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AP Rank System.

Wood Serf: 10 AP *
Iron Serf: 25 AP *
Gold Serf: 100 AP *

Wood Squire: 225 AP *
Iron Squire: 400 AP *
Gold Squire: 625 AP *

Wood Knight: 1200 AP
Iron Knight: 1750 AP
Gold Knight: 2250 AP

Wood Lord/Lady: 3000 AP
Iron Lord/Lady: 3500 AP
Gold Lord/Lady: 4000 AP

Wood Duke/Duchess: 4500 AP
Iron Duke/Duchess: 5200 AP
Gold Duke/Duchess: 6000 AP

Wood Prince/Princess: 7250 AP
Iron Prince/Princess: 8500 AP
Gold Prince/Princess: 10000 AP

Wood King/Queen: 12000 AP
Iron King/Queen: 14500 AP
Gold King/Queen: 17500 AP

AP Rank System


-12 18 -n 1j -b 1d,a 1a l 1j v 1b,1o 19 25 1k 2g 1a,34 18 39 1i 5j 1v##T 1t 3f,T 5k 1d

glitched level, go fast
-18 1i 18 1i ka 1i,ka 1h kl 15,ko r kg 1b,kh u ki 1d,ki 1c kr m,km v k1 1a,kg p kt 1e,kq 16 kf 1d,kg 19 kt 15,9 -2v 8 -1f,b -2n m -2n,d -2b s -2a,16 -2k 19 -1n 1n -1m 1r -2i,22 -2i 23 -1o,31 -2i 31 -1o,24 -1p 2h -1q,2v -1o 3i -1p,5o -2j 5a -2c,5a -2a 5r -23 5g -1n,6d -2g 6d -1l,6d -2g 6p -2c 6f -21,73 -25 7b -23 7c -2g 74 -2g 75 -1s 7b -1s,7i -25 7q -25 7q -2f 7h -2f 7k -1r 7r -1o,8i -1u 89 -1v 8a -1h 8i -1g 8i -2l,8i -1i 8l -1i,ah -2i ah -1e,ah -2e bb -2h,an -29 b7 -26,bl -2a b7 -1p bt -1d,bt -1f bn -2b,c5 -2b c6 -1f,c5 -2a cn -29 cb -24,cb -23 cn -1m,et -2d e7 -2b e7 -1m es -1m,eu -1v em -22,fs -2d ft -1n,fu -2s fo -2r g1 -2l ft -2u,gh -2i gh -1j,g8 -2c h0 -2a,hk -28 h6 -26 h5 -1h hm -1i,i6 -2k i8 -1o,ig -2i ig -1q,i8 -23 in -26,eu -1v es -1o,f7 -2d f8 -1n fk -1n,gh 7m go b9 1mf ba 1mf 71##

-b 1l -12 1m,-f 8m -17 8h,5 ef -j ef,q jr 4 jr,1j on v ou,1b rr l rm,26 13u 19 13m,39 1ah 2r 1aa,4m 1hg 40 1he,60 1n7 5b 1n7,7b 1sp 6i 1si,9e 2ar i6 2ae,9f 2ao 8r 28a,lv 2k6 lu 2kr ls 2lj lo 2md l3 2n0 k8 2n6 jb 2n7 ih 2n3 hp 2mo h8 2m7,he 2qc go 2qo fu 2r8 eq 2rf,e4 2s6 ea 2sl,e3 2s6 cm 2sm cs 2t5,d3 2sn dc 2t7,dd 2sm dj 2t3,d9 2t1 dj 2sr,dq 2sn dv 2t1,dn 2se di 2sj do 2sj do 2sf,9q 2vj 9u 308 ae 30l b2 30m bn 30h br 300,76 35k 7l 364 89 36b 8r 360 92 35g#6n 33r 6f 368,6q 34b 7m 350 6g 358,6g 359 7o 365,8i 34e 8g 362,84 34j 9a 34u,9g 35s 7t 35r,a5 34h 9v 362,a5 34n b6 355 a0 35d,5b 366 bv 36p,bt 36m 59 36h,5e 36l av 37r,av 37q 6a 37l#B a9 31n 34,B 98 2an 2j

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