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AWESOMERS _________,-~-. _.–._.-~-, _________/ .- ,’_______`-. \ _________\ /`__________\’/ _________ /___’a___a`___\ _________|____,’(_)`.____ | _________\___( ._|_. )___ / __________\___ .__,’___ / __________.-`._______,’-.__ ________,’__,’___`-’___`.__`. _______/___/____V_____\___\_ _____,’____/_____o______\___`.__ ___,’_____|______o_______|_____`. __|_____,’|______o_______|`._____| ___`.__,’_.-\_____o______/-._`.__,’ _________/_`.___o____,’__\_ __.”"-._,’______`._:_,’_______`.,-”"._ _/_,-._`_______)___(________’_,-.__\ (_(___`._____,’_____`.______,’___)_) NEWS:acepting aplications now:NEWS AWESOMERS IS A CLAN TO HELP MEMBERS WITH GAMES AND TO BE AWESOME PLAYING THE LAST STAND DEAD ZONE AND SOME1 WONT STOP ATAKING U AND Y OUR LOSING INTREST IN THE GAME SAY THE PERSONS USER NAME AND WE WILL SEE IF THERE IS A AWESOMER NEARBYE TO HELP U RECOVER JOIN NOW IF U DONT YOUR NOT AWESOME MEMBERS:gaybird xXxDAPRO89xXx sythestorm kasmir ninja JOBS: JOIN OUR GUILD ON DOTD DARK PHONIEX NATION 25 AP JOIN THE LAST STAND DEAD ZONE 25 AP JOIN BAD EGGS 25 AP SEND NEWS TO THE MEMEBERS OF THE AWESOMERS EACH WEEK ASK ME FOR JOB 100 AP BADGES: DOTD ON THE ROAD LEVEL UP TO2. 25AP SAVING LIVES COMPLETE THE 1ST STAGE 100 AP ELF HELPER COMPLETE THE 2ND STAGE 125 AP STAR BOUND CAVES COMPLETE THE 3RD STAGE 150 AP BAD EGGS NEW EGG LEV UP TO LEV 2 10 AP DIARY OF A WIMPY EGG LEV 5 20 AP OMG LEV 25 50 AP NINJA LEV 50 100AP GODLY LEV 78 250 AP THE LAST STAND GET STARTED START PLAYING 5 AP TRIO GET A 3RD SUVIVOR 50 AP WW3 AND WWZ START BATTLEING OTHER PLAYERS 25 AP PEACE TREETY HELP 5 OTHER USERS 10 AP THIS IS NO GAME........ LEV 5 75 AP THIS IS SURVIVAL... LEV 10 100AP THIS IS SPARTA LEV 25 250 AP CUBOY BEAT BACK TO THE CUBTURE 250 AP BACK TO THE CUBTURE 2 250 AP RAZE 2 RUSTEY RAZOR BLADE GET STARTED 30 AP DULL RAZOR BEAT THE 1ST MISSION 30 AP SHARPEST OF ALL RAZERS BEAT THE HUMAN CAMPAIN 250 AP ALLIEN BLADE? START THE ALLIEN CAM PAIN 100 AP OH YEAH ALLIEN BLADE <SLICE> BEAT THE ALLIEN CAMPAIN 300 AP PLZ JOIN IF U DONT U ARENT AWESOME MORE BADGES AND JOBS UPDATED EVERY WEEKEND :> and this guild is supported by dr.pepper 10 it's a sponser thing

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