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I like pie because I am just that way. I'm weird so expect hearing me talk about cheeseburgers making gummy bears or planets finding pet people. You may thing that is just messed up but I see that smile on your face. CLICK HERE TO PLAY! nothing.
People are strange when they are strangers!
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Once I ate cheese, brown meat, puppets, and white cotton.Then I threw the things up into the air. That piece of meat soon reached space. But we were not sure if it was a piece of meat. A week later on Google maps I looked for Rhode Island and saw a mushy, yellow thing in the sky. At first I thought it was a bird. But when I zoomed in closer I knew what it was.
My freind came over and looked at the thing and said "I am sure that it is not that," he said. Then I posted the picture on the internet and I heard comments like "It almost looks like a dog or a big cat." I also heard stuff like "Probaly some sort of plane or blured helecopter." 10 days later there were 23 comments all saying stuff I did not think it was. Except one comment said the same thing I thought it was. Was is

A. meat
B.a plane
D.a cat.

The awnser is at the bottom of the page

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Yes, yes it is. It's a person with bunny ears.


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