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Hello, armorplayers I like the pc and this site, If want talk with me, visit (my) website and talk with me on http://faries. my mini city .com/ (thanks for the visits), but I not view comments: comment free!! Come on! XD 8) :P ;D Biography of gladiator999999: gladiator999999 is a nickname quite recently, just the date you see above!At the beginning it had really different names then confirmed with Sacred: 2010: Imperium = € ur0 IT @ 2011: Sacred = Anonymus and after gladiator, because he was a Gladiator. Also in 2012: gladiator999999 why gladiator was already exists. Creating and recording is made to play online on Kingdom Rush. The password is **** ****. ;D Simplified Anonymus biography: Anonymus is named and did not Gladiators; Anonymus was born because I didn't change the name of the Gladiator, otherwise I would have called gladiator, but not yet gladiator999999 ...! -------------------------------------------------- MY ARMATARS 08.2012 Blue Shield 09.2012 Snake 10.2012 Wait October! -------------------------------------------------- visit http://faries. myminicity .com (not spaces). bye by =D ( (still under construction.)). gladiator999999 P.S. If your are italian, please add me now to your friends (and visit talk site). OOOO O O OOOOOO O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O OO OOOO O O O O OOO O O O O OOO OOOOO O OOOOOO OOO gladiator999999

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