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  • XBOX Live: yo mamma
  • Wii: i like to eat apples


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Punk-O-Matic Club

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1. Don't spam.
2. Don't copy people songs.
3. Have fun.

To get points you make a song and copy the code and paste it in my comments then I will rate it from 1-10 by how long it is, how catchy and how much effort was put into it.

if you want to join just commet me

I'm in the armor games clan!

(\__/) This is bunny. Copy and paste
(+'.'+) bunny onto your page to help him
(")_(") gain world domination !

-18 1i -18 1s -18 42,-18 1s -1i 1s -1i 4c -18 4c -18 42,-18 1i -18 -1s -1i -1s -1i 1s,4m 42 4m 4c -18 4c,io 42 io 4c 4m 4c,io 42 kk 42 1e8 42 1n0 42 1oi 42 2ac 42 2sq 42 2sq 4c 2ac 4c 1oi 4c 1n0 4c 1e8 4c kk 4c io 4c,kk 42 kk 4c,1e8 42 1e8 4c,1n0 42 1n0 4c,2ac 42 2ac 4c,2sq 42 2sq k,2sq 42 3m4 42 3m4 4c 2sq 4c,ku 1i ku 18 ka 1s k0 1s kk 18 ku u 1ei u 1n0 u 1os u 1q4 1i 1q4 1s,l8 1i l8 18 1cm 18 1cm 1i,1d0 18 1d0 1i,1d0 18 1ei 18 1n0 18 1n0 1i 1oi 1i 1oi 4c,ku 1i ku 42,1e8 1i l8 1i ku 1i,4m 42 -18 42,1e8 1i 1n0 1i,1na 1i 1na 18 1os 18 1q4 1s,1qe 2g 1qe 42,1qe 2g 1u6 42,1qe 2g 1q4 2g 1q4 42,30s 42 30s k 358 k 358 42,32o k 32o 0 32o -k 37e -k 3ho -k 3qg 7g 3q6 7q,33c k 33c 0 3ho 0 3q6 7q,3ro 9c 412 cg,3ro 9c 3ro cg 3ro cq 4lm cq 4lm cg 5no cg 5no cq 65g cq 6g4 cq 6g4 cg 65g cg 5o2 cg,3ro cg 412 cg,4lm cg 412 cg,5no cq 4fe cq,65g 5u 65g cg,65g 5u 6g4 5u 6g4 -3e 6i0 -3e 6i0 -3o 6fq -3o 6fq -34,6g4 5u 6g4 cg,6g4 -3e 6fq -3e 6fq 5u,65g cq 65g cg,65g 5t 5no ch,2sp k 2t3 t,2sn 38 2kl 42,2sn 2g 2m2 42,2sk 1r 2na 42,2sk 12 2od 3v,2sr k 2o5 41,2sn 1d 2nm 41,2sm 10 2nn 42,2sn 1h 2nd 3s,2sp 2d 2lo 42,io 42 4k 42,j6 1d j8 40,j5 2v e3 42,j6 26 f8 42,j5 1j ft 40,j1 1e go 40,j3 2c f1 42,j3 1d g1 3u#-1i -1s -18 -34,-18 -1s -1i -34,-u -34 -u -1s -a -1s -a -26 -k -26,-u -34 -a -34,0 -34 0 -1s,0 -34 a -1s,0 -26 a -26,k -34 k -1s,k -34 u -26 18 -34 18 -1s,1i -34 1i -1s 26 -1s,1i -26 1s -26,1i -34 26 -34,2q -34 2g -34 2g -2g 34 -2g 34 -1s 2g -1s,2q -34 34 -34,43 -38 43 -1r,44 -2g 4q -2f 4q -1r 43 -1r,4q -1s 4s -38 43 -38,5e -2f 62 -20,6h -2d 5c -10,52 -47 3s -3i,3q -3i 3g -t,3g -r b7 -15,cu -4v 4t -46,75 -38 77 -1p 7r -1s 7r -28 7i -28,73 -38 7p -38,8i -34 8i -21,8k -33 93 -25,8k -2b 8v -2b,9j -26 a1 -3e a4 -2a,a4 -2b ae -39 ao -2d,b4 -3j b5 -2d br -2f,b5 -2p bc -2q,b4 -3i bk -3i,c8 -3i da -3i cd -2g,ca -2g d6 -2g,dn -3i dn -2a,dp -2d el -2d el -2s,el -2u dp -2s,f4 -3n f4 -2f fv -2f fv -3l f4 -3j,gm -3q hc -34 hu -3o,hd -36 hd -2f,in -3n j3 -41,j4 -42 j6 -2u,iq -2u jo -2u,k2 -3v kc -47 kj -46,kl -46 kr -3v,kr -3t k9 -2u kv -2u,lj -47 m7 -46 m7 -2q,m7 -3d lm -3e,m5 -2q lj -2p,5ot -6p 5tl -6s,5r3 -6s 5r5 -3i,5u2 -6s 5u4 -3q,5u0 -59 60a -57,60a -59 60i -44,61v -4v 63j -50 63j -5u,63h -5t 621 -5r,621 -5u 621 -3v,61v -41 63j -3t,65q -70 65u -41,65q -6u 669 -70,65s -5c 66v -5c,661 -46 679 -49,65v -70 66v -70,67q -4j 67r -5u,67r -5r 68m -5o 68o -4j,6a1 -6u 6a1 -4g,6a1 -5f 695 -5h,693 -5k 693 -4m 69u -4m,5r5 -1r 5r5 2g,5r3 -1r 5r5 2g,5r5 -1p 5r1 2d,5r6 -1r 5r3 26,5r5 -1m 5r3 2f,5r3 -1o 5st -1m,5r6 -1m 5sq -1m 5sq 5 5sq -1m,5r8 -1o 5st -1m,5st -1 5sq -1t,5sq 0 5so -1m,5sq -6 5sv -1j,5so -6 5r3 0,5st -b 5qp 5,5sg -9 5r6 -1,5r1 -1 5st f,5rd 0 5sv d,5st d 5r3 3,5sj a 5r1 0,5sl d 5so 2b,5so d 5so 2b,5sg f 5sl 21 5r1 2b,5sj 1q 5r3 29,5sj 1v 5r1 2b,5sl 1v 5r3 2e,5ua d 5u7 29,5u5 d 5uc 29,5uk k 5u0 2g,5uc s 5u7 2b,5ua s 5u7 1n,5u5 -19 5uc -o,5u2 -1c 5uh -q,5um -1e 5u0 -t,5vu -12 62o -14,61e -14 61g 2q,603 -19 62o -v,60l -19 61t -14 616 2o,60g -14 62t -v,61g -12 61e 2t,61e -v 61e 2o,616 -g 61g 26,61b -v 61e 26,62o n 62o 32,62o f 62o 2q,62c 8 62t 3c,632 11 62c 2t,627 f 62t 37,62j s 637 2q,62e p 65b s,629 s 65b p,62m d 658 p,62j k 64u k,62r 2o 653 2b,62r 2o 658 2j,64n 2e 62j 2g,66e -14 66e 2o,66e 11 693 11,66e -t 66g 2e,66e -q 66b 2o,66j -t 66j 2j,66g -q 66g 2q,66e 13 68r 11,66j 18 690 16,66j n 68u 13,66b 11 68a 11,66j f 68a 16,66g u 67o u,66g p 68f 13,68r 13 68r 26,68r u 68u 1v,68k 18 68u 21,68r 13 68p 24,68k 13 68u 24,693 18 68u 2e#B 5pu at 1u


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first Auto

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-18 1i 18 1i,-7 1h -h 15,-i 1e 0 1c,-d 17 -3 17,-9 1a 8 11,-7d nt -6q ob -6n ob,-6a og -5h oo,-5h om -52 pc,-k 1bt -1 1cj,-1 1ce a 1bo,-27 1l5 -17 1l5,-17 1l2 -t 1kh,-25 1l2 -25 1k1,-3v 1nv -3s 1r2,-3v 1nv -23 1o3,-27 1o3 -22 1os -3u 1pb -1r 1pe -1o 1qo -3u 1qt,-19 1o3 -12 1qk 8 1qk -4 1nu,-c 1nu -1c 1o9,v 1o4 1g 1qk 2c 1pv 1c 1ns v 1o9,2r 1pq 32 1n8 3k 1p9,3m 1p6 3p 1na 4n 1pm#-dk 4d -dp 79,-dp 64 -c4 6g,-c4 6e -ch 74,-cj 74 -df 6v,-bb 6g -av 74,-a8 74 -bt 7c,-8c 5v -8f 6t -74 6v -74 6g,-77 6g -7j 6g,-87 61 -72 64,-5s 64 -6b 6o,-5v 64 -5i 6q,-66 6b -5n 6e,-4k 5l -4k 6v,-4k 5g -45 6b -3m 5g -3f 6q,-32 5l -30 6e,-35 5q -2e 5q,-30 61 -2c 61,-30 69 -2c 6b,-1t 5n -g 5q -1j 6e -8 6e,l 53 n 6q,n 66 1v 66 1v 6j n 6j,3r 5s 2e 5q 2h 6q 3p 6q,3p 6o 3p 5q,4f 5q 5n 6q,6q 5l 4p 80,7c 4a 8u 3c 8u 7t,7t 7e a3 7t,a6 43 as 30 c4 35 ce 3m ab 7r,ad 7o cl 7o,dj 3c fi 2r,fk 2r ea 51,f8 51 i7 4i g1 6t,e7 4p i4 4k#T -1o 1kj,O -5e fr,O -33 kb,O -3o 3,O -1d -1n,O -40 2,O -5p hh,O -7c nt,O -73 o2,O -6o o8,O -6h od,O -6a ok,T -4u or,T -3 1br

Punk O Matic songs


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