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"i eat gamers like you for breakfast" im 14, and what can i say im just the average teenage boy.... ********************************************************************************************************************************************* "Modern Pencils 1" -18 1i 18 1i cg 1i dd 1i eh 1i,-18 1i -18 -5k -u -5k -u -5u -1i -5u -1i 1i -18 1i,ec 1i f8 1i g6 1f ha v i7 b j2 -h jh -1d,jm -1s k0 -1s mg -1s mg -4c mg -5a nb -58 ob -4u pe -4c qc -3l r5 -2m s1 -1c sq 0 tm 1g ul 30 vo 4f 10v 5r 129 75 13n 8b 159 9f 16s af 18j bb 1aa c3 1c1 cp 1dp db 1fi dq 1hb e8 1j4 ei 1ku eq 1mn f0 1oh f4 1qb f7 1s5 f9,jl -1s jh -1b,kk -1s kk -4c ku -5a l8 -4c l8 -1s,kk -4b kr -44 kv -4d l7 -42,kr -45 kr -1t,l4 -45 l4 -1t,kr -4v l2 -4v kt -56 kt -51 l0 -51,kv -51 kr -51,l1 -50 ku -53,1s0 fa 1ve fa 21a fa 26a fa,294 fa 29o fa 29o fu 2ac fu 2ac gi 2b0 gi 2b0 h6 2bk h6 2bk hq 2c8 hq 2c8 ie 2cs ie 2cs j2 2dg j2 2dg jm 2e4 jm 2e4 ka 2eo ka 2eo ku 2fc ku 2fc li 2g0 li 2g0 m6 2gk m6 2gk mq 2h8 mq 2h8 ne 2hs ne 2hs 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25c 904 26u 8vg 26u 904 27s,90o 27s 94q 27s,95o 23g 95o 27s,962 23q 98s 24o,95o 25m 97a 25m,962 27i 97a 27i,99g 24e 9a4 286,996 26a 9b2 26a 9ca 26a,988 26k 97k 286,988 26k 996 27s,97u 278 98s 278,9b2 26a 9ao 27s,9b2 278 9c0 278,9b2 27i 9ca 27s,9cu 26a 9d8 286,9cu 260 9e6 278 9d8 27i 9eq 28g#S jm -1s,S 4ru 180,T 3ta vs,S 26k bi,T 5qi 28g,T 5pk 28g,T 5om 28g,T 5no 28g,T 5mq 28g,T 5ls 28g,T 5ku 28g,T 5k0 28g,T 5j2 28g,T 5i4 28g,S 60h 1jv,B jk -1t c,T 656 1gt,T kq -62,S 8eh 1vn,T 8gk 1s1,T bf6 37t,S 3jg 119 ********************************************************************************************************************************************* MYSPACE USERS: URGENT! hey, im drew davidson. if you already have, or dont already have the MOBSTERS app, then you should add not only the app, but also ADD ME to your mob/family. Mobsters is an awesome myspace game in which you can complete missions, buy territories, and attack either your rivals, or any random mobster. in MOBSTERS, the larger your mob or "family" is, the more powerful you are, and you'll be able to access more missions. NOTE: one of the best ways to become a true mobster, and a powerful respected one at that, is to first send an app invite to ALL of your myspace friends. then, if you still want more, you can go to "add-train" sites, and add as many people ass you want. some good sites are,,, and ADD ME!- ((send me an friend request.)) Last name: Davidson Email: ACCEPTING ALL INVITES AND FRIEND REQUESTS! **i made an account for my best Free rider 2 maps**,** gamer_eater_maps ** check out my friends list to find it! -18 1i 18 1i 18 6s 5k aa,18 6s 18 aa 92 aa 10q aa 1m2 aa 29o aa 2jo aa 2jo 5a 2gu aa,18 2q 1i aa,1s aa 18 34,18 3e 26 aa,2g aa 18 3o,18 42 2q aa,18 4c 34 aa,18 4m 3e aa,18 50 3o aa,42 aa 18 5a,18 5k 4c aa,4m aa 18 5u,18 68 50 aa,5a aa 18 6i,5u aa 18 76,18 7g 68 aa,6i aa 18 7q,18 84 6s aa,76 aa 18 8e,18 8o 7g aa,7q aa 18 92,18 9c 84 aa,8e aa 18 9m,18 a0 8o aa,2jo 1i 2jo 5a,2jo 1i 2m8 1i 2m8 -50,2jo 2q 2je aa,2jo 34 2j4 aa,2iq aa 2jo 3e,2jo 3o 2ig aa,2jo 42 2i6 aa,2hs aa 2jo 4c,2jo 4m 2hi aa,2h8 aa 2jo 50,2gk aa 2jo 5k,2jo 5u 2ga aa,2g0 aa 2jo 68,2jo 6i 2fm aa,2fc aa 2jo 6s,2jo 76 2f2 aa,2eo aa 2jo 7g,2jo 7q 2ee aa,2e4 aa 2jo 84,2jo 8e 2dq aa,2dg aa 2jo 8o,2jo 92 2d6 aa,2cs aa 2jo 9c,2jo 9m 2ci aa,2c8 aa 2jo a0,-18 1i -18 -50,1ag aa 1ag 5u 1a6 aa,1ag 5u 19s aa,1ag 5u 1b4 aa,1ag 68 19i aa,1ag 68 1be aa,1ag 6i 198 aa,1ag 6i 1bo aa,1ag 6s 18u aa,1ag 6s 1c2 aa,1cc aa 1ag 76 18k aa,18a aa 1ag 7g 1cm aa,1d0 aa 1ag 7q 180 aa,17m aa 1ag 84 1da aa,1dk aa 1ag 8e 17c aa,172 aa 1ag 8o 1du aa,1e8 aa 1ag 92 16o aa,16e aa 1ag 9c 1ei aa,1es aa 1ag 9m 164 aa,15q aa 1ag a0 1f6 aa,n4 50 ne 50 o2 aa,ne 50 ne aa,n4 aa n4 50 mg aa,n4 5a ne 5a oc aa,ne 5k n4 5k ls aa,n4 5u ne 5u p0 aa,ne 68 n4 68 l8 aa,n4 6i ne 6i pk aa,ne 6s n4 6s kk aa,n4 76 ne 76 q8 aa,ne 7g n4 7g k0 aa,n4 7q ne 7q qs aa,ne 84 n4 84 jc aa,n4 8e ne 8e rg aa,ne 8o n4 8o io aa,n4 92 ne 92 s4 aa,ne 9c n4 9c i4 aa,n4 9m ne 9m so aa,ne a0 n4 a0 hg aa,n4 50 mq aa,ne 50 no aa,1aq aa 1ag 5u,n4 5a m6 aa,n4 5u li aa,n4 6i ku aa,ka aa n4 76,jm aa n4 7q,j2 aa n4 8e,ie aa n4 92,hq aa n4 9m,ne 5k om aa,ne 68 pa aa,ne 6s pu aa,ne 7g qi aa,r6 aa ne 84,rq aa ne 8o,se aa ne 9c,t2 aa ne a0,1u6 aa 1u6 76,1ts aa 1ts 76 1r2 aa,1ts 76 1ts 50 1t8 aa,1u6 50 1u6 76,1ts 50 1u6 50 1uq aa,1u6 5a 1ts 5a 1su aa,1u6 5k 1ts 5k 1sk aa,1ts 5u 1u6 5u 1vo aa,1u6 68 1ts 68 1s0 aa,1ts 6i 1u6 6i 20c aa,1u6 6s 1ts 6s 1rc aa,1ts 76 1u6 76,1u6 7g 1ts 7g 1qo aa,1ts 7q 1u6 7q,1u6 84 1ts 84,1ts 8e 1u6 8e,1u6 8o 1ts 8o,1ts 92 1u6 92,1u6 9c 1ts 9c,1ts 9m 1u6 9m 23g aa,1u6 a0 1ts a0,1ts 50 1ti aa,1u6 50 1ug aa,1u6 5a 1v4 aa,1u6 5k 1ve aa,1ts 5u 1sa aa,1u6 68 202 aa,1ts 6i 1rm aa,1ts 7q 1qe aa,1q4 aa 1ts 84,1ts 8e 1pq aa,1pg aa 1ts 8o,1ts 92 1p6 aa,1os aa 1ts 9c,1ts 9m 1oi aa,1o8 aa 1ts a0,1u6 6s 20m aa,210 aa 1u6 76,1u6 7g 21a aa,21k aa 1u6 7q,1u6 84 21u aa,228 aa 1u6 8e,1u6 8o 22i aa,22s aa 1u6 92,1u6 9c 236 aa,23q aa 1u6 a0#18 2q 1i 2q,18 34 1i 34,18 3e 1i 3e,18 3o 1i 3o,18 42 1i 42,18 4c 1i 4c,18 4m 1i 4m,2jo 34 2je 34,2je 3e 2jo 3e,2jo 3o 2je 3o,2je 42 2jo 42,2jo 4c 2je 4c,2je 4m 2jo 4m,2jo 50 2je 50,8o ak 8o b8,2c8 ak 2c8 b8,294 ak 294 au,260 ak 260 au,22s ak 22s au,1vo ak 1vo au,1sk ak 1sk au,1pg ak 1pg au,1mc ak 1mc au,bs ak bs au,f0 ak f0 au,i4 ak i4 au,l8 ak l8 au,oc ak oc au,rg ak rg au,uk ak uk au,1ag aa 1ag ak 1ag bs,11o au 11o ak,1j8 au 1j8 ak,1g4 au 1g4 ak,14s au 14s ak,180 au 180 ak,1d0 au 1d0 ak#

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