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  • Wii: a a
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-14 1b -s 26 -k 2t -8 3j,-8 3k 3 47 e 4q p 5f 14 64,13 63 1b 6l 1m 75 24 7j 2m 7r 39 7v 3t 7u 4f 7l 50 7b,1m 76 25 7g 2j 7p,50 7c 5a 7t,5a 7u 5k 8l 65 9a,65 9b 76 9j 7r 9i,9o 9k 7s 9i,9o 9k a9 9v aq ac,aq ad bf b0 br bo,bo bl c5 c1,c5 c2 cl cg d2 cu,d2 cv di d9 eq dr fq e2 gr e2,mr 1ea 10n 1al,le 1du m6 1fi q9 1ga,gr e3 j2 e4 k5 ea lf f0,lh f0 ma ff,se pb ua qa,129 u0 14p um 163 uh,198 v5 1av vj,1b1 vj 1b2 uo,15d 12a 166 10t 160 125,14g 12g 15e 13c 175 13c,18s 113 18t 132,19n 113 1ag 145,152 14a 1al 14s,1bb 17d 1ad 18p,18l 1a1 1ai 19b,178 1aj 17g 1ci,181 1d6 182 1eq 16s 1fl,15s 1gj 12b 1h5,vo 1i7 111 1i0,u1 1l2 uo 1k5,u2 1l2 t8 1ku,r2 1n8 sg 1ln,ph 1ou qq 1ni,nq 1q7 pb 1p2,lr 1q8 nf 1q8,se 1lq ss 1ld,121 1m5 123 1mb tt 1q2 104 1vf 15e 1rt 14r 1nl 1an 1ov 18o 1k7 13a 1nn,110 1i1 11t 1hi,k4 1sr l2 1r3 l2 1sp,l0 1ub l8 1ss ll 1u8,ik 1ud iq 20g,in 1vk kb 20n,ip 1vn ks 1tf,kn 1uj l2 20h m3 208,kp 1vn m9 1v5,ko 1un nc 1ub,no 1ui ou 1vu ph 1uc,q9 1ue q5 1vn,pi 1vj qi 1vm,qu 1vm r6 1ud rs 1vr s2 1uc#140 10e 14n 12f,14n 12f 151 117,151 117 15i 128,15i 128 16b 102,177 vt 18h 102,18h 102 18h 115 16v 11u 18a 120 177 112 179 vt#B ng 1bd 5e,B me 1cu 33,B o5 1d9 30
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club FR2 gladiator snakeyes (fr2 G.S)


1-100 ap=rubber snake
100-300= garter snake
300-500= anorexic snake
500-700= chubby snake
700-900= sea snake
900-1100= venomous snake
1100-1300= rattle snake
1300-1400= king snake
1400-1600= short boa constrictor
1600-1800= long boa constrictor
2000-2200= python
2200-2400= basilisk
2400-2600= anaconda
2600-3200= cobra
3200-4000= king cobra
4000-5000= novice snake charmer
5000= master snake charmer.
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Name: Tour on city
Difficult: Auto map

b 1j u 1k,-11 74 -d 74,d b3 i bi 19 bi,30 e5 3s e5,at 5sc b2 5so,b0 5so bm 5sp,a0 6bn br 6e7,br 6e9 es 6fs l4 6g8,l4 6ga r0 6g2 141 6em 1bj 6cg 1dp 6ak,-6v j -7j j,-6b 3i -4p 52,9d md 9d n6 8g n6,-51 137 -4b 137,-8v 1as -8v 1ba -d1 1dv,-i7 1kh -j4 1lp,-n5 1sm -ls 1sk,-187 3rf -18j 3ru -194 3rl,-105 25h -ub 276 -re 286,-re 28g -ke 27v,-ji 29a -k1 29p,-s8 2u9 -rm 2u9,-11g 3bq -106 3dj -u5 3e2 -pc 3e5 -l2 3e3,-l2 3e5 -in 3dr -gu 3di,-h0 3dh -gc 3da -fo 3cv -f4 3ch -ei 3c1 -e4 3be -dp 3aq -dj 3a4 -df 39c -dc 38j -db 37r -da 370 -dc 363 -dj 353 -dr 345 -e3 33c -ed 32l -et 31u -fd 31d -g0 30v -gl 30l -he 30e -i8 309 -j1 307 -js 305,-kt 3da -k8 3da -jj 3d8 -j0 3d4 -ia 3d0 -hm 3cs -h2 3ck -gf 3cc -fv 3c0 -ff 3bl -eu 3b7 -ei 3am -ea 3a3 -e6 39e -e3 38q -e0 386 -e0 37h -e0 36v,-e1 36q -e4 368 -e6 35m -ea 352 -ee 34f -ej 33s -ep 33b -f1 32p -fd 329 -fr 31r -gb 31f -gu 316 -hl 312 -ia 30s -j0 30n -jn 30k,-1at 37d -1ak 39h -19v 3b5,-199 3d6 -16k 3e9,-16n 3e9 -11q 3g6 -tu 3h8,-225 3lq -1rc 3lv,-2rm 3tc -2nb 40r,-28t 3s3 -27t 3sa,-2ls 4bd -2km 4dd,-2kk 4dd -2ib 4eo,-2ib 4eq -2et 4f7,-2e2 4fj -2bc 4fu -26s 4fu -231 4fi,-1pr 5jt -1p2 5jv,-1ql 586 -1qe 586,-1s8 5qp -1q2 5qf,-249 6cd -21i 6ch,-24b 6cc -2es 6cl,-2hl 6pk -2gq 6pp -2gf 6pa,-2hl 6pj -2hs 6p4,-1st 6dg -1s7 6dh -1s1 6d1,-1sr 6dj -1su 6d1,-1tf 6dg -1ta 6cu,-1te 6dg -1tv 6dg -1ub 6ct,-1sg 6ji -1s9 6i3,-1sb 6i3 -1rl 6jj,-1t7 6jd -1qe 6jg#-qh 2s5 -qj 2ud,-r5 2t0 -pr 2t3,-ph 2tb -pl 2ul,-pl 2tq -p9 2tf,-p9 2td -ob 2td,-ng 2tg -o1 2tf -od 2tv -oe 2ui -o6 2us -ng 2us,-nd 2su -nf 2vb,-mr 2tb -mr 2v1,-mr 2tq -mc 2tg,-mf 2tg -lp 2tg -lo 2v2,-k7 2tb -la 2tb -la 2ts,-l9 2ts -k7 2ts,-kc 2ts -kc 2ul -le 2uj,-jb 2s3 -jd 2ug,-j9 2rr -i6 2rt,-jb 2sm -i5 2sk,-gu 2t8 -hp 2ta -i6 2tn,-i6 2tp -i6 2ue,-i5 2ue -hu 2un -h7 2un -go 2ub -gm 2tn -h2 2t8,-g0 2ta -g0 2u6,-g0 2ti -fe 2t5 -f2 2t5,-fv 2u4 -fv 2us,-e8 2t6 -e4 2uj,-e6 2tk -dq 2t6 -d6 2t6 -d6 2u8,-d5 2t6 -bu 2t8 -c0 2ub,-rs 31h -rp 34n,-rs 34n -qh 34n -ps 33u -pv 32o -r5 32o,-ra 32o -ps 32g -ps 31n -qe 317 -rs 315 -rp 32d,-r2 32l -rn 32l,-p5 31f -p3 34d,-p3 31h -oc 328,-nd 31a -oh 326,-ng 31c -nd 343,-lm 31h -jr 33u,-lj 33p -j9 317,-p3 35m -pa 37b,-qh 35b -o2 362,-m0 35b -n6 35r -n6 37g -mi 37v -l9 37g -le 35t -m5 35j,-ta 393 -t7 3b5,-t4 395 -s6 39v -qt 395 -qm 3ba,-p8 398 -pq 39g -pq 3ao -pa 3b2 -om 3ah -om 39i -pa 39b,-o2 39d -o2 3b8,-nv 39d -nb 3ar,-n3 39b -n3 3ba,-lo 39g -mi 39g -mi 3a6 -l4 3a4 -l4 3bd,-lg 3b8 -mc 3b0,-k3 398 -k3 3ao,-ks 38r -je 398,-ii 395 -io 3ar,-io 3ao -hf 3ah,-ib 39s -hf 39g,-ib 38r -h2 38m,-g9 38f -ge 3ae,-g6 38h -fd 38h -eu 38u -ff 39b -g9 39b -fn 3a1,-81 -7t -97 -6s -99 -40 -86 -2v,-6k -7l -6k -3c,-6f -7j -49 -7j -55 -5s -6k -5n -4c -32,-2q -84 -2v -2o -u -2q,-2n -5a -h -5i,-2b -7v 10 -7l,j -37 2u -7o 3v -2e,20 -4r 59 -4h,57 -71 5e -34,4e -7v 7a -6s,8b -7e 9b -2g,99 -2j ah -2t,94 -55 b5 -5k,8q -7v dl -6n,ds -7e dv -2v fh -3j,fc -3j fo -50 gc -7h,g5 -7c e1 -7c,7 -o 2 24 1u 1d 1k f h f 1u 8 28 -e 1p -v 9 -12,2p -14 3n 3 54 -v,3i 0 3b 1s,-2s 2v -3g 8c,-39 5i -13 8r,-2q 68 -5 2v,o 3c 7 8m 3v 8j,j 5d 2p 5i,t 2t 5o 4a,6f 3t 83 8r,9q 45 88 8o,b0 40 b5 82,9t 8c bu 7j,ac 3j cs 3e,el 3o eb 84,ev 3o gk 7g,h5 3r gk 8o,86 3c7 6i 3ga,82 3ch 95 3gk,7l 3f4 98 3f4,ai 3ca ap 3g3,as 3g3 d1 3fl,dm 3c3 ee 3fh,dt 3c0 fg 3cv,g8 3c0 fk 3cd,g8 3bs gf 3g3,ih 3bp hb 3co hb 3fh hp 3fs jq 3f4 jq 3cr ik 3bp,mg 3bs kb 3c0,kb 3ca k8 3dq mu 3dq mg 3fh k4 3fl,pr 3be pv 3fe,o1 3b8 qq 3bs,-24e 6h7 -24e 6jq,-24e 6h9 -22t 6hc,-24a 6i5 -232 6i5,-226 6hc -22b 6jk,-22q 6jn -21n 6jn,-22l 6he -21f 6hj,-20i 6hh -20p 6jl,-20k 6he -1v7 6jl,-1v7 6hk -1vc 6k8,-1ue 6hj -1u7 6k1,-1sf 6ha -1to 6hc -1tl 6i8 -1s6 6i5,-1sd 6jk -1tg 6jl,-1r5 6h4 -1r3 6jb,-1pc 6h2 -1pt 6j8,-1r3 6i7 -1p4 6i3,51 ub 5q 11g,5s 11g 6g vr 6t 11b 7o u4,8k tq aq u1,8s ts 8r vj aq v9 aq u4,8r vm 8r 11b aq 10r,aq 10f aq ut,-pm 29t -oo 2c7 -o1 2b8 -nf 2bv -m7 29d,-lg 298 -lf 2bf -kr 2c4 -jt 2bf -jr 296,-iu 28r -iu 2c4,-ir 28o -hc 28k -gq 29e -hp 2a5 -io 2a6,-fg 28g -fn 2bn,-ff 28k -f4 28k -f8 2bg -fl 2bg,-fk 2bl -ft 2c4,-fg 2bo -f7 2bo,-fa 2bo -f4 2c0,-f7 2c0 -f7 2cc -fl 2cc,-fs 2cd -fs 2c2,168 6a8 168 6do,168 6a8 1d6 6a0,1d5 6a0 1d5 6ar,16d 6bf 1d3 6b2,171 6al 175 6b5 17b 6aq 17l 6b3 180 6ai,185 6b0 18b 6ag 18j 6av,18b 6an 18e 6an,18m 6ag 18o 6av 191 6b0,19a 6af 195 6aj,193 6ai 18r 6ai 195 6ao 195 6b2 19d 6ao,19b 6ao 19l 6b0 19g 6al 19m 6ai 19e 6ad 19b 6a8 19a 6ai,1a3 6a8 1a5 6ao,1a5 6a8 1ag 6ag,1am 6a5 1ab 6ab,1al 6a3 1am 6aq,1b6 6a8 1at 6ar,1b6 6ad 1bg 6b2,1au 6an 1bb 6an,1bq 6ab 1br 6b2,1br 6ad 1c6 6ag 1bt 6al,1bq 6al 1c5 6b2,1cg 6aa 1cg 6ar,1ca 6a8 1ct 6a8,16d 6c5 180 6c8 180 6db,170 6dj 176 6c8,16b 6c5 16e 6c5,1dl 652 1bu 652 1be 65d 1bp 65l 1dh 65l 1e3 65g 1dm 652,1dp 655 1dt 64f 1e6 64d 1e1 65b,1do 655 1du 65q 1e8 65j,1e5 65j 1dr 650,1cd 65b 1cp 66d 1d6 66j 1db 668,1d6 668 1ct 658,1c3 640 1cb 64r,1c3 63v 1cg 63t 1ct 650,1bo 65a 1c1 65a 1c3 653,1ch 66g 1bg 66g 1b5 66o 1bg 66t,1be 66t 1cg 66q,1c9 66i 1c9 66q,1ch 66f 1ch 66q,1b5 690 1be 68d,1bd 68d 1bt 68v 1cj 68c 1co 694 1dj 68t 1d3 69d 1dp 69i 1d6 6a0,1d3 69d 1de 69d,1d8 6a0 1d1 6a0,1b6 68v 1ag 68i 1ao 698 1a1 698 1ah 69q,1ae 69q 19p 69t 19u 6a0,1be 69f 1b3 69f 1au 69k 1b3 69q 1b9 69q,1bg 69f 1bh 69n,1bh 69a 1bp 69a 1bm 69f 1bt 69o,1c3 69a 1c3 69q,1c3 697 1c6 69l,1c5 697 1cd 69o,1c1 69k 1cd 69k,1cm 698 1ce 698 1ce 69i,1ch 69i 1ct 69i,1cr 69i 1cr 69n,1cp 69n 1ce 69n,1d3 697 1d1 69n,1de 695 1dd 69l,1bd 66o 1b8 66o,1b9 66o 1be 66q 1b9 66q 1be 66r,1bg 66r 1bd 66r,1br 67d 1d5 67b,1bt 67d 1bj 67l 1bp 67q 1ct 67n 1ct 67d,1cr 67n 1d5 67l,1d3 67l 1d1 67b,1bp 67l 1bm 67l 1bu 67o,1br 67o 1bl 67j 1c6 682,178 69k 16r 6a4,176 69i 17e 6a4,17b 680 178 69l,178 68n 16o 68q,17c 68n 17j 68o,17g 678 176 678 176 67j 174 67o 176 67t 17g 680 17h 67o 17k 67l 17h 67f 179 67b,17b 67d 174 67g,174 67i 17b 67g,17b 67b 17b 67l,17b 67j 17b 67a,17c 67a 17c 67f,17e 675 17e 67g 17h 677,17h 678 17h 67j 17j 677,17c 68n 181 68t,17k 67q 17u 67v 199 680 19p 67i 19s 66a 19b 65r 18c 65o,18b 65o 17u 65v,17s 65v 17p 66l 17j 67i,183 66f 183 678,184 66l 18c 673,18e 66g 18e 677,196 66f 18r 66l 18s 673,18u 673 191 678 19c 670 19c 66i,19b 66i 193 66b,oh 4m0 qv 4r4,ob 4lv o5 4nr,oe 4lm q9 4mf,-hp 16e -hn 1ck,-hn 1ci -h5 1cc -hd 16a,-li 15u -eg 16g -e6 12p -mq 10t,-n0 10o -mu 15q -l8 15q,-lu 12t -ls 14q,-lq 131 -l8 13j -km 137,-ko 137 -kk 14u,-jn 140 -k5 140,-k7 140 -ka 14c,-kc 14c -k3 14u -jp 14u,-il 13u -j3 13u -jf 14c -jb 150 -it 150 -ih 14g -ir 13u,-i7 13u -i7 150,-i5 13s -hh 152,-hj 13q -hj 152,-ha 152 -gm 140 -gm 150,-h8 14e -go 14g,-ga 140 -g8 14u,-ga 14u -fq 14u,-fq 142 -fo 14s -fe 14i -fc 148 -fq 13u,-eo 140 -f6 13u -f6 14e -em 14e,-em 14g -eq 14u,-eu 14u -fg 14q,-jt 12f -jp 12v -j3 135 -ib 12r,-jd 123 -jb 12h,-iv 129 -iv 12r,-qm 24i -qh 28g,-qs 24h -l7 24d -l1 27s,-qn 260 -l8 25p,-q2 25o -pj 24q -ph 25g,-pt 259 -pb 259,-pb 24v -pb 25g -p1 25b -p8 255,-p7 255 -ov 24v -p9 24u,-ol 24s -p1 259,-oo 24s -ok 259,-ou 254 -oh 254,-oh 24s -og 25f,-og 24u -o7 24u -oe 256,-og 256 -oa 25f,-o0 24s -o0 25g,-o0 24v -nm 24v -nu 255 -nn 25c,-nf 24v -nj 252,-nk 252 -nk 25c -ng 25f -na 25c -na 252 -nj 24v,-n0 252 -n0 25o,-n6 254 -mo 254,-mj 252 -mi 25l -mc 25l,-mh 25c -mb 259,-mj 251 -me 251,-ll 251 -m7 251 -m7 25c -lq 25c,-lq 25e -m2 25j,-od 26t -od 27q,-od 270 -od 27v,-o8 26t -n9 26u,-na 26u -na 281,-mi 26d -mc 274 -lg 26t,-lk 26t -lr 26c -mc 26c,-m8 26f -m5 26r,-mb 26q -ls 26g,-pv 284 -pl 27i,-pj 27i -p9 282,-pm 27g -pm 26k,-pl 270 -q7 270,-pm 271 -pb 274,-pl 266 -pr 26a -pr 26j -pl 26m -pb 26g -pc 266 -pl 266,-21s 6gc -21e 6g2 -214 6gd,-214 6gb -20v 6g4 -20n 6gb -20e 6g1,-20c 6g8 -1vv 6g1 -1vv 6gb -1vk 6g4,-1vj 6g2 -1vd 6g0,-1vc 6g1 -1va 6g7,-1v8 6g9 -1ut 6g4,-1ur 6g0 -1v1 6ga,-21q 6gf -1v3 6g6,-21r 6g8 -21m 6hb -1v1 6gu -1v7 6fu,-1v2 6f9 -1v2 6g2,-1tt 6fg -1ud 6fj,-1tm 6f9 -1tu 6fu,-1th 6fc -1td 6fr,-1tt 6fl -1tf 6ff,-1sp 6f3 -1t8 6f5 -1t5 6ff,-1t9 6ff -1sq 6fd,-1st 6fd -1st 6fo -1t7 6fn,-1sf 6er -1sg 6fl,-1s2 6eu -1s8 6fi,-1sg 6f5 -1rp 6f2,nj 6ee nm 6g6,nj 6ec n7 6ec nc 6g3,n7 6ee mo 6e0 mm 6d6 n2 6cd no 6cb o8 6d1 o8 6e2 nk 6e9,n7 6d7 mt 6d7 mt 6dg,mv 6dg n4 6dg,n2 6dg n2 6dm mr 6dm,na 6db nc 6dl,n5 6d6 nc 6d9,nr 6d4 nf 6d9 nf 6de nk 6dj nu 6de,nt 6de nt 6d6,o2 6d2 o2 6dg,o2 6d4 o8 6d4 o0 6d6 o7 6db,10j 6c4 10j 6eu,10u 6ba 10u 6f0,10l 6c7 10q 6c7,10u 6b8 um 6b2 uo 6cd 10n 6c5,10f 6ba 106 6bc,104 6bc 108 6bh 10l 6bh,10j 6bh 10c 6b8,10c 6bj 106 6bl 10c 6bn,10c 6bp 10p 6bl,10n 6bl 10e 6bl 10e 6bp,10e 6bs 10h 6c0,10j 6bs 10e 6bn 108 6c0,10a 6c0 10f 6c0 10h 6bq,10e 6bq 10a 6bq,uv 6bc uv 6bn,v1 6bn vb 6bl vm 6bf,vm 6bl vv 6b8 101 6bl,vv 6b8 101 6bd,us 6bq us 6c4,uv 6c9 vb 6c9,vc 6bn vc 6c4,vi 6bf vm 6c0,vp 6bl vk 6c0,vr 6bj vr 6cb,vc 6bn vg 6bq,-17v 7n -135 1k -12b 43,-13d 1g -17c 23,-ui -18i -sq -135 -un -147,-sl -137 -ql -15j,-1tp 34l -20d 39p,-1tj 355 -1s8 39m,-1v8 37m -1sh 376,-1po 36n -1q7 38n,-1p2 36g -1om 382,-1pu 37i -1og 373,-1o9 36d -1o9 382,-1nq 36n -1n1 37f,-1od 379 -1n1 36g,-1m9 35l -1m2 373,-1lv 35l -1l0 36n,-1lv 36q -1lj 364,-1kt 355 -1kh 36n,-1kn 34s -1jl 35l,-1kk 35u -1k2 34v,-1kn 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69t -22u 6b2,-22c 67u -22r 686,-22r 688 -22r 68s,-22p 68s -22h 68v -227 68d,-22c 68g -22a 681,-22p 686 -22m 67u,-22h 67p -22h 688 -22h 67n -22c 683,-22a 67k -22a 688,-227 6bf -21m 6bc,-219 6bc -214 6bc,-212 6bc -20l 6ba,-20b 6ba -1vv 6ba,-1vd 6b7 -1v6 6b7,-20o 683 -20l 6ck -1r4 6cn,-1r6 6ck -1r1 67i -20o 67u,-20q 6bu -1vv 6bu -1rb 6bu,-20g 6ar -1r9 6ar,-20t 69g -1rg 69j,-20g 68n -1rj 68q,-1vi 67u -1vi 68d,-1uu 68q -1uu 69e,-1tp 67i -1tp 68i,-1so 68n -1sm 696,-1vq 69g -1vn 6am,-1tp 69q -1tp 6at,-1uk 6b5 -1ui 6bp,-1sc 6ao -1sc 6br,-1vi 6br -1vi 6cd,-1tm 6c3 -1tm 6d3,-1v3 6ba -1vl 6bp,-1vg 6bf -1vd 6br,-1vb 6br -1v8 6c0 -1vd 6c3 -1vg 6c5,-1vg 6c8 -1vd 6ca,-1v8 6cd -1v3 6ci,-1v1 6ci -1v6 6ci,-1v1 6bf -1un 6bf,-1uk 6bf -1ui 6bk -1ui 6br -1uf 6c0 -1ua 6c5,-1u8 6c8 -1ua 6ci -1uf 6ci,-1vg 6ck -1vn 6ck,-1vv 6ck -204 6cp,-209 6cp -209 6d1,-1vi 6ci -204 6cn -20o 6cs -20l 6d1,-20l 6d3 -20j 6d8,-20j 6db -206 6dd,-204 6dd -1vd 6dd,-1vb 6dd -1up 6d8,-1uf 6d1 -1tr 6cs -1u3 6cp,-1ua 6cp -1u5 6cn,-1up 6d6 -1ua 6cu,-1u8 688 -1vd 68b -1vb 696 -1uk 691,-1up 694 -1un 69l -1vd 69l,-1tu 688 -1tu 69g,-1ta 68b -1ta 69b,-1u3 68l -1t7 68n,-1sr 688 -1so 699,-1t0 686 -1sm 686,-1sr 696 -1s7 696,-1rt 683 -1rt 691,-1sc 67p -1rg 68b#T -1t4 6c7,G 14n 6do ln,G -15k 68 e2,G -11a -166 gs,B -h5 3d0 dc,B -fb 3c9 ce,B -ei 3b4 cb,B -dp 39s br,B -dn 37j me,B -dp 35n m4,B -ed 332 l3,B -fq 31g ki,B -hr 30n k8,B -ji 30b jm

Name: Auto-normal map
Difficult: Hard expert

r 2a -9b b1,-h 2l -9q an,-dq dl -do e9,-do e7 -cv e7,-eg jl -3f ki,-2o m3 -28 l9,-2l m3 -3m m0,-71 kc -71 qo,-78 od -52 r7,-7t qf -11 qf,10 tv 1c um 1h tv,2k 130 3r 13e,4n 145 5c 14b,67 15k 7a 15o,99 178 a6 178,a6 17a a6 16l,5t 1eu 61 1gv,5v 1gv 71 1gr,bj 1is c9 1is cc 1i4,9e 1oc 9q 1ob a2 1o1 a2 1nj,5o 1s6 64 1s1,5q 1s8 5e 1rv 59 1ra,4s 22m 8b 26f co 26h,6n 255 am 273,dc 273 ee 275,fl 27r gn 27p,j2 28g j2 294,jc 28g jc 294,io 28g io 294,jm 28g jm 294,k0 28g k0 294,ka 28g ka 294,kk 28g kk 294,ku 28g ku 29e,l8 28g l8 294,li 28g li 294,ls 28g ls 294,mq 294 mq 29o om 29o,pa 2a2 pa 2am,pk 2a2 pk 2am,pu 2a2 pu 2am,q8 2a2 q8 2am,r6 2c8 rq 2bk,r6 2c8 qi 2c8,li 2e4 li 2f2 mg 2f2,pi 2lf pu 2lq qg 2lq,rd 2nn 11p 2nn,11n 2no 12g 2no,12c 2nq 13k 2nq 156 2nq 156 2ng 15g 2ng 15g 2n6 15q 2n6 15q 2ms 164 2ms 164 2mi 16e 2mi 16e 2m8 16o 2m8 16o 2lu 172 2lu 172 2lk 17c 2lk 17c 2la 17m 2la 17m 2l0 180 2l0,1ag 2lk 1ag 2rs 1i0 2rs,1ag 2ri 1go 2rs,1ge 2rs 1ag 2r8,1g4 2rs 1ag 2qu,1fq 2rs 1ag 2qk,1fg 2rs 1ag 2qa,1f6 2rs 1ag 2q0,1es 2rs 1ag 2pm,1ei 2rs 1ag 2pc,1e8 2rs 1ag 2p2,1du 2rs 1ag 2oo,1dk 2rs 1ag 2oe,1da 2rs 1ag 2o4,1d0 2rs 1ag 2nq,1cm 2rs 1ag 2ng,1cc 2rs 1ag 2n6,1c2 2rs 1ag 2n6,1cc 2rs 1ag 2ms,1c2 2rs 1ag 2mi,1bo 2rs 1ag 2m8,1be 2rs 1ag 2m8,1b4 2rs 1aq 2ri,1be 2rs 1ag 2m8,1be 2rs 1ag 2m8,1be 2rs 1ag 2lu,1b4 2rs 1ag 2lk,1ag 2la 1aq 2rs,1ag 2la 1ag 2l0 180 2l0,1hm 2rs 1o8 2rs 1qo 2q0 22i 2q0 252 2rs 2ba 2rs 2e4 2rs 2e4 2oo,2ba 2rs 2e4 2pm,rg 2nq rg 2n6,2e4 2rs 2e4 2p2,2e4 2ri 294 2rs,29e 2rs 2e4 2r8,29o 2rs 2e4 2qu,2ac 2rs 2e4 2qk,2am 2rs 2e4 2qa,2b0 2rs 2e4 2q0,2bk 2rs 2e4 2pc,2bu 2rs 2e4 2p2,2c8 2rs 2e4 2oo,2je 2m8 2je 332 260 332 260 32e 28g 332,2je 32o 2f2 332,2fc 332 2je 32e,2je 324 2g0 332,2ga 332 2je 31q,2gk 332 2j4 31g 2je 31g,2gu 332 2je 30s,2h8 332 2je 30i,2hi 332 2je 308,2hs 332 2je 2vk,2i6 332 2je 2v0,2ig 332 2je 2to,2iq 332 2je 2t4,2j4 332 2je 2rs,1qo 332 1m2 332,1qo 332 1qo 35i 260 35i 260 332,2cf 2rs 2e5 2op,2ci 2rs 2e4 2oo,2cs 2rs 2e4 2oo,2d6 2rs 2e4 2oo,2dg 2rs 2e4 2oo,2dq 2rs 2e4 2oo,2jg 2mb 2mr 2mb,2mr 2m9 2mo 2j3,1m2 334 1m2 35a 1kj 347 1l2 35r 1jj 34u 1jg 38d 1eq 38f,17n 38u 1b8 3d3 1k8 3d3,17n 394 17n 34p,1nd 3fc 1vu 3fc,1vo 3fi 23q 3fi 278 3fi 278 3d2 278 3co,1vu 3fb 22f 3fi,278 3f8 252 3fi,25c 3fi 278 3eu,25m 3fi 278 3ek,260 3fi 278 3ea,26a 3fi 278 3e0,26k 3fi 278 3dm,26u 3fi 278 3dc,1n0 3fi 1n0 3fs,1mm 3fi 1mm 3fs,1mc 3fi 1mc 3fs,1m2 3fi 1m2 3fs,1lo 3fi 1lo 3fs,1le 3fi 1le 3fs,1l4 3fi 1l4 3fs,1k6 3g6 1kg 3g6 1kg 3gg 1k6 3gg 1k6 3g6,1js 3gg 1ji 3gg 1ji 3gq 1js 3gq 1js 3gg,1j8 3gq 1iu 3gq 1iu 3h4 1j8 3h4 1j8 3gq,1ik 3h4 1ia 3h4 1ia 3he 1ik 3he 1ik 3h4,1i0 3he 1hm 3he 1hm 3ho 1i0 3ho 1i0 3he,1hc 3ho 1h2 3i2 1hm 3i2 1hc 3ho,1go 3i2 1h2 3ic 1ge 3ic 1go 3i2,1e8 3im 1go 3im 1go 3ic,1e8 3im 18a 3im,vs 3j0 vs 3e0 12c 3e0,vs 3e0 17c 3e0 17c 3g6,vs 3im 12c 3j0,122 3j0 vs 3ic,11o 3j0 vs 3i2,11e 3j0 vs 3ho,114 3j0 vs 3he,10q 3j0 vs 3h4,10g 3j0 vs 3gq,106 3j0 vs 3gg,vs 3fs 106 3e0,vs 3fi 10g 3e0,vs 3f8 10q 3e0,vs 3eu 114 3e0,vs 3ek 11e 3e0,vs 3ea 11o 3e0,15g 3e0 17c 3ea,15q 3e0 17c 3ek,164 3e0 17c 3eu,16e 3e0 17c 3f8,16o 3e0 17c 3fi,172 3e0 17c 3fs,17c 3mo 13k 3mo 13a 3mo 13a 3me 130 3me 130 3m4 12m 3m4 12m 3lq 12c 3lq 13a 3mo,15q 3mo 17c 3lq 17m 3lg,130 3mo 13a 3mo,114 3lq 10q 3lq 10q 3m4 12m 3m4,10q 3m4 10g 3m4 10g 3me 13a 3me,10g 3me 106 3me 106 3mo 13a 3mo,122 3mo 12m 3m4,12c 3mo 130 3m4,12m 3mo 130 3me,130 3mo 13a 3me,11o 3mo 10q 3lq,11e 3mo 10q 3m4 10q 3mo 11o 3lq 11o 3mo 12m 3lq,114 3mo 10g 3m4,10q 3mo 10g 3me 10g 3mo 11e 3lq 11o 3m4 12c 3mo 12c 3lq,10g 3mo 106 3me,114 3lq 114 3mo 122 3lq 130 3mo 130 3me,12m 3mo 12m 3m4,106 3mo ua 3ok q8 3ok pu 3o0 pk 3o0 pa 3nc p0 3nc om 3mo hq 3mo e2 3mo e2 3ks,e2 3me fu 3mo,e2 3m4 fk 3mo,fa 3mo e2 3lq,f0 3mo e2 3lg,em 3mo e2 3l6,ec 3mo e2 3ks,aa 3n2 bs 3n2 c6 3n2 c6 3lg bs 3n2,c6 3lq bi 3n2,c6 3m4 b8 3n2,c6 3me au 3n2,c6 3mo ak 3n2,aa 3n2 5u 3n2 50 3n2 50 3me 5k 3n2,1i 3n2 1i 3me 0 3n2 -2q 3n2 -5a 3n2 -5a 3ks -50 3ic,0 3n2 1i 3n2,-5a 3mo -3o 3n2,-42 3n2 -5a 3me,-4c 3n2 -5a 3m4,-4m 3n2 -5a 3lq,-50 3n2 -5a 3lg,vs 3j0 14s 3j0,17c 3mo 17m 3mo 17m 3im 18a 3im,114 3lq 12c 3lq,106 3mo 114 3lq 122 3mo 122 3lq,11e 3mo 12c 3lq,11o 3lq 12m 3mo,11e 3lq 11e 3mo,11o 3mo 12c 3lq,12c 3m4 12m 3lq,-5a 3l6 -5a 3ic -k 3ic,-5a 3ki -4m 3ic,-5a 3k8 -4c 3ic,-5a 3ju -42 3ic,-5a 3jk -42 3ic,-5a 3ja -3o 3ic,-5a 3j0 -3e 3ic,-5a 3im -34 3ic,-5a 3jk -42 3ic,-5a 3ja -42 3ic,-5a 3ja -3o 3ic#114 2ja ve 2k4 ve 2ll 115 2lh 117 2kt,115 2kt 107 2kt,12n 2jb 120 2k9 120 2l7 12m 2lv 138 2lc 135 2kb 12n 2ji,260 332 1qo 332,1r2 340 1sa 33m,1rc 34k 1t8 34k,1t8 33c 1ug 340,1uq 34k 20m 33m,21u 33m 23q 34k,202 34k 21k 34k 21u 34u 23g 34u,22s 340 244 340,236 33m 252 33c,22i 3ea 244 3ea 244 3dm 22i 3dm 22i 3d2 21k 3e0 22i 3eu 22i 3ea#O 34 3mo,S -2g 3j0,B ec 3k8 aq,T 11o 3ks,T d4 3k8,T 16o 3i2,T 1ug 2nq,T -k 3ja,G 16o 3fs 5k,G 12c 3ek b8,T 26k 3ai,T 21o 30d,O 1rm 34a,O 1sk 34a,O 1ti 34a,O 1ug 34a,O 1ve 34a,O 20c 34a,O 21a 34a,O 228 34a,O 236 34a,O 244 34a,O 252 34a,O 25m 34a,O 1r2 34a

Name: Shortie
Difficult: Normal-hard

18 1i 3o 1i 3o 2q 42 3e 42 2q 4c 3e 4c 2q 4m 3e 4m 2q 50 3e 50 2q 5a 1s 5k 2g 5k 1s 5u 2g 5u 1s 68 2g 68 1s 6i 2g 4m 4c 4m 7g,3o 2q 50 2q,5a 1s 6i 1s 6i 2g,3o 2q 3o 3e 42 2q,3o 3e 50 3e 5a 2g 5a 26 6i 26,5a 2g 5a 1s,5a 2g 6i 2g,-a -k a -k a -u,-18 1i 18 1i 1i 26 1i 1i 1s 26 1s 1i 26 26 26 1i 2g 26 2g 1i 2q 26 2q 1i 34 26 34 1i 3e 26 3e 1i 3o 26 -18 26 -18 1i -u 26 -u 1i -k 26 -k 1i -a 26 -a 1i 0 26 0 1i a 26 a 1i k 26 k 1i u 26 u 1i 18 26 18 1i,-k -k 0 -k,-1i 26 -18 26 -u 1i,-18 -k -k -k,-1i 26 -18 1i,l8 9m fa 9m 4m 9m 50 92,4m 9m 4m 7g,-1i 26 -1s 26 -1s em -18 em,-1s 26 -1s -u 0 -u a -u,-18 -k -1i -k -1i 1i -18 26,-1i 1i -18 1i,-1s 26 -1i 1i,-u 26 -k 1i,-k 26 -a 1i,-a 26 0 1i,0 26 a 1i,a 26 k 1i,k 26 u 1i,u 26 18 1i,18 26 1i 1i,1i 26 1s 1i,1s 26 26 1i,2g 26 2q 1i,26 26 2g 1i,2q 26 34 1i,34 26 3e 1i,3e 26 3o 1i,5a 2g 5k 1s,5k 2g 5u 1s 68 26,5u 2g 68 1s,68 2g 6i 1s,42 3e 4c 2q,4c 3e 4m 2q,4m 3e 50 2q,4m 92 e2 92 fk 84,e2 9m e2 92,fk 8o fk 9m,e2 9m fk 8o fk 84,e2 9c fk 8e,fu 9m fu 92 gi 9m,fu 92 gi 92 gi 8e h6 8e h6 7q hq 7q hq 76 jm 76 ne 76 pu 9m 130 9m 130 92 14i 84 14i 8o,h6 9m h6 92 gi 8e,h6 92 hq 92 h6 8e,hq 92 hq 8e h6 7q,hq 8e ie 8e hq 7q,ie 8e ie 7q hq 76,ie 7q k0 7q no 7q o2 7q,h6 9m gi 92,l8 9m pu 9m,pa 92 130 92,130 9m 14i 8o,130 9m 14i 9m 14i c6 106 em v8 fa p0 fa pa em 106 em,14i 9m 14i 8o,130 9c 14i 8e,no b8 gi b8 d4 em cg fa -1s fa -1s em,om em ne bs no b8 pa em,ne bs fu bs,om em p0 fa,13k ie oc ie mq i4,13k j2 oc j2 oc ie,19s 5k 1c2 5k 1cm 5k 1cm ls 1cm m6,1c2 50 1cm 5k,13k j2 13k ie 198 ec 198 50 19s 5k,oc j2 no j2 no ie mq hg,mq ie mq h6 jc h6 gs io bs io 9c ka 8o ka 8o ku 84 ku 84 li 7g li 7g m6 6s m6 6s mq 7g ne 7g mq 7q mq 84 mq 84 m6 8o m6 8o li 9c li 9c ku 8o ka,o2 ie mq hq jc hq jc h6,ne ie mq h6,n4 ie mq h6,mq ie oc ie,no j2 mq j2 mq hq mq h6,oc j2 mq io,o2 j2 mq ie,no j2 mq i4,ne j2 mq hq,n4 j2 mq hq,oc io mq io,oc io mq ie,o2 io mq ie,no io mq i4,ne io mq hq,n4 io mq hq,o2 j2 o2 ie,ne j2 ne i4,n4 j2 n4 hq,jc hq gs jc gs io,gs jc bs jc bs io,-1i 26 -1i 1i,3o 1s -1s 1s,-1s 1i -1i 1i,-1s 1i -1i 26,3o 34 50 34,42 3e 4c 2q,4c 3e 4m 2q,4m 3e 50 34,d4 em -18 em,9c ku bs jc,9c ku 9c ka,6s mq 68 mq 68 ne 5k ne 5k o2 50 o2 5k om 68 om 68 o2 6s o2 6s ne 68 mq,50 o2 50 om -u om -1i o2 -3e o2 -3e om -3e rg 5k rg c6 m6 198 m6 1cm m6,5k om 5k pa -u pa -u om,5k pa 50 om,68 om 5k o2,68 o2 5k ne,6s o2 68 ne,6s ne 7g ne,7g mq 6s m6,84 mq 7g m6,84 m6 7g li,8o m6 84 li,8o li 84 ku,9c li 8o ku,-u pa -1i om -3e om,-1i o2 -1i om,-84 o2 -9c o2 -cg o2 -cq ne -d4 ne -de mq -do mq -e2 m6 -g8 m6 -g8 k0 -gi k0 -fu jc -fa io -e2 io -e2 j2 -f0 j2 -fa j2 -fa io,-84 o2 -84 rq -7q tc -76 uk -68 v8 -5a vs 50 vs 50 v8 68 ua,-68 v8 3o v8 50 v8,68 v8 6i ua 6s v8 76 ua 7g v8 7q ua 84 v8 8e ua 8o v8 92 ua 9c v8 9m ua a0 v8 aa ua ak v8 b8 v8 bs 10g c6 114 m6 114 mq tm,6i ua 6i v8,76 v8 76 ua,7q v8 7q ua,68 v8 68 ua,8e v8 8e ua,92 v8 92 ua,9m v8 9m ua,aa v8 aa ua,ak v8 au ua b8 v8,au v8 au ua,bs 10g h6 10g m6 10g mq 114 mq qi li r6,m6 10g m6 rg ls qs li qs,m6 106 ie 10g ie 114 mq 10q,io 10g m6 vs,j2 10g m6 vi ls uu,jc 10g m6 v8,jm 10g m6 uu,k0 10g m6 uk mg so mg s4 m6 rq ku qi,ka 10g m6 ua,kk 10g m6 u0,ku 10g m6 tm,l8 10g m6 tm,l8 10g m6 tc,li 10g m6 t2,ls 10g m6 so mq t2 mq tc,m6 so m6 qi k0 qi jm qi,m6 so ls qi,m6 se li qi l8 qs,m6 s4 l8 qi,m6 rg kk qi,m6 r6 ka qi,m6 qs k0 qi,-g8 mq -ec mq -e2 mq -e2 m6,-e2 mq -do ne -do mq,-do ne -de ne -de mq,-de ne -d4 o2 -d4 ne,-d4 o2 -cq o2 -cq ne,-cq o2 -cg om -cg o2,-cg om -84 om,-g8 mq -gi mq -gi v8 -gi vs -42 vs,-gi mq -gi k0,-fa j2 -g8 k0,-gi mq -g8 m6,4m vs 68 vs bi vs,68 vs 68 v8 68 uu 50 vs,50 vi 68 uk,68 vs 6i uu 6s vs 6s v8,6s vs 76 uu 7g vs 7g v8,7g vs 7q uu 84 vs 84 v8,84 vs 8e uu 8o vs 8o v8,8o vs 92 uu 9c vs 9c v8,9c vs 9m v8,9c vs 9m uu a0 vs a0 v8,a0 vs aa uu ak vs ak v8,ak vs au uu bi vs,6i vs 6i uu,76 vs 76 uu,7q vs 7q uu,8e vs 8e uu,92 vs 92 uu,9m vs 9m uu,aa vs aa uu,au vs au uk,m6 114 mq 114,mq qi m6 qi,io 114 mq 10g,jc 114 mq 106,k0 114 mq vs,ka 114 mq vi,kk 114 mq v8,ku 114 mq uu m6 ua,l8 114 mq uk,li 114 mq ua,ls 114 mq u0 m6 tm,mg 114 mq t2,mg uk m6 u0,j2 114 j2 10g,k0 114 k0 106,ku 114 ku vs,li 114 li v8,mq so mg qi,mq se m6 qi,mq rq ls qi,mq rg li qi,mq r6 l8 qi,mq qs ku qi,m6 s4 mq s4,mq rg ls rg,50 9m 5a 92,5a 9m 5k 92,5k 9m 5u 92,5u 9m 68 92,68 9m 6i 92,6i 9m 6s 92,6s 9m 76 92,76 9m 7g 92,7g 9m 7q 92,7q 9m 84 92,84 9m 8e 92,8e 9m 8o 92,8o 9m 92 92,92 9m 9c 92,9c 9m 9m 92,9m 9m a0 92,a0 9m aa 92,aa 9m ak 92,ak 9m au 92,au 9m b8 92,b8 9m bi 92,bi 9m bs 92,bs 9m c6 92,c6 9m cg 92,cg 9m cq 92,cq 9m d4 92,d4 9m de 92,de 9m do 92,do 9m e2 92,i4 76 hq 76,i4 7g no 7g,pk 9c 130 9c,13k io oc io,13k io 198 em 19i ec 19i 5a,13k io 198 em,13k j2 198 f0 19s ec 19s 5k,1c2 50 198 50,198 ec 19s ec,jc hg mq hg,gs j2 jc hg,bs j2 gs j2,9c kk bs j2,-u p0 5a p0,-1i oc -u p0,-3e oc -1i oc,-cg oc -84 oc,-cg oc -cq no -d4 no -de n4 -do n4 -e2 mg -g8 mg,-5k vi 50 vi,-5j vh -5p vh,c6 10q ie 10q k0 10g li vs m6 uk,mg so m6 rg#26 -1i k -1i k -k 26 -k 26 a k a,2g -1i 2g a 3e a,4c -1i 3o -u 3o 0 4c a 50 0 50 -u 4c -1i,5a -1i 5u a 6i -a 76 a 7g -1i,-1i 26 -1i 1i,-3e n4 -5a n4 -5a no -5u mq -5a ls -5a mg -3e mg -3e n4,-5a m6 -5a mg#T 8e s4,O ak uu,O a0 uu,O 9c uu,O 8o uu,O 84 uu,O 7g uu,O 6s uu,O 6s v8,B 26 o2 8e,T 18a 68,T jc 5k,T 68 li,T -fa li,T jc r6,T mg fa

Is a short map

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