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:P that is all

taking a poll wich of these songs is the best
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-18 1i 18 1i,18 1j 23 29 33 37 44 46 5a 54 6k 5t 82 6a 9i 6b b6 62 cs 5g ej 4n g4 3n hd 2i ig 19 jf -4 kh -1e lo -2e n3 -2v oi -33 q3 -2t ro -2d te -1m v6 -o 110 a 12r 1a 14o 24 16l 2n 18j 2s 1ai 2n 1ch 29 1ef 1j 1g4 m 1hh -d 1iq -1l 1k5 -2s 1ll -3q 1n7 -49 1or -4c 1q9 -45 1rg -3k 1so -2l 1tj -1l 1ua -g 1uu q 1ve 27 1vs 3h 20h 4t 21i 61 22s 6u 243 7h 25e 7o,25e 7o 26t 7l 28e 78 29p 6l 2au 64 2c5 5i,2cs 64 2mo 64,2mm 65 2ni 65,2rr 7n 2sv 8d 2u5 8s 2vc 90 30k 8r 31t 8e 337 7r 34h 7a 35s 71 377 73 38j 7d 39v 7s 3b5 8b 3cc 8n 3dj 91 3es 99 3g6 9f,3g5 9g 49j 9g,2nj 64 2r2 6m,4r4 bp 57t jv,57s jv 57s oe 5bu oe 5bu j3 57s j3,49d 9h 49d an 49h cc 4a4 e2 4b6 g0 4c8 hb 4dg ih 4et jj 4gf kh 4i5 lb,4i4 lb 4j0 lb 4jv lb 4l1 l4 4m3 kj 4n3 k3 4o8 jr 4ph k1 4ql ke 4rr l0 4t2 lm 4ua m8 4vi mj 50k mn 51m mr,51h rv 58m s3,589 s4 5mh s5 5nd s2 5oc rj 5pe qs 5qd q4 5re p8 5si o9 5to n7 5uv m8 607 lf 61g kr 62p kf 644 k9 65f k7 66q k9 685 kb 69h kc 6at kd,6aj ke 6ai qe,6ai qf 6du qg 6du m1,6du lo 6kv lo,6b2 qb 6bg nj,6ct qe 6cm mr,6dj qa 6d3 n8,6bp qj 6c0 n5,6ah ot 6bc mr,6di no 6dc mm,6dc nh 6e6 q2,6ko lo 6lp lo 6n3 lo 6og lo 6q4 lf 6ri l7 6t2 kt 6uh kh 702 jt 71e ja 72s iq 74d i9 760 hg 77m gh 79a fd,799 fg 7aa f3 7bc ea 7ce de 7dl cl 7f0 c4 7gf bv 7i0 c5 7jl ck 7lb db 7n3 e7 7ot f2 7qo fo 7sk g7 7ui gg 80g gn 82f gn 84e gm 86d gc 87u fq 88u f1,89a 1cm 8mo 1cm,89u 1cm 8c4 19i,8ek 1cm 8ek 198,8gq 1cm 8h4 18u,8im 1cm 8he 18a,8jk 1cm 8ks 164,8lg 1cm 8l6 172,8d2 1cm 8d2 19s,8fs 1cm 8fi 1a6,8co 1cm 8ce 19s,8ja 1cm 8j0 19i##B 8bq 18u am,B 8c4 18u b2,B 8ce 18u i,B 8ce 19i b8,B 8a8 io b8,B 89k ie r,B 890 ie b6,B 88c ie 8,B 882 i4 6,B 8ek 18k ak,B 8f8 18u ao,B 8fi 18u a4,B 8fs 18k a8,B 8gg 18u a0,B 8gg 18k ad,B 8gg 18k 5k,B 8he 18k a6,B 8ho 18a af,B 8i2 18a ar,B 8ic 18a ah,B 8ja 180 ap,B 8im 18a b8,B 8he 180 b8,B 8gq 18a b8,B 8g6 18k b3,B 8f8 18u b8,B 8ek 18k b8,B 8dm 18k e,B 8dc 18u 6,B 8d2 18k 4,B 8dm 156 b8,B 8gg 172 b8,B 8dc 17m b8,B 8ho 156 4,B 8f8 16e b8,B 8i2 v8 4,B 8e0 10g 7,B 8i2 122 b8,B 8fi 12c b8,B 8fs ua b8,B 8gg rq b8,B 8ek rg b8,B 8jm 6c73 5k,B 4va ot 2s,B 50b p2 2t,B 532 pr 8,B 50n po 2r,B 506 po 2q,B 50n oo 2v,B 50n nl 2t,B 506 mi 9,B 5o6 tk 2q,B 5cs ee 81,B 5cv f6 8d,B 5cv fv 8f,B 5cn gj 8e,B 5cn h5 8j,B 5cj hk 8s,B 5ct i0 8r,B 5cb ik 8h,B 4ha ao 11m,B 4f3 ar 114,B 4ea av 11o,B 4d7 at 11n,B 4hm b3 ma,B 4i8 b2 lm,B 4fb au bj,B 4g0 b0 mb,B 4gv au mg,B 4iq bd bi,B 4jo be mf,B 4k7 bf mf,B 4l1 bi b8,B 4lr bi md,B 4mp bo m2,B 4ng bp m3,B 4o2 bm lt,B 4oo bm m8,B 4pi bs m8,B 4q5 c0 mg,B 4qp bs mf,O 58g jm,O 595 jm,O 59g kf,O 59g kv,O 59i kg,O 5ac jv,O 5ag kj,O 59p ld,O 59g lj,O 59g li,O 59g ll,O 59g l5,O 59g kc,O 59f k2,O 5al l2,O 59r li,O 599 l8,O 59m kp,O 59q lr,O 59p ls,O 59m ll,O 597 m1,O 59r mf,O 599 n1,O 599 mo,O 599 n5,O 599 nj,O 599 nj,O 599 nj,O 59n nj,O 5ap nj,O 5ap o1,O 59u o1,O 59u n5,O 593 n5,O 58s o1,O 587 o1,O 587 o1,O 587 nc,O 587 n5,O 587 mh,O 587 ls,O 587 l1,O 587 k6,O 587 jv,O 587 ji,O 587 jb,O 58e jv,O 58e kk,O 58l l8,O 58l lm,O 58l mb,O 58l mh,O 599 mh,O 599 lt,O 59n lt,O 59u lt,O 59u lf,O 5ai lf,B 570 io ev,B 56s j5 eu,B 57l j7 en,B 574 ja eq,B 57k jg el,B 1lb -3r dc,B 1kc -36 ct,B 1m2 -46 dh,B 57r o9 jn,B 57t o6 jl,B 587 o5 jm,B 57s nv jm,B 57r nj l5,B 57u ne l0,B 57v n5 jn,B 57p mv jl,B 6e2 lp lh,S 6be mo,O 6bf mo,O 6bj nm,O 6c0 mr,O 6cm mr,O 6d0 mm,O 6db nk,O 6df me,O 2fu 7k,B 888 er cq,B 8d8 bh ik

go as fast as you can on a bike in this one

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1g 27 1g 3h 1g 4u 1g 6i 1k 80 22 9h 2n b4 3j cq 4l ei 5s ft 6s h9 7u il 92 k2 a8 lg be mu cn od e0 ps fa rb gm sr i2 ub je vr ks 11b m9 12s no 14d p7 15t qm 178 s5 18f tl 19g v5 1ae 10l 1b9 126 1c0 13i 1cr 156 1di 16i 1e6 17n 1eq 18u 1fb 19u 1fr 1as 1g9 1bn 1gl 1ce 1h0 1d2 1h9 1dj 1hg 1e2 1ia 1eu 1j8 1ft 1k7 1gs 1lc 1hv 1ml 1it 1o2 1jm 1pi 1kc 1r5 1ku,1r5 1ku 1sr 1l5 1ui 1l0 20b 1kj 225 1jt 23o 1j1 253 1hv,252 1ht 266 1h7 27d 1g7 28u 1et 2ap 1dq 2cb 1d9 2e0 1d4 2fp 1d8 2hl 1dm 2jj 1ec 2lk 1fa 2nn 1gd 2ps 1hm 2s3 1it 2ub 1k0 30k 1ku 32v 1lj 35a 1ls 37g 1lq 39e 1lf 3b5 1kr 3cl 1k0 3e0 1iv 3f6 1hn 3g8 1gb 3h5 1eq 3i0 1d6 3in 1bd 3jb 19i,3ir 19k 3oo j8,3pc jb 3on kv,3o0 kq 3o7 j5 3pd ja,3ir 19l 3ig 16l,3is 19i 3kc 16r,3n7 ck 3ku fl 3nt gf 3li jl,3oe bk 3qa hp,3ov e6 3r0 d8 3sq gh,3u2 gc 3tv bk 411 eq,3tq eq 40v br,41q dn 40q 96 44f at 43a 81,458 70 46j 9s,464 8d 46s 5m,466 8i 48p 98##B 3j7 19m bn,B 3it 1ap bq,B 3if 1c4 br,B 3hn 1dp bt,B 3h4 1en c1,B 3gd 1g1 c8,B 3i2 1d4 bp,B 3iu 197 bm,B 3jm 165 bn,B 3ka 13s bn,B 3la 100 bo

working on this one

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1j bu 1j,40 1k 4r 2f 40 3a 4f 41,50 1i 51 2k 52 3p,2i 1p 2l 1k,2k 1q 38 31 1s 2u,7k 1i 7t 1r 7j 2b,bs 1i jf 38,dg 1s fh 1s f2 23,f3 23 g9 25,g9 26 f8 2a,9f 1k 9r 2k 9c 36,p9 38 pn 3t,pm 3t pa 4i q5 50 q8 42 qj 3c,jd 39 p8 38,qi 3c tu 3c,qi 3e qr 3m qm 3r qs 4e,ru 3c ra 49 sa 57,kc 36 kq 4l,kq 4m kb 55 ks 5k,mm 3d mj 3u,f3 1s ek 21,f6 21 es 23,fh 28 f1 25,bv 1j bj 2h ck 3f b9 59,h2 2k h6 48 gl 5k,gm 5k hc 6l,pa 45 o3 4j p3 62,pa 46 pf 45,nb 38 mm 4c mi 40,mr 38 mr 3k mp 3t,tp 3c 11e 3c,11f 3a 1j8 3a,tk 3e v1 40 t2 5m,vs 3f 10e 4a 110 4a 110 5e 10e 5e,12d 37 138 4b 124 5f 138 6a,15g 37 14l 4k 16b 61,-18 1f -9v -6m,190 39 172 5r 19k 8e,1a9 8e 1bu 55 1av 31,1fb 3b 1eg 46 1f3 4t,1hf 39 1h9 3f,1i1 39 1im 4t,1im 4v 1gu 7l 1iu 9j,1j2 3b 1pf 39 2dc bg 2bm do 2c1 hs 29g kv 2bo ot 297 sr,1pf 35 1uu 22 1r7 3d 1vc 2f 1r5 3s 1ue 37,1ue 39 1ua 57,-9g -67 -9j -4j -av -47 -a8 -24,-9v -6l -bh -5h -cl -42 -dh -3u -el -1g -h7 -a -hq 1q -kk 31,-an -79 -dt -ad,-ao -7b -c8 -6k -cp -4r -em -50 -fi -1g -iu -u -j7 11 -lf 2e -ld 34,-ld 34 -kj 31,-6s -3p -99 -3a -99 -f -b8 1,-5o -2n -5f l -9d 2b -94 55,-39 -h -37 1c,-39 1e -4c 33 -3 6k,19 1f 7 3h 1l 5g -2 6m -n 7o -5 9r,-l 1i -1a 2p -15 3u,6h 1h 64 2a,13n 38 18h 1i,1b1 37 1b1 24 1ae 2k 1an 1n 1a6 2f 1a6 1k 19s 2d 199 1i 18m 2e 18p 35,1bn 3c 1bo 1l 1c1 3d,q6 4o r3 5j q8 70,q8 79 rl 8m,1n5 3k 1o4 53 1mk 75,1up 5v 1v7 84 1tk 9i,1tq 9i 1uo at,25l 8c 23h 9q 23v ec,2a5 a8 28o cp 298 f7,28u sr 2ak 107,2cf ci 2as ci 29k dh 29p cd,2bu fq 29p gl 27h fh,2a2 ka 26m fh 1vk en,2a8 m9 27v m9 269 oh,2ao 10r 25m 100,25l 100 2ak 106,2ai 10s 2a0 135 25p 121 22v 135 205 10k,2co oc 2q8 oc,2cq oc 2e6 k2 2dk nf 2en jt 2f0 na 2ic kj 2fr na,2ev mg 2gj mp,2ft mg 2ef i1 2fa ms,2ft n6 2gb k2 2h6 mj 2is i3 2is ma##

my pocket emo … 0&name=emo man

The Cave

-18 1i 18 1i,v 1i 3f 1i 67 1i 9a 1i cd 1a ff b fs 1 g2 -8 g9 -r jh -s pt -n 11o g 140 2f 16s 32 1a4 1p 1cl 1p 1ek 24 1gt 2v 1hn 3f 1ie 43 1ir 4m 1k4 6p 1lp 91 1mg 9k 1nj a1 1pp ap 1sb b8 1vi av 215 a5 22q 8l 23t 79 251 5j 25f 4c 25t 2s 264 2m 268 2i 26g 2f 26q 2n 26q 37 26h 56 23n 9r 1vj cr 1u8 f7 1si ij 1n6 lt 1ia n9 1cm ng 17t ng 15h n2 12k ng uf n4,h3 -6c kr -6a qk -61 v2 -56 12f -4j 15b -4k 17a -3p 1a4 -3p 1ct -3n,2ac 33 29e 86 2ac 33 2al 2k 2ba 2k 2bu 33 2eq 7t 2hg b2 2ki cq 2o0 ea,29b 83 27g dc 23p io 1uv ng 1q5 ql 1k4 sv 1g1 tk 173 tj v3 tl m1 tf gp r9 eh of cr jb c7 h3 bn gj at gd ah gs ab ig ae kj,5k gs 5q kd 6q o7 8k sl ak 103 d5 139 gd 15l jq 17c po 195 uf 1a7 133 1am 1a0 1ak,ad kh bm ot ef sn hk vi l1 128 ql 13v 11k 14u 15f 153 187 14u,19t 1al 1hr 1ae 1pk 1a6 1rv 1a6 1tm 19q 1v3 191 1vr 18e 20r 176 21p 15p 22d 14b 22s 12p 232 12h 238 12e 23c 12e 23i 12g 23m 12l 23n 12p 242 13i 250 14l 26d 15j 287 16e 2a4 170 2c0 17f 2eb 17k 2go 17j,183 14u 1at 14q,1bf 14q 1ea 14o 1aq 14q 1hj 14l 1mp 146,1cr -3n 1fv -3f 1k1 -1n 1nv u,1nu u 1r2 3q 1ud 4k 20u 2a 233 -l 257 -4t 26s -70 28s -85 2bh -88 2fg -6t 2i7 -4r 2k8 -1p 2mh 1m 2op 3n 2sv 5j,uf n4 r9 m7 nb jn ie fo fp bl et 9j at 7i 6n 7d 2u 98 -7 ca -2t f0 -5k i2,5j gs 58 ge 4o gb 43 h1,45 h2 3e iq 3e l7 3t oq 2e qk 2 ub -2q ud -81 t1 -bh un -f8 tc -5h ht,1mm 144 1p2 13i 1rb 12f 1sr 111 1u1 ut 1vf sd 21m o6 24n mb 288 m5 2ai mp 2ce oa 2et r0 2ft s5 2hb su 2lk tq 2qb tf,2nv ea 2t0 du 317 9f 302 6e 2su 5i,2gi 17j 2i4 17j,2i3 17i 2jq 17i 2lp 17a 2nb 16n 2od 15o 2p0 14u 2pg 142 2pt 130 2qo 126 2ru 11p 2ti 11h 2vj 11j 31b 126 332 12v 349 143 358 15b 36f 17c 387 19a 3a8 1a8 3bt 1as 3du 1bb 3fk 1bl 3h1 1bm 3i5 1bi 3ja 1b8 3kk 1am 3le 1a1 3m0 19g 3tb 19e 42d 198 48r 192 4cs 180 4i2 15o 4ml 12s 4q4 100 4t0 t4 4vq pl 52b lb 54b he 561 cg,561 cg 56u 8d 57b 4a 57b 9,57b 8 57m -4 57t -a 58a -e 596 -e 5a4 1 5bj 10 5do 2u 5ft 54 5f7 5c 5eg 5p 5d1 5u 5c0 5u 59o 5u 57u 5u 575 5u,2q7 tf 2r0 t6 2s7 sj 2u1 s6 2vr s8 31f t3 32q u3 34d vb 35t 10b 37a 11m 38o 13d 39n 14c 3b2 15h 3d7 16l 3g3 177 3ij 16l 3jc 15m 3kn 14n 3mv 14p 3p3 14p 3r7 14p 3u8 14u 40v 14o 42n 14o 457 14o 47r 146 4aq 137 4ds 11r 4hh vt 4lh t9 4ps pf 4ss lj 4vn h9 525 c5 53k 73 53v 6 53h -g 52p -n 520 -k 515 -1 505 h 4ut 1b 4td 2m 4si 3e 4ri 4m 4qo 5m 4rj 5s 4sg 5s 4uj 5v 4vc 5v 51e 6b,51e 6b 52c 5t 53j 5t,540 -cd 53p -82 55a -33 582 -7j 57v -cq 540 -cp 53u -c1,546 -c5 549 -ap 54t -as 547 -as,546 -bh 54l -bh,543 -c3 54l -c1,55a -b1 55o -bj 564 -at 56j -bk,575 -bv 577 -aj,577 -c1 57l -bn 57q -b8,57q -b6 57l -av 575 -aj,4qn 5k 412 5o,5fs 54 5uq 54 6fo 54,h4 -89 h2 -6d h7 -dh,h7 -fg h7 -g5 h6 -bi h6 -15b h6 -1mh,-o 1u -v 3v 0 41 -2 3a -s 3a,j 3c q 3t,1b 3b 6 4o,1o 3h 1v 3h,1u 45 24 46,58 38 3v 2p 3d 3v 3v 4n 5h 4p 5g 3v 44 3v,6q 3u 6t 51,6q 34 6n 34,6r 37 6g 37,7g 3r 87 56 90 3t,9u 51 a0 36 b8 32,a2 3t ba 44,9u 50 bn 4v,cl 4o ei 24,ee 24 fe 4j gm 2d hm 4o,im 2v j8 51 kl 4j,im 2u jr 2k,j1 41 k4 3m,lg 46 n2 1m nv 44,ng 2r m8 2v,pt 1i q3 3u rj 3n rd 2l q0 2s,sf 3h t4 1j u3 3a,tj 2b sr 2d,vm 29 vb 1t,vc 20 ur 21 up 2p vg 3q,11d 26 111 20 10j 28 10o 3g 113 3s 10n 3d 119 2s 104 3p,136 2p 12k 4l 13m 55 13v 40 12p 40,14o 5d 168 3j 16i 5k,16d 4n 15d 4l,18f 46 17g 4i 184 61 197 5o 19a 5b 189 5d#53i 5s 54g 60 55d 63 56b 5v 579 60,53v 5 54b 8 551 2,552 2 55q 8,55s 8 56v 2,570 2 57d 8#T 56j -12,B 56q 2n b6,B 55n au 8,B 50g n8 o,B 4q7 ug 1b,B 4hf 14u 1s,B 48p 18n 21

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