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I'm too lazy to write much. I will add more later. I am a big fan of Harry Potter. I haven't grown out of the stage of wishing with everything I have that magic exists and I refuse to stop looking for it. The whole world around us is magic, although I still feel like there is a whole other dimension of magic, just like in the books. Before I start sounding like an idiot and begin going on about nothing that has any particular thing to do with what I'm supposed to be writting about, I'll stop. I can not say that I really love Harry Potter because I haven't read all the books. I've started, but I am such a slow reader it's not funny. However I'm sure I have read at least something out of all of the books. Until I have read them all from 1-7, I am still just a longing muggle, running into walls hoping to find platform 9 and 1/3.

2 second post: Thankyou for being my friend Blue Rabbit. I've never heard of another rabbit who lives in a desert!

P.S. That post took me more than 2 seconds. I feel cheated! ; )

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