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-18 1i 18 1i,15 1h 1rt 1cb,1rs 1cb 1sn 1d0 1tm 1dp 1uk 1eg 1vn 1f8 210 1g1 22e 1go 23l 1h7 24u 1hi 26i 1hp 282 1hr 29l 1hr 2b9 1hm 2cq 1h7 2eb 1gj 2fr 1fu 2ha 1f4 2im 1e5 2k0 1d1 2l6 1bq 2mc 1ag,2mc 1ad 2mc 1hg,2mc 1he 2an 1ho,2mf 1h7 2mt 2ev,2mq 2ev 3nc 2f4 3mk 1kb,3mh 1kv 3kt 1m2,3kq 1m2 3mh 1mr 3kb 1of 3mr 1pn,3mp 1pn 3jv 1r2 3mk 1rr,3mf 1rt 3k9 1t3 3mu 1uv 3kb 1vt 3mr 21k 3kb 21r,3k4 21r 3n0 236 3k6 23i 3nc 25o,3n4 25j 3kk 27s 3n4 2at 3lg 2c0 3nc 2e9 3ka 2ev 3i4 2ba 3gb 2dv,3gb 2eb 3f3 25j 3d4 2ej 3aa 20r 390 2el 36l 24l 34c 2en,34a 25v 3h6 25v,345 2es 32b 22h 2v2 2es 2sq 25l,2sl 25l 2rp 2f4 2pt 26r,2po 26m 2pc 2ev,2pc 2e3 2mp 24v 2qp 212 2l4 1sm,2mj 1tk 2re 1ql 2mm 1mq 2su 1kf 2mj 1hj,3ml 1kb 4pb 2cm,4pb 2co 5hg 2u1,5em 2s0 5f8 2sc 5fv 2sk 5gp 2sp 5ht 2t3 5j1 2tj,5hg 2u0 5i6 2ts 5ir 2tm,5ov 2u6 5q7 2u3 5rd 2tq 5ss 2t3 5u4 2s5 5ve 2qu 60k 2pb 616 2na 618 2l4 610 2jd 60g 2hl 5vl 2fv 5ul 2eh 5t4 2d8 5rf 2ce 5pl 2c2 5nq 2c2 5m0 2cg 5kb 2db 5iu 2eb 5hp 2fr 5h0 2hq 5gv 2jp 5ho 2le,5h4 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4g9 cmq 4dm crn 4cf csg 4dh,csg 4di ct2 4cd crn 4ce,cr7 4g5 csr 4fk d2n 4hs d40 4ik d53 4jh dho 50r dii 51k djl 528,dun 54d dvu 53m,djd 523 dlg 53l dnb 54l dpn 55a,dpo 55a dsk 55h,dsl 55h dum 54o,duo 54o e0n 53f e2s 520,e2t 51v e5g 4v7,ehj 4ea ei0 4eb eik 4ff eko 4l8 el7 4ms elc 4n4,eld 4n1 f4t 4ne fc7 4ok fc7 4p4,fc6 4ok fsm 4k2,fsm 4k2 ftl 4kc,fq1 4ei fqt 4fv fqv 4h2 fq9 4hj fop 4h9 foa 4gl,fr4 4f6 frr 4gg fsc 4gg fsc 4ep,ft8 4g4 ftf 4e5 fts 4fs,fts 4fv fuq 4ea fuv 4fl,fvg 4en fvg 4hm,fv9 4e5 g15 4ea g15 4g1 fve 4fl,gav 4dh gbo 4ei gca 4df,gbm 4ek gbo 4g4,gc7 4ep gc7 4fl gcr 4fg,gcr 4fb gcr 4en gca 4ek,ge6 4fd geb 4e3 gen 4fn,gcu 4ei gd3 4fd gdf 4fd gdf 4ei,geq 4fd geq 4e3 gf6 4fq,gf9 4fg gfe 4ef gfl 4fl,gf9 4f3 gfo 4f3,gg7 4ed ggc 4fl,gg9 4fd gfq 4fd gfq 4fv gg9 4fq gg9 4f3,ggt 4fg gi0 4fi gi0 4eu gge 4eu,ggr 4eu gh2 4g9 ghu 4ge,gd5 4h4 gdi 4gj,gd3 4gt gda 4g1,gda 4fs gdf 4fg,gdp 4gv gds 4fn,gdi 4g1 ges 4g4,-19 -18 -f -1r,-f -1r -8 7#
my account is being deleted keep these here for memory storage
song 1
song 2: rock off
song 3
#5 Name:ashes
#6:Broken Record
Name:Taken Away
Name:Ending Solos
Name:living dead beat
Name:Rock off 2 (#1 is above)
Name:Tearing me open
By:Child of bodom
Length 1:15 ( i think)

-18 1i 18 1i 1s 1s 50 1s 68 18 aa 18 aa 1s gi 1s ka 1s,-18 1i -18 26 1i 26 1s 1s,18 1i 1i 18 1i 26,18 1i 1i 26,1i 18 1s 1s,1i 18 4m 18 68 18,4m 18 5u u aa u au k b8 u bi a bs u c6 k cg u de a do u e2 a ec u f0 a fa u fu k fu u mg u,5u u 68 18,4m 18 50 1s,-18 1i -1i 1i -18 26,-1i 1i -1i 26 -18 1i -18 -k -1i -k -18 -u,-1i 26 -18 26,-1i 1i -1i -u a -u 0 -k,-18 -k -18 -u,-1i -u -18 -k,5u u 50 1s,aa 18 aa u gi u,a -u a -k -18 -k,0 -u 0 -k,0 -u a -k,aa 18 gi 18 gi 1i aa 1i,gi 18 gi u,gi 1s gi 1i,au u au 1s,ak u ak 1s,b8 u b8 1s,bi u bi 1s,bs u bs 1s,c6 u c6 1s,cg u cg 1s,cq u cq 1s,d4 u d4 1s,de u de 1s,do u do 1s,e2 u e2 1s,ec u ec 1s,em u em 1s,f0 u f0 1s,fa u fa 1s,fk u fk 1s,fu u fu 1s,g8 u g8 1s,ak -6i de -34 fk -6i ak -6i,cq -68 de -68 de -5a cq -5a de -68,cq -5a cq -68 de -5a,d4 -68 d4 -5a d4 -5k cq -5k d4 -5k d4 -5u cq -5u d4 -5a,cq -5u de -5u cq -5k d4 -5u cq -5u d4 -5k de -5k d4 -5a,cq -5k de -5k,cq -5k de -5k,d4 -5u de -5k,d4 -5u cq -5u cq -5k,d4 -68 cq -5u cq -5k,d4 -68 d4 -5u,aa -9c au -8e au -7g,au -8e b8 -9c,bi -84 bi -7g,bi -8e bi -8o,c6 -7q d4 -7q d4 -8e c6 -8e c6 -7g d4 -7g,do -92 do -7g,em -92 em -7g,em -84 e2 -84 e2 -7g em -7g,l8 -ak l8 -5k,ls -a0 ls -68,ku -5a kk -5a kk -50 ku -50 kk -4c kk -42 kk -3o ku -3o ku -3e l8 -3e li -34 ls -34 ls -2q m6 -2q mg -2q n4 -2q n4 -34 ne -34,ne -3e ne -3o,n4 -3o mq -42,mq -4c mq -4m n4 -4m ne -50 ne -3o,ne -50 ne -5a ne -50,n4 -5k mq -5u,mg -5u m6 -5k li -5a ku -5a kk -5a,mg -5u mq -5u,n4 -5k ne -5a,mq -4c mq -42,n4 -3o ne -3o,ne -3e n4 -2q,ne -aa ne -5u,mq -a0 mq -68,hg -do c6 -fa,au -h6 aa -h6 aa -fu au -fu,aa -fu aa -gi,bi -h6 bi -fu,c6 -g8 c6 -fu,c6 -gi c6 -fu,c6 -gs c6 -h6,de -h6 cq -h6 cq -fu,cg -gi d4 -gi,ec -h6 e2 -h6 e2 -fu,do -gi em -gi,hg -do fk -de,hg -do gs -f0,ls -fa ls -em m6 -bs mg -c6,ls -c6 m6 -bs,kk -h6 kk -fu,kk -h6 l8 -h6 l8 -gi kk -gi l8 -fu,m6 -gi ls -gi ls -fu m6 -fu m6 -gi,n4 -gs mg -gs mg -fu ne -fu,no -hg no -fu,no -gi oc -gs,o2 -gi oc -fu,ka k kk a m6 a no u om 18,kk a li u li a ku k li k ls k m6 1i ne 1s mg 1s li 1i oc 1i pk 2q,li u m6 a,om u om 18,p0 1i pa 26 pk 2g,ka k kk 2g om 2q om 18,kk k l8 34,ku u li 2g,li u mg 2q,mg 1i mg 2g,mg 18 n4 1i no 2g,n4 18 o2 2g,no 1i om 2g,no 18 oc 2g,no 1s o2 2g,ne 18 mg 2g,ls 1i kk 1s ls 26 kk 1s l8 1s,ls 18 m6 1s ku u mg a mg k li 1s kk 26 m6 1i ne 1s,ls k no 1s,mg 18 no 2g,mq 1i l8 26,l8 3o ls 2g,k0 3o k0 4m,k0 42 kk 42 kk 3o k0 3o,k0 42 kk 4m,l8 42 l8 4m ls 4m ls 42,mg 42 mg 4c,mg 34 mg 4c,mg 42 n4 42 n4 4c mg 4c,ne 3e ne 4c,ne 42 o2 42 o2 4c ne 4c,oc 34 oc 4c,p0 3o pk 3o pk 3e p0 3e p0 4c pu 4c,om u 198 u 1cc -k 1da u 1pg u,s4 -7g qs -7q r6 -6i se -6i,tc -76 so -76 so -6i tc -6i tc -76 u0 -6i,uk -6s uu -6i v8 -6s,106 -6s 10g -6s 10g -76 106 -76 106 -68 10g -68,rg -5a so -4m uk -3o uu -3e vs -3e 10g -3e,10q -3e 17c -3e,10q -3e 10g -3e,114 -3e 11e -26 12c -3e,14s u 156 0 15q u,156 k 15g a,14s k 15g k,156 a 15g a,14s k 15q u,1da u 198 u,1bo -a 1cm -a,1b4 0 1cm 0,1ag a 1d0 a,19s k 1d0 k,172 -3e 1go -3e 1o8 -1s,13k u 156 0,1mc 5a 210 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