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¡Hola, bienvenido a mi pagina! A pretty nice website for small, homebew RPGs http://www.homebrew.net/games/ Please, click here for a really funny political podcast concerning U.S and United Kingdom politics! (Viewer Discretion is Advised) http://thebuglepodcast.com/ Whats Going On In My Life? Just went out to dinner for my Quinceañera Just bought The Resistance album by Muse on Itunes. Hecka Ja! I just realized that my armatar is no longer available... meaning that I HAVE A RARE ARMATAR That horrifying moment when you realize you dont have a snow day. :f I also enjoy... -playing the piano -writing lyrics and poetry -enjoying rpgs and who doesn't like competitive gaming? Signups for the Tales of Erabor Playtest Here!! So far I have 4/5 positions filled -Blazing Zelda -dragonball05 -MattEmAngel -spikeabc -{unfilled} http://armorgames.com/community/thread/11189781/tabletop-rpg-combat-system-that-i-made-need-revision CLASSES FOR TALES OF ERABOR (i said i would put them here) -Warrior -Priest -Mage -Cleric _Guardian -Hunter -Engineer -Rogue -Berserker -Slayer -Artificer -Rider -Necromancer -Skillsman -Scout -Spellsword need feedback, please go to it

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