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I love art and gaming. is the best internet gaming site ever !!!

I like cheese. Gran Turismo 5 is one of my fav. ps3 games. Become my friend on it we could trade and internet race !!

Check out this kids vs. ice cream review

The storyline is funny and i like the fact that the children do so many different things to try to get the ice cream inside the truck.

The gameplay is good and the control layout makes it easier to work the game beacause your left hand is on the key board and your right hand on the mouse (if you are right handed , reverse if left handed.)

Some of these levels without good upgrades will be impossible to complete so i reccomend if you fail a level when you have tried and tried again go onto survival mode and earn some big cash to spend on upgrades you can use in the story !

The aiming system using the mouse is very easy to use and aim.

The sound effects are good and I like the way the ice cream makes a pop when it comes ot the cannon !
I reccomend this game to players who like ice cream and shooter games

I rate this game 10/10 for cool sound effects and a good story line etc. ( the good comments in the review.)

All together this game is about perfect Hotairraccoon but maybe some more levels would be nice !!

(no www.)

it has a load of stuff to look at and do

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