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Free Rider 2 Map!!!

-18 1i 18 1i 2q 1i 2g 18 26 18 1s 1i,-18 1i -34 1i -2g 1i -34 18 -2g 18 -34 u -2g u -34 k -2g k -34 a -2g a -34 0 -2g 0 -34 -a -2g -a -34 -k -2g -k -34 -u -2g -u -34 -18 -2g -18 -34 -1i -2g -1i -34 -1s,-34 1i -34 -2g 2g -2g n4 4m,2q 1i n4 8o ne 8e no 8o o2 8e oc 8o om 8e p0 8o,n4 8o 17m 8o 1be 7q 1be 9m 1f6 9m 1f6 7q,1be 8o 17m 8o,1cc 9m 1cm 8o 1cm 9m,1d0 9m 1da 8o 1da 9m,1dk 9m 1du 8o 1du 9m,1e8 9m 1ei 8o 1ei 9m,1es 9m 1f6 8o 1go 8o 1ia 8o 1iu 8o 1n0 8o 1q4 8o 252 8o 252 92 1fg 92 1f6 92,1iu 8o 1f6 7q,n4 8o 68 8o -1s 8o -2g 8o -34 8o -34 92,-34 8o -34 1i,-34 -2q -3e -2q -3e 8o -34 8o,-34 -2q 2g -2q n4 4c 2ig 4c 2ig 4m 2ig 5a 2ig fa 2ig l8 2ig li 2iq l8 2ig ku,2g -2q 2g -2g 2g -1s 26 -2g 26 -1s 1s -2g 1s -1s 1i -2g 1i -1s 18 -2g 18 -1s u -2g u -1s k -2g k -1s a -2g a -1s 0 -2g 0 -1s -a -2g -a -1s -k -2g -k -1s -u -2g -u -1s -18 -2g -18 -1s -1i -2g -1i -1s -1s -2g -1s -1s -26 -2g -26 -1s -2g -2g -2g -1s -2q -2g -2q -1s -34 -2g,1be 92 -3e 92 -3e 8o,2i6 5u 20c f0 2hi f0 2i6 f0 2i6 5u 2i6 5a 2hs 50 2iq 50 2ig 5a,2i6 5a 2hi 68,2i6 5a 2ig 5a,2ig fa 1vo fa 1vo fk 202 fa 202 fk 20c fa 20c fk 20m fa 20m fk 210 fa 210 fk 21a fa 21a fk 21k fa 21k fk 21u fa 21u fk 228 fa 228 fk 22i fa 22i fk 22s fa 22s fk 236 fa 236 fk 23g fa 23g fk 23q fa 23q fk 244 fa 244 fk 24e fa 24e fk 24o fa 24o fk 252 fa 252 fk 25c fa 25c fk 25m fa 25m fk 260 fa 260 fk 26a fa 26a fk 26k fa 26k fk 26u fa 26u fk 278 fa 278 fk,1vo fa 20c f0,1h2 9m 1h2 a0 1h2 li 1h2 no 1h2 o2 2ac o2,1h2 9m 1hc a0 2b0 oc 1go oc 1go li,1hc a0 1h2 a0,1h2 9m 1go 9m 1ge 9c 1hc 9c 1h2 9m 1go 9m 1go hg 1go li,2am oc 2ri oc,2ig li 2i6 l8 2ig ku,2i6 l8 2ig l8,2i6 fa 2ig fk 2i6 fk 2ig fu 2i6 fu 2ig g8 2i6 g8 2ig gi 2i6 gi 2ig gs 2i6 gs 2ig h6 2i6 h6 2ig hg 2i6 hg 2ig hq 2i6 hq 2ig i4 2i6 i4 2ig ie 2i6 ie 2ig io 2i6 io 2ig j2 2i6 j2 2ig jc 2i6 jc 2ig jm 2i6 jm 2ig k0 2i6 k0 2ig ka 2i6 ka 2ig kk 2i6 kk 2ig ku,2iq l8 2ig l8,278 fk 27i fa 27i fk 27s fa 27s fk 286 fa 286 fk 28g fa 28g fk 28q fa 28q fk 294 fa 294 fk 29e fa 29e fk 29o fa 29o fk 2a2 fa 2a2 fk 2ac fa 2ac fk 2am fa 2am fk 2b0 fa 2b0 fk 2ba fa 2ba fk 2bk fa 2bk fk 2bu fa 2bu fk 2c8 fa 2c8 fk 2ci fa 2ci fk 2cs fa 2cs fk 2d6 fa 2dg fa 2dg fk 2dq fa 2dq fk 2e4 fa 2e4 fk 2ee fa 2ee fk 2eo fa 2eo fk 2f2 fa 2f2 fk 2fc fa,2d6 fa 2d6 fk 2d6 fa,2dg fa 2d6 fk,2fc fa 2fc fk 2fm fa 2fm fk 2g0 fa 2g0 fk 2ga fa 2ga fk 2gk fa 2gk fk 2gu fa 2gu fk 2h8 fa 2h8 fk 2hi fa 2hi fk 2hs fa 2hs fk 2i6 fa,1d0 9m 1d0 8o 1cm 9m,1dk 9m 1dk 8o 1da 9m,1e8 9m 1e8 8o 1du 9m,1es 9m 1es 8o 1ei 9m,1cc 9m 1cc 8o 1c2 9m 1c2 8o 1bo 9m 1bo 8o 1be 9m,1h2 92 1hc 92 1h2 92 1h2 9m,1h2 92 1hc 9c,1ge 9c 1go 92 1go 9m,2hs 50 2i6 4m n4 4m,2i6 4m 2ig 4m 2iq 50,2i6 4m 2i6 50 2i6 5a##

Star War Club!!!

You can be
Commander Droid
Super Battle Droid
Darth Maul
Count Dooku
Commander Clone
Boba Fett
Jango Fett
General Grievous
Anakin Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Darth Sidious
Luke Skywalker
Darth Vadar and more!!!!

Assisant Leader Champion10 Anakin Skywalker

1.Bogga1314 Boba Fett
2.Qaukingphear Super Battle Droid
3.Dnguyen General Grievous
4.Champion10 Anakin Skywalker
5.Mentorso123 Jango Fett
6.Smellwreck Cammander Droid
7.Crounchbite Clone
9.Mummy1 Darth Vadar

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