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  • Yahoo: Party!! Yahoo!!
  • XBOX Live: It isnt really shaped like a box is it?
  • Wii: Wii are da champions maa friendzzz ( u have a wii and wifi if u know youre friend code for mario kar
  • PSN: Getting some day
  • SteamID: Choo Choo :D


Hi im back but not much just about 1 or 2 times a day : P . -Secret- Im only 10 Years old dont start passing it on to every1 please :P . Thanks for the people who are my friends and didnt delete me
( ^.^ )
Bunny wants to say thanks aswell
PS: i didnt copy it from any1
shut it :D jk don't click this link...
Lolz if it works dont Im serious >_<
Mwahahahi dnt kno wat it is but Who cares

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