O dum i1,O dva ej,O dvc eb,O dvf eb,O dv2 g5,O dv2 g5,O dv2 ft,O due jq,O due k2,O duc ke,O du4 km,O du4 ko,O du4 l2,O dtv l7,O dtq la,O e1d b2,O e18 b5,O e13 bc,O e11 bf,O e0p bh,O e0f bk,O e08 bm,O e03 bu,O e03 c8,O e00 cf,O dvu cp,O dvr d1,O dvp d6,O dvm dg,O dvk dv,O dvk e9,O dvk eb,O dvf et,O dva f4,O dv7 fh,O dv7 fo,O dv7 g0,O dut gc,O dut gm,O dut h0,O dut ha,O dut hk,O dut i3,O dut ib,O dut ig,O dur ii,O duo iq,O dum j9,O duj jj,O duj jv,O duc ke,O duc kj,O due kj,O du2 l5,O dtt lm,O duo j4,O dv0 gp,O dvm eq,O dvp dn,O d4t hs,O d20 n1,O cse lu,O cp0 pt,O cjf tq,O cf8 uh,O cd4 u4,O c8c u2,O c40 uo,O c0n tv,O bs3 u4,O bnd u7,O bh6 vp,O b9t 13h,O b5p 14f,O b2d 14k,O avc 14k,O ape 12t,O bqs to,O c56 sg,O con q0,O d6u hf,B 89d 170 2q,B 867 170 2q,B 82u 170 2q,B 80b 170 2q,B 7t5 170 2q,B 7pu 170 2q,B 7mq 170 2q,B 7jm 172 2o,B 7fp 17a 2q,B 85g 16r 2q,B 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-18 1i 18 1i it 1p io hn -29 hn -18 1k,13 3b 10 96 4j 99 4e 38 10 3d,2i 3b 2n 8s,15 6k 49 6h,il f7 k5 f7 k5 g2 l0 g2 ku gu ln gp lk hk m8 hn m6 ii mv ii mv jl nj jo nj kj oh kj oj lc pc lh ph md qf md qn ng sj nl st pe v5 pm vf rn 12j rs 13h uh 15q uh 16e 111 1a1 113,1mn vp 1k2 vp 1ci ru 152 p7,v8 kf nm af,154 p6 v7 kd,ni ad iv 7l,1ml vr 1ml 10k 1ju 10f 155 qb uk l0 nb au io 8l,j7 f2 j7 90,jj eu jr 8v,rd nb rg gl,ru n9 rv hg,11j rl 11g no,121 rn 121 nt,189 10o 187 re,19f 111 19f s4,1kp 13r 1kq 10i,1lg 13p 1le 10t,19u 111 19u 133 1of 13f,i1 8f dn 85 dn ef hk ed hp 8h,gr al gp bo hd bo hd ab gr ad gr av,in f3 i1 e0 ha du,1od 13h 1od 150 1pv 150 1pv 169 1r4 16c 1r4 17u 1sg 17u 1si 197 1u4 195 1u2 1aj 2hs 1au,2hr 1at 2vo 1b7,3b8 1c7 4vl 1cu,2vm 1b3 3b6 1bg 3au 1b6,3b6 14h 3b1 1b8,3bc 1c5 302 1b7,3b5 1c0 3b0 1bk 38i 1bh,39b 1br 3ao 1bu,3am 1br 36p 1bh,36m 1bh 36c 1bk,35h 1bk 33n 1bh,33q 1bh 34j 1bc 357 1bc 36a 1br,378 1c0 35o 1b5 34t 1b2,34g 1bh 37d 1bh,3av 1bt 3cc 193 3cm 1bv 3dr 198 3ei 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my best one is this one below !
k 1j 1o 12 30 5 4i b 66 11 7v 1m 9j 1v b1 20 cd 1q dt 1k fe 1g gq 1f i3 1h jh 1r l3 28 mg 2c o0 26 pd 1g qf a ra -12 ru -2h sf -3q t9 -48,tu -46 v1 -3l vr -2b 10d -10 115 d 12m 1h 14i 2b 16e 2g 18b 26 1a9 1j 1c6 t 1e2 k 1fm j 1h2 p 1ii 1h,1ic 1f 1j8 1p 1kd 1n,1nq b 1nd b,1ns c 1nh 1q,1nm c 1t6 -q 1ug -2f,1ui -2f 2ck -2e,2cc -2e 33s -2e,1no 8 1n0 i 1m7 10 1lh 1c 1ko 1l 1jt 1r,40j -1o 4vu -1o,33p -2d 3f8 -88,3g1 -86 3t8 -7s 40o -1u,4vm -1m 50u -1l 52g -1l 54a -20 55t -33 57c -4p 587 -69 591 -7o 59m -9l 5a5 -ba 5ab -cm,5ab -co 5ac -bf 5ai -9u 5ap -8d 5bi -6m 5ct -51 5ec -45 5g1 -3j 5ho -38 5jf -38 5l5 -39 5mr -39 5oh -39 5q5 -39 5rp -38 5tu -36 602 -34 625 -31 648 -2u 667 -2v,65v -2s 85a -2s,a6g 76 an1 76 an1 i2 b6h i2 b60 1ab,b60 1a2 bvk 1a2,c14 1a2 c14 1qo,c14 1s7 cj0 1s7 cj0 2h3,cj0 2gu d4s 2gu,d6c 2gu d6c 34f,d6c 37e do8 37e,dr7 37e dsn 3se,du6 3tu g76 3tu,8vc -f a6i -f,g73 3tt g8l 3v7 ga2 40v gbh 433 gd3 458 gf1 478 gh5 491 gjk 4ad gma 4bc gp2 4c2 grt 4ce guq 4cc h1n 4c4 h4l 4br h7l 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alan.ACQRU is for electric man 2 just type the code in and you will be back from where you left off

i play soccer and im the best goly in the division...i have saved 37 goals!!
uhh.....i also am a fast runner. i like spicy and italian food. also DragonForce is my favorite favorite song of DragonForce is Revolution Deathsquad.


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