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i live in portland, Oregon. Im half Irish...Ima wee Irish lass! i've noticed that when i get bored i redecorate my room... my fav saying is "it makes sense you just dont understand it." and "i see your lips moving but i dont hear anything...did you ever think i could be deaf!" i play the clarinet coz its the 2nd best instrument in the state of OREGON/MAINE...dont ask me what the 1st is.
AND I AM WAY MORE AWESOME THAN YOU! JK!! . love is like peeing  your pants...coz peeple can see it but only you can feel its warmth. my friend made that up...i think LOL!
this is emo bunny copy and paste help her gain world domination!......ok i know the her thing well see what happened was when we caught it we really couldn't telll what it was so yeah but that's not the point the point is it wants to dominate the world so come on do the little bunny a favor....give it some it out copy..paste now hurry why are you still here GO!!! now QUICK!!!! copy to slow HURRY!! PASTE NOW!!!......oh by the way i kinda figured you would have noticed but i guess your to busy reading this to see it buuut........barny's right behind you i don't know why he has that look in his eye but run quick no don't look back it ain't pretty just run quick NOW!!!....naaa just messing with's actually big bird RUN!!!!!

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