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Ehhhhhh, I'm 14 not much else to say, Wait there is one thing! I am sick the coincidence that every time I go into an AG vs Kongregate thread, AG almost always wins! Its not that or people get off subject or anything, but it's still better then people puting down a difrent site just because this is AG! ( Also Kongregate is a fine sight) seaking about bad games, who could forgit exit path 2? oh.... WHAT A LET DOWN! slippery controls began with tons of glitches, oh yea dont bother playing it. Hey you, yeah, I mean YOU, you should join my RPG, ,the unlikly allience
Dew to recent events team fortress 2 has been brought back.just copy and paste it into the browser and you get into my game. I am also playing Evolve! Rpg! here is a link!http://armorgames.com/community/thread/7065852/evolve-rpg/page/18/ I am also currently getting interested in some new things! if you need help or sugestions just give me a message! I will be happy to help (put me in the credits if you think its nessisary) becouse i have tons of ideas! t his is my dead rpg.url=http://armorgames.com/community/thread/6893024/survival-of-the-fitest/page/1]Survival of the Fittest Hey? wanna see my group? then here it is. SHADOW RUNNERS b]SHADOW RUNNERS[/b] Leader:[/url=http://armorgames.com/user/bicola1]bicola1[/url] the shadow runners are a group that are for the armatar war clan friendly version., and armatar war:medieval tactics. Together, we will crush all opponents! Requirements: - you must be willing to play the armatar war clan friendly version. - you must be willing to log in every week or so to play. - Please read the news often, as it has information that you might want to know. (optional) here are links to the games: armatar war - clan friendly version! AW medieval version Please go to bicola1'spage to see all of the details, a up-to-date members list, and all of the other things you want to know about this great clan!

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